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: Engine Building

  1. OEM Rebuild now smoking
  2. Skunk2 IM Runner Diamaters?
  3. obd1 enquiry
  4. Options with y7 build?
  5. z6 coolant flow diagram
  6. Thrust Bearing Problem
  7. d16a6 in an hx coupe
  8. b18 build
  9. Low compression
  10. d16y7/8 mini me build questions
  11. obd2a D16y8 into 99 coupe
  12. Need some advice on ordering bearings...
  13. eg four door need help please
  14. Valve Spring mix-up
  15. parts that i need
  16. where can i buy valve seats at
  17. Timing is way advanced.
  18. Rear main seal
  19. Ring Gaps
  20. best motor set up??
  21. ARP Headstuds SOHC Z vs Y
  22. B18 swap
  23. Z6 block y8 head and a z6 adjustable cam gear?
  24. Ebay oil pumps... Anyone used them?
  25. start of my mild budget z6 build
  26. Y7-Y8 mini-me, TB issues
  27. Vitara piston pin retainers...
  28. Torque question on head bolts
  29. I messed up bad! Help ASAP!
  30. Thrust Washer: Help Please
  31. D16Z6 headgasket question
  32. My B18c1 rebuild (Lots of Pics)
  33. What d setup shall i run next?
  34. Should I Try A Bigger Valve Lash?
  35. engine knocked last night but not now???
  36. Getting to Grips with a B15C2.
  37. Oil Pump Housing Screws
  38. my first valve adjustment
  39. I think I SNAFU'd... ARP Head Studs
  40. Looking for engine work in colorado!
  41. spark plug wires
  42. Low budget track build 140+hp >$2500
  43. rsx muffler?
  44. The D16A6 Turbo build. How to make it possible
  45. Size of valves
  46. Need help now
  47. Help with my D14a1 Build
  48. Timing Belt and Tensioner Question
  49. Head Gasket ?
  50. My brother is back with an EF and SOHC+T: DPFI to MPFI
  51. Where is this intake manifold from p32 ipt-3 5412
  52. Aftermarket or OEM Oil Pan Gasket.
  53. Fjdistributors rods d16y8 clearance
  54. oversized valves/3-5 angle vj worth it n/a?
  55. Head Milling. How do I measure?
  56. is it worth my time?
  57. D15b cam gears
  58. Blinking CEL, low compression in one of the cylinders.
  59. JDM d15b head?
  60. Cylinder head machining in Ohio
  61. all motor,superchaged, turbo...... now what? pics inside
  62. Sputtering/vibration 90 crx si stock
  63. Pentroof and squish
  64. K-series oil filter
  65. D15
  66. how much notching for fjt rods in d16z6
  67. Help me plan my D16 N/A build
  68. z6 head or y8 wise or unwise you choose?
  69. My first build the D16A6 Non-Vtec Need Advice
  70. D16z6 ignition timing off
  71. Y7 burning oil
  72. quick fj rods install question
  73. ZC or SOHC non-vtec
  74. do I need a thicker head gasket for my build
  75. d15z1 help!!!
  76. JDM spec D15b differences?
  77. Nice D15
  78. Plastigauge Question
  79. y7 to y8 minime concerns
  80. Correct compression calculator ??????
  81. Rebuilding my d15b7 head
  82. Lock SOHC into VTEC
  83. Connecting Rods
  84. 200,000 mile d16z6
  85. D16a1 heads
  86. D16Y8 Teardown!
  87. d16z6 with d17 internals, time to stroke-er
  88. Need Help Finding Pistons!!!
  89. y8 IM + y8 throttle body on z6. throttle cable?
  90. Machine Shop Recommendation !!
  91. d16y8 rebuild help
  92. Fresh start ,need pro advice, soo whats next?
  93. Mobil 10w-40 Oil
  94. Royal Purple break in oil?
  95. Sealed Power Engine Bearings...Any good?
  96. Search d16z6 Valve and Valve Seal Remover | WANTED
  97. Weird d15b8 green and brown bearings on each rod
  98. Building a Mini-Me using bare D15B2 block with D16Z6 head. Long read kinda
  99. OMG, another bump in the road....King Bearings
  100. What's the best spark plug gap for my delta 272?
  101. D16Z6 N/A (aspro)
  102. D14a1 NASP Build - 140bhp Goal
  103. d16y5 build
  104. Can't get I-Beam Rod Caps off?
  105. CXrank shaft pulley questions
  106. Alternatives to assembly lube?
  107. D16z6 Crank potential.
  108. D16Z6 cylinder wall wear... too bad for use?
  109. AUS 91 Honda Civic Engine Build.
  110. Is this too high??
  111. ARP ?'s
  112. ZC/Z6 cam gear?
  113. Cam question?
  114. a6/z6 swap is done but need some help
  115. HonDa help in cincy
  116. What weight oil do you use and why!
  117. Electric fuel pump conversion question
  118. First Post Autox Engine Problem
  119. d15z1 with z6 cam and rockers
  120. Which is better??
  121. y8 block Z6 head in my 95
  122. 90 degree crank shaft
  123. Re-manufactured z6 crank
  124. Part number
  125. Need some help with my d15b2
  126. Jdm D15b head on y7
  127. D16Z6 Eventual Turbo Rebuild - Need Input
  128. Smoke on decel
  129. B16 Rods in a D16?
  130. Hey guys quick question about p29's
  131. a6 Cam question
  132. Need some tips
  133. 90 SI d16z6
  134. Y8 into a 90 Civic 4dr
  135. [Video]Should My Delta 272 Sound Like This?
