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: Engine Building

  1. Is this mini-me possible?
  2. D17a1 to D17a2 swap
  3. Timing belt need help
  4. H beam or I beam?
  5. Map sensor cause idel prob
  6. Help with build?
  7. Will a D15B vtec head bolt on a D16Y7 block?
  8. Just a cool ideah for your oil pan
  9. How to advance/retard ignition timing?... what are the benefits on a near stock SOHC?
  10. D15B2/Z6 minime problem
  11. Z6 crankshaft in my y7 block.
  12. D15B into a 97 Civic
  13. Ran into a problem need some advice
  14. Girdle notching, TOO MUCH? AHH HELP!
  15. Built engine started but now wont start !!!
  16. Which size should the piping be, for an Y7 Auto with I/H?
  17. z6 head on a6 block: a6 vs z6 block differences
  18. To bore or not to bore?
  19. d15b7 rebuild ?'s
  20. Crank resurfaced ??
  21. Crankshaft/main bearing journal cap bolts Y8
  22. SOHC ZC to Y8
  23. Whos got the best deal/input on some aftermarket valve springs?
  24. Mini Me Cam gear quiestion
  25. JDM D15 engine tapping. help :(
  26. Best way to clean a engine for paint?
  27. Having firing issue with dizzy.
  28. Motor swap shops in San D
  29. What to do with oil filter sandwich plate.
  30. a6 block crack hole , check it out
  31. a6 block crack hole , check it out
  32. Help me head bolt striped
  33. d16y7 -> CRX mount question
  34. d15b vtec am cam?
  35. Skunk2 camshaft
  36. D15B2/Z6 minime belt cover
  37. swapping a y8 into a 91 crx dx???
  38. Engaging Vtec: D16y5
  39. Hola! Thank you D-series.org
  40. Dpfi to mpfi problems
  41. y8 cam in z6 head
  42. Engine Hoist Attachment Points?
  43. d16 plans, Needs Suggestions
  44. Aftermarket Crankshaft
  45. This worth getting?
  46. D16y5 noobish question
  47. 80+ PSI oil too much???
  48. This cyclinder block any good?
  49. T25 Downpipe V-Band adapter
  50. Whos running a IACV delete?
  51. D15B Timing
  52. Rod bearing question
  53. Torqueing ARP rod bolts?
  54. Reverse mini-me?
  55. Am i missing anything/Random Questions
  56. d16z6 vtec swap?
  57. b2 with delta 272
  58. Cometic head gasket thickness?
  59. I'm abandoning project d17a2
  60. Fuel rail aem end fitting HELP
  61. Ghetto crippiling this engine around
  62. y8 mini me??
  63. Opinions on block filling for the d16z6
  64. d15b7 wont start
  65. USDM Engines
  66. d15z1 motor
  67. Cooling system Issue
  68. Whats the reason of oil leak everywhere?
  69. Id a cam???
  70. A6 or B2 block?
  71. Good Article. I thought it might help some people...
  72. d15Z6
  73. Wobbling crank pulley
  74. Who has run a y8 cam in a z6 head???
  75. d15b7 turbo build
  76. D16z6 built and for sale!
  77. Need Help ASAP
  78. How to tell what cc injector to use.
  79. Walbro 255 and 8volt??
  80. d15b question help!!!
  81. Change valve springs in car?
  82. SF-110 Flow Numbers
  83. D16z6 /b7 head ( or other non vtec head)
  84. First time D build... Advice?
  85. 200 hp d16y8 build
  86. Almost ready for mods
  87. TEIKIN pistons,are they good enough?
  88. P&p
  89. A6 block/Z6 head hybrid parts
  90. Project D vs B need advice
  91. Boring my N/A D16a6 out to 75.5mm Need Help Please!
  92. No gas in cylinders after Mini Me
  93. My first build and so confused on head/mainfold
  94. d16y7 about to be boosted
  95. Comp Zex 59500 cam timing question?
  96. Wher can i get the best performance parts?
  97. Main bearing to Journal clearance...
  98. Please help with Timing
  100. Jdm d15b/d16y8 ???
  101. N/a or turbo?
  102. D16y8 bored 78mm
  103. z6 timing problem HELLLPPP!!!!
  104. D16Z6: Weak link rods themselves or the bolts?
  105. Vacuum ploblems
  106. z6 and y8 valve springs same?
  107. Mini me swap problems update
  108. Compression test help
  109. Zex 59300 cam on a d15b?
  110. OEM crank pulley question
  111. Help Please
  112. NightCat's D16Y8 Build
  113. LS rods in a D16 block?
  114. P29 Piston help
  115. d15b upgrades on a budget.
  116. Z6 head
  117. Vtec distributor?
  118. vetc head on a d15 non vtec block.
