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: Engine Building

  1. Vtec question
  2. D16A6 head, port and polish, mill, tune questions.
  3. z6 block a6 head any issues???
  4. a6 cam ID
  5. d15a1 cam upgrade?
  6. Cam gear
  7. d15b2
  8. a6 block / zc vtec head...timing belt woes
  9. d16a1
  10. Crank issues...
  11. D16y7 Build Issues!
  12. JDM D15B cam?
  13. Fresh d16z6 running on 3 cylinders
  14. Need help figuring out a issue
  15. Starting my z6 bottom end build .
  16. How to change my cam
  17. Building for future e85 use
  18. ARP head studs for D15B2 minime
  19. Need help choosing a wideband?
  20. NPR rings tollerance???
  21. jdm d15b y8 new build.
  22. New to D-series, looking for some engine designing help...
  23. d16z6 eagle rods torque specs
  24. Represent your built y8 or z6
  25. Need help hier with mi d15z1 head
  26. AEM V2 Air Intake Civic | How to build self
  27. What's diferent between d16 and d14 and B16/B18/B20 throttle body?
  28. Scratch in one cylinder
  29. Which TB gasket for y8 manifold swap?
  30. Integra DC2 B18C 94-01 OEM Air Intake Wanted
  31. Catch can setup.
  32. Crank swap HELP!!! PLEASE!!!
  33. D16Z6 crank in D15B2 block
  34. Need your opinion PLEASE
  35. Finally popped my Y8 looking for some tips
  36. ZC ecu ?
  37. Zex cam and springs with stock retainers?
  38. Transmission trouble
  39. D16a6 Head Gasket Nightmare
  40. help
  41. How are Honda valves made??
  42. so i started porting my head
  43. Engine Terminology
  44. OBX stage 2's
  45. First Engine Build Questions
  46. Thoughts on 'blu devil' on b7 head
  47. d16z6 intake manifold
  48. D16Z6 with pm7 pstons - problem
  49. Which Cheap Cluch is the best for an d16 with 140 hp?
  50. Which Throttle Body is best for d14z2 / d16z6 ?
  51. b-series help lsvtec
  52. Me
  53. Help me match up those cooling and vac lines!
  54. WHAT KINDA EXHAUST YOU GOT? ef crx or hatch
  55. Oil pressure issues
  56. Vitara retaining clips
  57. y8 mani onto a z6 head
  58. Double gasket
  59. How can i tell what it is?
  60. y8 Girdle on z6 block?
  61. Worth doing mini me?
  62. 150whp+ form a D16xx, OEM bottom end... possible?
  63. What rod/main bearings for sohc zc vtec?
  64. Vitara pistons, any decision on where the arrow should point?
  65. Timing belt help
  66. y7 and z6 valves compatible?
  67. Need sum help!
  68. Need some help with what might be still good on a head
  69. 99 d15b in a 95 del dol
  70. Info on mini me
  71. D16 head question
  72. Finally starting my build
  73. Best Block for Boost?
  74. PM6 head valve stem seal size?
  75. y7 mini me questions
  76. D16y8 rebuild. Need some help plz.
  77. Low budget d16y8 build
  78. D16a6 Camshaft into B2 head
  79. Huh oh... whats this? " TA3 " sensor.
  80. Swap question
  81. Advantages of aftermarket IM with stock head?
  82. Mini Me Timing Belt Marks
  83. Stock Rod Weight
  84. Which cam gear?
  85. d16 swap question
  86. z6 head on y8 block??
  87. Mini me wiring issues
  88. Vitaras in a stroker build?
  89. rod tangs
  90. d15z1 y8 head swap
  91. Foos D15B2 build
  92. Need help with my head.
  93. Dampened lightweight crank pulley
  94. Delta cam
  95. Valve Cover Fittings...Theory and Opinions!
  96. Cam??? i need help
  97. msd question
  98. What is this??
  99. need help, how do you take off crankshaft damper on d16y7?