  136. y7 head on a z6block
  137. Big block project...a few questions
  138. start of my build...my slow build
  139. Which girdle?
  140. Installed new valve seals now no start
  141. A6 head on D15 block
  142. I Messed Up On Cam Install..
  143. Rpm Gauge wont move..
  144. D16a1 build
  145. Rod Bolts: Stretch gauge or torque wrench
  146. Z6 conversion wont rev past 3,000rpm
  147. Rollerwave pistons...ring gap?
  148. service limit would you run it?
  149. doing sohc z6 vtec swap
  150. Z6 fuel rail on y8 intake manifold?
  151. z6 install a 2 problems.
  152. What to do if ring gaps are too large?
  153. Engine is Finally Dead: D16Z6 Race Motor Build
  154. Built mini me cant find right size alt belt
  155. D16z6 build questions ...
  156. Cam and valve train
  157. d16a6 wont turn by hand
  158. Engine rebuild kits?
  159. My budget D16Y8 rebuild
  160. d16y7 block with d15b7 head inputs
  161. Road To Redline Build
  162. Insight to source my problems
  163. alright im in a delima right now
  164. d15b8 with z6 head
  165. noob move with timing belt, help???
  166. D16Z6 Build ????'s
  167. Replace oil pump strainer/pick-up?
  168. Vtec oil pressure switch bypass???
  169. Starting my D16Z6 build, building a "smog" motor!
  170. D15Z1 rods?
  171. JDM D15B Non-VTEC
  172. About my z6 vtec issue
  173. Im new an need some advice
  174. RE: Throttle body butterfly gap
  175. D15B Build Advice
  176. d16a1 to d15b2 i fucked up
  177. Ferrea 1mm over size at 20 degrees?
  178. in a sh*t hole
  179. Skunk2 Manifold x 60mm T.B= Portmatch?
  180. Keep It 100 Fellaz, Is A y8 headgasket worth it?
  181. 91 civic missfire!
  182. Engine help needed
  183. d15 mini me with y7 belt
  184. Perspex Upper Timing Belt Cover for JDM D15B/D16Z6
  185. Main girdle bolts for Build
  186. zc into 89 civic si
  187. Need help getting started
  188. zc block z6 head questions
  189. Into my final build phase.. question still need to be answer.
  190. d16y8 head d16z6 block.???
  191. d15b7 pistons (pm3) in a z6 motor?
  192. Rod bearing clearance
  193. Y5 cam regrind?
  194. Well it finally happened...stupid Y7
  195. d16-y7 Build
  196. Timing belt horror.... with a Happy ending!
  197. Valve Lash Not Holding Tolerances,
  198. d15z1/d16z6 block heighth?
  199. d15b cylinders
  200. Cams question
  201. Checking specs with a digital caliper?
  202. Wanting to rebuild, looking for a mechanic in the D.C. Area
  203. d15 ?
  204. d16y8 civic iat sensor
  205. Help!!on my build
  206. D16y8
  207. a6 pistons in z6 block with z6 head.
  208. a6 pistons in z6 block.
  209. Probably not worth it
  210. Cylinder wall rust
  211. DOHC ZC Turbo Build Valve Choices?
  212. building a d15b7
  213. z6 and y8 gasket for compression
  214. a6 crank in y8 block
  215. Timing cover clarification...
  216. y8 swap
  217. Some specs I need
  218. MSD 6AL
  219. z6 block with a6 head bogs a bit?
  220. Question about home made poly engine mounts,
  221. JDM D15b with a Y8 head
  222. YCP pistons
  223. Nippon pistons. Need info.
  224. Using only the middle layer of a MLS gasket???
  225. Differences between z6 and y8 arp head studs
  226. Sohc vs dohc
  227. ebay manifold
  228. Mini me build, (maybe)
  229. Mini me question...
  230. b7/a6 question
  231. Radiators: Full size vs Half size
  232. 97 civic fuel canister/vapor
  233. Machine shops near charlottesville virginia.
  234. Help Me Through My Build...[Budget Build]
  235. Ready to start new engine, but.......
  236. Sohc vtec zc block compatible with d15b?
  237. Cdawgs Build ( soon to come )
  238. d15b2 head on d16a6 motor
  239. Aftermarket piston questions
  240. d15 to d16
  241. D15b1 crank pulley
  242. Which cam?
  243. Is my crank screwed or is it my bearings?
  244. a6 block z6 head into my ej1
  245. d15b 3 step vtec what cams?
  246. Resurfacing
  247. D16Z6 build: Stock rods or aftermarket?
  248. Rebuilding manual/references
  249. Engine Building holdups.
  250. ZC swap