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: Engine Building

  1. oil pressure issues. wont go above 45psi
  2. D15b2 mods
  3. Valve clearance issues ?? Possible?
  4. Whats this called?
  5. Cylinder Wall Wear on Endurance Racing Engine
  6. Vitara and p2p rods notching
  7. d15b2 swap to b7
  8. Help! Problems after fresh rebuild
  9. no compression!
  10. NO-TEC S/C - Build of the 7
  11. D17 stroker with p08 pistons???
  12. Z6 develops knock after alternator replacement
  13. Cursed 1994 D16Z6, bubbles in radiator after rebuild...
  14. Another eagle rod notching question
  15. Timing issue please read with pics
  16. Circle Track Y8 engine build.
  17. How do i Degree in my Camshaft on a 95 Honda D16z6 engine
  18. Filling intake port injector relief (carbs)?
  19. Header Bashing
  20. Cylinder Head Welding Thread
  21. D16y8 rebuild not starting
  22. Constructive Criticism, Cylinder Head Porting
  23. Main bearing replacement
  24. main clearance question. YES I'VE READ, haha
  25. d15b vtec vitara motor
  26. Aliens discovered in R18 blocks. What species?
  27. Another bearing failure thread
  28. to reuse or not?
  29. Can I use this block?
  30. Shot-Peening Places
  31. Iacv question
  32. Main bearings clearance
  33. Cam questions
  34. Engine builder replaced some valves, need some opinions
  35. 1988 d16a6 rebuild crank but no start
  36. suzuki/honda build
  37. Completely clogged cylinder head intake port
  38. d16z6 only runs with dizzy to far back
  39. Need opinions on head rebuild
  40. Broken CP piston ring
  41. Bought brian crower springs NEW? do they have a Logo?
  42. Deck clearance - how important
  43. Mini me first startup
  44. sohc zc swap help
  45. Engine ticking rattling noise again, dammit
  46. y7 vs y8 injectors tested
  47. Valve adjustment issue
  48. question about wiesco and molnar conecting rods!
  49. A6/y8 cam timing
  50. oil control jet for d15b motor
  51. Y8 hg thickness confusion
  52. D16a6 JRSC cam
  53. d16z6 mild build questions
  54. D15B, D16Z6, D16Y8 cam identification?
  55. opinions on new pistons
  56. Need advice and info d16y7
  57. Need advice d16a6. Rebuild
  58. D15/Y8 Mini-Me! Won't Start
  59. D16 Crank Scraper Fit D15?
  60. D16A6 Pistons and rings
  61. Confirming piston ring end gap
  62. d16z6 head question
  63. Z6 Block with Y8 Head into a 96 civic
  64. Simple Water Injection Project
  65. speedfactory vtec locking pins
  66. vtec head swap, what do I need?
  67. Crank gear
  68. Crank after spun bearing
  69. Anyone running a colt tri flow 2?
  70. D15z6 Info.
  71. WTB D series sleeved block
  72. D15z1 Cylinder Head Rebuild/Parts Needed
  73. Lets talk bearings....again
  74. does this sound like rod knock?
  75. Shaved b2 head /a6 cam versus stock y7 head
  76. rebuilding my D15Z4 engine
  77. d15b7 rod and piston help
  78. Woodruff key help
  79. Anyone tried these?
  80. Will D16A oil pan fit Y8?
  81. Changing valve springs, dropped valve into chamber.. DOH
  82. Full fuel System question
  83. EJ6 Coupe D16 Turbo Build
  84. d16 eagle vitara low compression results
  85. D Series block discussion
  86. D17a1 to D17a2 conversion -- swap the intake manifold?
  87. advice on my mini me Frankenstein
  88. D16z6 built block HELP- are my cylinder walls and pistons okay??
  89. Y7 Throttle Body on a Z6, lil clarification needed.
  90. D17 Deck Heigth
  91. Washington state reputable engine builders
  92. D15Z6 Vtec-e tune help!
  93. Getting confused on z6 build
  94. High compression jdm d15b vtec.
  95. d15b7 with y8 head
  96. D14A1 Runs crap!!!
  97. D16z6 upgrades
  98. z6/p01 oil pump mystery
  99. z6 girdles all the same?
  100. stock y7 for DD.