  119. d16y7 head on d16a6 block
  120. And it begins...
  121. D17A2 Rebuild Help
  122. D16y8 turbo?
  123. Too much compression?
  124. Arp eagle rod bolts needed!!!
  125. y7 with y8 head
  126. Hi I need help witch my broken d16z9
  127. Stroke and bore
  128. Rebuild B15B Vtec or buy ZC Vtec?
  129. DC header dont connect to testpipe?
  130. D16A6 block D16Y8 head
  131. Track only car engine break in ?
  132. 90-91 Crx SI Chassis harness in 90-91 Civic si
  133. New A6, what to look for
  134. Limp mode, cel 4 and 10, $15 to whoever solves the problem
  135. Which head to use for my future turbo D build?
  136. d16z6 build
  137. Anybody know what this is????
  138. Cam Degree ???
  139. timing with new rods and pistons
  140. do i need PINS,RINGS(pg6 pistons)
  141. Oil squirter on jdm d15b..d15b7 mini-me and a few more q's
  142. d and b series engine weight
  143. D16 blocks
  144. Jdm d15b turbo build!
  145. Car idles oddly
  146. NO SPARK-Ten dollars paypal to whomever figures this out.
  147. Crx si mini dizzy swap question
  148. Break in issues
  149. D15B1 to D15B2
  150. D16Y7 Block, D16Z6 Head mini me question
  151. Isky Springs and Zex 105300 Camshaft
  152. Crank pulley suggestion
  153. Complete rebuild for turbod motor?
  154. Rebuilt motor/ Bogs when clutch pedal engaged
  155. b18a1 block question
  156. Thinking about swapping in a B, got a couple questions though
  157. CRX SI mini me swap problems:(
  158. Rpms jumping
  159. Oil on spark plug
  160. Z6
  161. Skunk2 D16Y8 cam degreeing
  162. d14 engine
  163. A6 and Z6 water pump and timing belt tensioner differences
  164. My 97 EK build
  165. Need CAM for D15b7
  166. D17Z6 lives.
  167. PaulWall's D16Y8 build....finally
  168. Crower stage 2 cam w/o springs and retainers???
  169. D15B7 FJ Distributors Head gasket Question
  170. Vitara build starts for a little bit and then dies???
  171. D16a6 head vs d15b7 head
  172. Skunk2 or crower?
  173. D15B7 rods pistons & crank in a D15B
  174. My crankshaft snout striped on my D16Y8
  175. 1991 d15
  176. Questions about future engine build.. z6 cam in y8 head?
  177. At last engiicar back ne is completed!!!
  178. B18a1 tb on d16y8 itm
  179. D15B7 / D16 Injectors not Firing
  180. Water pump and belt tensioner upgrades
  181. d15 intake swap
  182. New cam + new build question ?
  183. D15b7 head on b8?
  184. Ecu question mini me
  185. ::PROJECT Dez nutz::
  186. Colt Cams spec sheet for SOHC NON VTEC
  187. Fuel Pressure issue continues
  188. Which timing belt??? for a d16y7 block with a z6 head
  189. Y8/Y7 Mini Me Parts Question
  190. y7/y8 question, help please?!
  191. Should I Put My z6 I.M on my zc?!? [pics inside]
  192. 2dr exhaust on a 4dr
  193. Altinator mounting bolt broke
  194. Best FORGED Piston/Rod Combination
  195. D16z6 head gasket
  196. y8 mini me questions!?
  197. b15b7 with d16a6 cam and intake??
  198. Cam help
  199. Can I stop the antifreeze leak by...
  200. Help.. y8 cam gear and z6 cam gear??
  201. Jdm d15b question...
  202. Jdm d15b question...
  203. Repair/build my D
  204. Next step in my build, need advice and answers
  205. My z6/a6 mini build (;
  206. Head bolts tq?
  207. Timing belt???
  208. y8 mini-me help
  209. High compression vs stock ECU
  210. Coolant bubbling. Head gasket or something else?
  211. Please help!!! dpfi to mpfi
  212. Sohc zc questions
  213. Oval track engine D15 B7
  214. D16a6/z6 mini bomb in 91 crx si.
  215. Skim head before putting back on ?
  216. The ed4dr
  217. White smoke.
  218. d16a timing kit.
  219. biggest bang for my buck?
  220. where's the d15b parts?
  221. d15b jdm vtec 92-95 bearing sets question
  222. Adjustable FPR question
  223. D15z1 for compression wit custom grind piston
  224. Probably been asked
  225. fjdistr. turbo superkit any comments on the kit?
  226. Stealthmode Firewall Kit question
  227. Funny story traded a d15b2 for a b16a
  228. What would a shop or individual charge me to build bottom end d16?
  229. d15b7 - d15z6
  230. D16z6 long or short block?
  231. z6 turbo build question please help
  232. Vitara Piston Skirt Wear
  233. What can bad gas do to a car?
  234. b7 cam in a sohc zc??
  235. FJT+vitaras wont start...HELP Please..
  236. Whats cranks can i use in my a6 block
  237. Tuner Toys Ibeam n vitaras compress??
  238. JDM D15B Vtec Piston....
  239. Timing belt broke
  240. Z6 block into 96-00 Civic (OBDII) w/ Y8 head
  241. 00 civic hatch need new engine
  242. D16Y7 to D16Y8 on 2000 EX
  243. Omni 3 bar map senor question??
  244. D16y7 block, d16z6 head
  245. Help
  246. Mini me head games
  247. Engine stalls at 2500-3500
  248. EVAP Help/Identifying this part/Hoses
  249. Can i use the d16a9 crank shaft in z6 engine
  250. A6 crank sprocket dilemma