  100. Project Question D15/D16vtec
  101. Head Building
  102. Need d series experteezzee!!!
  103. Injector question
  104. How to put y7 in a 93 civic hatchback? please help
  105. Main Girdle
  106. Fresh rebuild has no power but good compression.
  107. Is my z6 crank pulley ok?
  108. Chamfered bearings
  109. Crank talk
  110. Are my valves bent?
  111. need some head swap info y7-zc
  112. Cheap n/a Rebuild d16a6
  113. D16y7 build!!!
  114. Hole in block
  115. Need help with bearings!
  116. JDM D15B Vtec Head on D16
  117. ZC/A9 Quench and Combustion
  118. z6 head porting
  119. HELP! Vitara setup question
  120. Distributor question
  121. y8 or z6 head
  122. My N/A DD d16a6 build
  123. Help. a6/z6 timing belt difference?
  124. Seized bearing
  125. Need a quick answer
  126. Really dumb question
  127. D16z6/d16y8 hybreed engine needs serious help
  128. Swapping JDM D15B VTEC from EG to EK
  129. D16Y7/Z6 Mini me Question
  130. rod bearings
  131. D16A6/PM6 Piston ring thickness?
  132. Vitara pistons arrow direction
  133. ARP Torque Specs
  134. Giving some life to my D15B7
  135. Think I made a big mistake ARP head stud question
  136. D17A1
  137. Cylinder hone. What tool you guys reccomend?
  138. Cam swap, plz advise...
  139. D15b7 with d16z6 dizzy
  140. Plan for this year
  141. What intake manifold for my z6 in my 98 civic
  142. Wtf is this in my head!
  143. Setting TPS
  144. Machine Shop Woes
  145. Stephen's d16z6 in a EK engine build
  146. Supertech Valves
  147. How do i remove the block garde?
  148. Y8 head on Y7 block boosted
  149. OEM Honda oil Filter vs. other brands
  150. D16y8 no start
  151. Wiring & wire tuck?? 1989 si civic hatch
  152. Oil Ring
  153. What do you guys make of these rod bearings?
  154. SOHC ZC NON VTEC ?? Budget Build!!!
  155. building my first n\a D sugestions??
  156. I have my wire harness out.. should i get a EX one?
  157. D16 engine building specs
  158. D16Z6 Question (Piston Power Limitations)
  159. $80 d16z6 disassembly
  160. Piston slighted gouged
  161. Fact or fiction?
  162. 92-95 ZC, In A 92-95 Civic. I Need All The Input I Can Get!
  163. skunk2 intake manifold question
  164. New Track Motor Opinions
  165. Mini-me boost build help
  166. Piston Question??
  167. sohc F22 swap
  168. Is it safe to use a main crank girdle from 1 z6 block to another?
  169. Carbon Build Up
  170. Emissions help...
  171. d16z6 into obd2
  172. Oxyacetilene welding on cylinder head
  173. z6 bottom end y8 topend timing question
  174. Distributor leaking oil....
  175. Is bigger better?
  176. Simple question about building a motor
  177. Rod baring and oil problem
  178. Head gasket diameter ???
  179. d16z6 in a EK.. what motor mounts...
  180. Is the d16y7 sleeved or coated cylinders
  181. d16z6 build for me
  182. Need advice building a Y8 (95 civic Road Racer)
  183. y8 head on y7
  184. TPS help!!
  185. d16y8 engine
  186. z6/y7 combo questions
  187. What non-vtec heads can I run on my D15b7?
  188. D16y8 build???
  189. I found a '' C.R. VS cranking pressure'' calculator!!!
  190. What cam is this? pics inside
  191. D16y8 no vtec oil pressure sensor?
  192. D16A6 spark plug wires on d15b7
  193. D16z6 Valve Removal Help
  194. Jdm d15b vtec build- advise needed
  195. Questions About Build
  196. Stupid question. T splitter for oil guage
  197. Knock sensor mod
  198. Is there any difference
  199. Best stock Intake Manifold
  200. 98 civic ex build pics
  201. D16Z6 Engine (Tolerance questions for boost)
  202. 91 civic d15b2/d16y7 swap NEED SUGGESTIONS!!!
  203. Im gitting horrible gas mileage help!!!
  204. Stock y8 crankshaft pulley on b7 block
  205. My z6 dx Project
  206. Questions about my cylinders
  207. D15B2 to D15B7
  208. Lighest Stock Flywheel
  209. My builds
  210. Removing valve seals
  211. Honda exhaust question
  212. What's needed?
  213. Resonator Placement?
  214. Crankshaft question
  215. Does a spun bearing mean a rebuild
  216. Traction bars? front mount?
  217. Cost to rebuild head
  218. Just looking for some ideas!
  219. d15b2 - d16y7 head swap problem
  220. High compression mini me
  221. d16z6 cooling system help
  222. Where can i find tuner toys pistons???
  223. Arp head stud issue on my d15
  224. Replacing Oil Pan Gasket...
  225. This is my GOAL
  226. D16a1 build? Need some advice
  227. Comp/Zex abnormal cam and rocker wear. Pics!
  228. Help!!
  229. Skunk2 tuner series camshaft
  230. Can I get a bolt kit...
  231. Some piston specs...(PM2)
  232. Help Me PLEASE! URGENT!... i hate gas
  233. Swapping to nonvtec combo - Inputs needed?
  234. Camshaft... grinding
  235. Need Help please on mini me no specific write ups
  236. Need some oil pump info
  237. Y7 214k carnage
  238. Motor swap help please?
  239. Dont want Synthetic anymore!!
  240. "Sport spec valve adjustment''
  241. streched arp rod bolts
  242. y7 and b7 cam gears
  243. D15b2 Valve Adjustment help?
  244. FI head work
  245. Connecting Rods?
  246. B7 build
  247. difference between these two heads
  248. Rebuild ready to go... Cranks, but no fire
  249. d15b7 or d16b7
  250. How do i port and shim my oil pump never done it