  101. D15B8 making scaling noise
  102. D15B8 making scaling noise
  103. I've got got a locked up engine
  104. Head oil restrictor sizes
  105. D-Series Skunk2 Intake, throttle body options
  106. z6 crank purchased wondering about crank laying down
  107. Low oil pressure at idle?
  108. Neuspeed clutch Question....
  109. d16y8 on a d15b block na build help
  110. ! Another stroker thread
  111. P2W clearance
  112. Stock motor. Turbo
  113. Effects of porting main bearings on oil pressure buildup
  114. Stripped oil pressure hole
  115. Crank key is this normal?
  116. Got oil on new head gasket
  117. Oil Pump o ring?
  118. b series tb on d series
  119. D16Z6 connecting pipe question...
  120. D16z6 into ek problem
  121. IACV Screw
  122. FLuctuating engine RPM drops then stalls when warm - P29 d16z6 build
  123. Considering a B7/Z1 high comp minime build
  124. Mini me engine build
  125. d16y8 beginner build
  126. In need of desprite help
  127. B16/B18 v/s F20B
  128. Head gasket differences
  129. Help no start with engine knocking
  130. Thoughts On Ring Gaps
  131. Z6 block. To deck or not to deck.
  132. Eagle rods in JDM non vtec d15b
  133. High Altitude Comp Ratios
  134. Y7 crankshaft swap
  135. P29 d16z6 build: Driveability update (break-in) - thoughts?
  136. ZC SOHC VTEC Oil Pan
  137. Oil filter/cooler relocator with thermostat
  138. Odd sound from cam-gear/belt - P29 d16z6 rebuild
  139. Piston rotation help
  140. Pitting between cylinders?
  141. D16y5/y8 build
  142. Capping coolant nipple from intake manifold
  143. ARP and Align-Hone
  144. IT'S ALIVE!! P29 d16z6 build startup
  145. Can't get lower radiator hose onto Mishimoto radiator
  146. Timing belt tick noise while running or cranking by hand, videos.
  147. Please Help! crankshaft keyway D16Z6 Turbo
  148. is my motor junk?
  149. d16a6 swap
  150. Blocking off intake manifold coolant port?
  151. d16z6 rebuild
  152. Need Help A6 block with Y8 head
  153. cam journal
  154. Did I mess my crank up? Advice please
  155. Another bisi 2.4 fail
  156. 76mm vs 75.5mm pistons?
  157. Mishimoto radiator too tall for '93 del Sol
  158. ACL Orbit Oil Pumps
  159. d16a build up - crankshaft Q's
  160. y8 intake manifold on z6 head/block - what I learned
  161. Plastigage'd my block, need some advice
  162. Animals 2014 Area 51
  163. Thoughts about Nippon Racing Vitara Pistons
  164. h beams wont fit
  165. D16a w/ y8 head arp
  166. d12b
  167. Need help fixing my 94 civic coupe No Swap
  168. D16Y8 Teardown and Rebuild
  169. Prep for novel read, sorry. Top: coolent fan on 93 coupe civic and head swap 90 hatch
  170. D16z6 clutch slave cylinder
  171. D16a1 Questions.
  172. ngk v-power versus standard/nickel plugs
  173. Valve spring help
  174. Ignition Dwell (Neptune RTP)
  175. d16a6 rebuild kit
  176. Setting z6 cam-gear with y8 camshaft - before or after belt?
  177. Cylinder Walls... rate how screwed I am
  178. oil glitter, normal or not?
  179. P29 d16z6 piston-to-deck - quench vs dome
  180. What spark plugs for high-comp P29 d16z6
  181. Want to build a nice daily motor help me choose
  182. Piston installation
  183. RCautoworks d16 parts question
  184. Oil pump slack
  185. D15B7 Dizzy on OBD1 Y8 Head
  186. Y8 Crank Trigger on A/Z6
  187. How to shim LMA due to regrind cam?
  188. Increasingly worse engine vibration throughout car
  189. D15B 3stage
  190. delta cam 272 or 272-2
  191. Dropped valve, need advice
  192. D17a2 Full Turbo Build
  193. Z6 P29 build - should I be concerned about the CR?
  194. D16Z6 head on D16A6, newbie needs help
  195. Swap question K20A2
  196. mathematical modelling
  197. 'Cheap' FPR
  198. low vacuum @ idle
  199. obd0 d15b7 block with a6 head ?
  200. Vave terrain
  201. to over bore or not to over bore?
  202. A bit on piston rings
  203. It's settled: d16z6 P29 build
  204. Almost installed the wrong ARP Head studs
  205. Crower d16z6 i beam con rods small bolt question.
  206. D16y8 Vitara setup compression figures
  207. b18a1 throttle body missing pieces
  208. 32mm > 28MM Silicon Reducer
  209. Starter questions
  210. COMP CAMS 59100 n/a
  211. PTW clearance D16Z6 NA with nitrous
  212. Edelbrock Flange Flatness
  213. swaping out d15b7 with d16y8 with d16y7 heads
  214. JDM d15b - not 92-95. It's 96-00 but different... Swap heads?
  215. d series build questions
  216. Getting ready for a turbo d16z6
  217. Engine swap - d16z6 out, d15b in, recommendations please!
  218. Remanufactured d16z6 enigine that is chirping
  219. idle issue after rebuild
  220. y7 block with zc head?
  221. Darton MID sleeve istallation
  222. OEM Fuel Pressure Regulators (FPR) - variances & modding
  223. F22B1 fuel rail on z6?
  224. D17A2 - Goal of 230BHP
  225. Looking for a new forged D16Y8 crankshaft
  226. Brand New Crankshaft for D16Y8
  227. D16Y8 Vitara Turbo - Cracked Piston and Spun Rod Bearing (PICS)
  228. Strange findings degreeing a delta 272 cam
  229. Rod Bearing Issue - Original Bearings Don't Match Codes
  230. My "new" build, bottom first.
  231. D16A crankshaft question
  232. Need a new head opinions on rebuilt head
  233. D16Z6 rings on D16Y8 pistons?
  234. Weird casting codes or am I trippin'?
  235. Cometic oil pan gasket problem
  236. Help! ZC block with d15b7 Head PM3
  237. best components to use
  238. D16Y8 Head
  239. Machine Shop List
  240. opinons PLEASE
  241. D16Z6 Rear mail seal
  242. Machine shop error or nothing to worry about? d15z1 honing
  243. Piston swapping
  244. Vitara Mini Me
  245. Head gasket sealing
  246. D16y8 question.
  247. Some D16 questions from a noob. Please Help.
  248. d16y8 Rebuild Questions
  249. harmonic balancer
  250. OBD2 y7 block/y8 head