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: Engine Building

  1. Looking for USDM Crank bearings.
  2. How hard would it be to make Rods.
  3. rebuild kit,
  4. Compression test
  5. z6 oil pump question
  6. Help me decide what to do
  7. Pm7 and a6 block...
  8. ebay piston kit
  9. WT? is this debacle ???
  10. Engine help d16y7,d16z6
  11. Which would you buy?
  12. Second Opinions
  13. D16 OEM bearings. some colors discontinued?
  14. NEED some help!
  15. obd1 Y8 cam/ignition timing AGAIN..
  16. Orlando machine shops and YOUR experience
  17. setting up timing on a6 block with y8 head no timing cover ??
  18. Remote Iacv info needed please
  19. Almost done with build 3 bumps in the way?
  20. Remove pistons without removing motor?
  21. Engine rebuild or swap?
  22. 1 hole deeper on y7? What?
  23. R18 engine?
  24. need help SRS light is on
  25. compression test done, and a question.
  26. need a bit of help.
  27. d16y7 spun rod bearing, questions on what to do
  28. Nitrous pros and cons
  29. d15b jdm swap in civic need help
  30. Flex Hone Recommended Grit?
  31. Use a new head gasket? (serached)
  32. gsr arp headstud question
  33. d16y8 questions
  34. B7 head work, and thank you.
  35. Mini Me Timing Help!
  36. Has anyone used a dingleberry hone before?
  37. Machine Shop so expenisive !! (BREAKING NEWSFLASH!!!)
  38. z6 vs y8 head and cam?
  39. y8 vtec/ b7 intake?? will it work?
  40. Mini me head swap helppp
  41. how does this happen?
  42. ECT plug
  43. what pistons to use
  44. swaping out d16y7 to a d16y8
  45. d16 high compresson
  46. jdm d15b vtec swap what wire harness????
  47. Integra Main Bearings on a D16?
  48. dpfi intake manifold vaccum,fuel lines?
  49. Can i get some tips on my B18B1?
  50. fenders on 92 civic 4 door to 2 door
  51. 95'minime build
  52. noise form the valve train I think.
  53. sohc zc oil pan
  54. Jdm d15b with d16z6 cam?????
  55. D15Z6 Mini-Me
  56. New harness! yes!.. installation time.. uh..
  57. 12 Volt power problem...
  58. LEAN BURN: vtec-e VS vtec VS non-vtec
  59. Head gasket help!!!
  60. D16A6/Z6 build ecu & distributor questions
  61. mugen oil filter
  62. Skunk2 Intake Mani Problems, Check In....
  63. How to Build an Engine
  64. REVOLUTION Connecting Rods ? ? ? ?
  65. Storing a torn down engine?
  66. Picked up a k24 for free
  67. d15b1 engine harness on a 91 civic si?
  68. z6 crank y8 block
  69. Y8 Exhuast Port size?
  70. Ding in crank..
  71. custom intake manifold?
  72. 5 engine mounts or 3?
  73. Skunk2 Intake Mani
  74. copper head gasket?
  75. Whats Best?
  76. Simple question....
  77. vtech head id?
  78. Timing
  79. d16z6 valve seals = d15b7 vale seals???
  80. P29 Pistons and questions
  81. Tightening flywheel bolts
  82. Found a D15b7 for cheaap! Good motors?
  83. D16y8 oem Rebuild begins (pics)
  84. zc cam in sohc??
  85. d15b all motor build
  86. Machine Shop Recommendation
  87. Types of Honda Rings.
  88. odd question
  89. d16 turbo or all motor?? power to price??
  90. D17A1 block with D17A2 or D17A6 Cylinder head
  91. non VTEC SOHC... VTEC skunk 2 valves
  92. found a problem...harness related input needed.
  93. y7 bottom end final assembly
  94. ARP head studs, Retorque after heat cycle?
  95. Put tranny on and installed and now engine wont turn over
  96. Intake and Exhaust manifold gaskets
  97. 3 layer to 2 layer head gasket.
  98. Compression & driveability
  99. About to purchase a z6 block...questions to ask the machine shop
  100. Engine rotating clockwise oops
  101. d15b1/d16a6 rebuild
  102. i got a few problems y7
  103. d15b2 too d16 SOHC??
  104. d15b motor with a z6 crank.
  105. What aftermarket mounts would u personally recommend
  106. D16y5 build for MPG and LONG LIFE
  107. d16z6 HELP!!
  108. Cleaning the Block and Head
  109. arp bolt issue!!!
  110. Milled head happiness!!!
  111. D16 oil pans
  112. ebay head
  113. Easy way to swap timing belt tensioner??
  114. Cam measurements...am I doing it right?
  115. timing belt d16y7
  116. This doesnt sound good...
  117. d16z6 head on d15b block
  118. Budget rod combo? b18c+vitara looks possible
  119. Oil control rings too tight?
  120. Vavle angles
  121. Comp cam?
  122. Crank regrind
  123. Help Identify this Valvetrain bolt....
  124. Oil pump problem?
  125. d16z6 to d15b differences?
  126. Went to the JY for the first time...
  127. B16 Header on an LS/Vtec
  128. shoc head on zc?
  129. Motor Build
  130. Turbo build questions
  131. Crankshaft question
  132. Just torque'd crankshaft mains, flywheel wont budge?
  133. Help
  134. 10 Tips to Improve Your Run Time Without Extra Miles!
  135. B8 block, A6 head...
  136. Best Way to Lap Valves?
  137. which way do the spacers go
  138. Diy, mounting air filter to Stock D15B7 airbox?
  139. vtec-e hybrid d13 block
  140. Oil Information
  141. Y8 head gasket on a6 head
  142. questions for the head porters out there
  143. Z6 mani installed on B7/A6 WOW!
  144. D15b Non vtec High Compression build
  145. ARP Main Bolts For A B18B
  146. Crank Throw?
  147. Metallurgy.
  148. oil pump nonvtec question
  149. * * *D15Z1 Re-Ring* * *
  150. Coolant hoses
  151. Oil in coolant, decked head and block
  152. D16y8 help!
  153. FIV coolant line B7 to Z6 mani
  154. Cam/Camshaft Question
  155. d16z6 head gasket questions
  156. Intake manifold mounting bracket.
  157. The Crank Timing gear
  158. coolant hose question
  159. y8 smoking after rebuild?
  160. Nicked ring land.. how bad is this?
  161. D16Y8 OiL Pan Gasket Change??
  162. d16y8 head stud quest
  163. Intake Manifold: Skunk2 vs Edelbrock
  164. Looking to get an A6 block tomorrow, need some advice.
  165. When to replace head bolts
  166. acl main and rod bearings
  167. d16 crank girdle
  168. ls throttle body with no cold start valve.
  169. Timing question JDM D15b/z6 head
  170. my a6/z6 build
  171. To build a D16Y8 or F23?
  172. A6 or B7 head
  173. need help fast
  174. Thermal Throttle Body Gaskets
  175. HELP-A-NOOB D16y8 parts on d16y7?!?!
  176. can anybody tell me the part number for 75.50 npr or hastings rings?
  177. aem adjustable cam gear with stock cam cover
  178. engine swap questions
  179. block guard?
  180. Aftermarket valve guide seals
  181. d16y8 rev limit
  182. ARP Head Stud problems Z6 Block Y8 Head
  183. Will the manifold fit??
  184. Rpm messed up
  185. Tool for fly cutting pistons?
  186. zc/ sohc turbo build.
  187. Z6 & Y8 oil pumps same part 2!
  188. Difference between D15b2 and D16a6
  189. build
  190. need help with piston selection
  191. Non vtec head build BISIMOTO
  192. I need to know what this cam is out of please?!?
  193. Supertech valves to oversize or not.
  194. anyone run into this?
  195. unknown part from my z6 head
  196. 93 civic needs love
  197. port polish
  198. D16 building need some help
  199. Cleaned block
  200. valvetrain noise after cam and spring install
  201. Help Rebuilding D15B7
  202. Anyone ever shimmed a block to compensate for negative Piston to Deck.
  203. Head resurfacing removal ammt?
  204. rod length questions
  205. Question about Piston-to-deck heigth
  206. dohc zc or z6 winter build.
  207. Head Gasket to choose
  208. vtec isnt kicking in as hard
  209. d16z6 pistons in a d15
  210. speedomotive rods?
  211. Installed A6 cam in my B7 today.
  212. help building engine
  213. z6 headon d15 milling
  214. re: No keyway doing b7/a6 cam swap / assembly lube?
  215. D16A1 DOHC head question
  216. d15b2 / d16y8 wont start
  217. Main Bearing Clearances too tight
  218. Vitara & Ferrea (D16Y8 Info)
  219. Do i need to tune after...
  220. Hello I am new and heres my engine build!
  221. Re: Cleaning an engine on the stand
  222. Re-use old rods.. new ARP bolts?
  223. vx rods and p29 pistons in b7 block with z6 head and y8 gasket.
  224. D16Y7/Y8 mini me setup questions
  225. i want to build my d16 to take a 100 shot! how?
  226. D17A2 HEAD ON D17A1 engine?
  227. D-series build?
  228. D16Z6 Rebuild
  229. Have you ever seen.....?!?!?!?!?!!!
  230. SRP A6 pistons with a z6 head...
  231. Head worth trying to save?
  232. Crankshaft help required
  233. knock sensor question
  234. Hone related question.
  235. cranks, need clarification...
  236. d16y8 intake manifold
  237. D16Z6 Smoking after rebuild
  238. Tech forums are not for build threads!
  239. Eastwood ZDDP additive
  240. y8 2 layer head gasket question
  241. Need some advice
  242. d15b2 and new head dpfi?
  243. d15b2 build help
  244. D Series Questions
  245. Aftermarket power steering pulley install
  246. Does anybody see any issues with powdercoating a crank pulley?
  247. d16 time sert kit
  248. D Series Torque Specs
  249. need a cam gear?
  250. d16z6 with a6 pistons?