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: Engine Building

  1. What cam is this?
  2. Thoughts on an "in car" rebuild
  3. How to: Crank pulley removal without tool
  4. Thinking of getting a K
  5. Riddle me this.
  6. Oil light
  7. ACL Race Bearing Question
  8. d16a6 intake help
  9. Which bearings to stat with?
  10. O2 sensor help
  11. AN Plumbing questions
  12. stage 2 cam help
  13. Head Milling on NA Y7
  14. Cut-Apart Cyl. Heads?
  15. JDM d15b vtec vs. d15b/z6 mini me
  16. What motor oil is best for turbo?
  17. D16 y7 bloc z6 head help !!! Milling head
  18. Non Honda but fun! Out of the hole
  19. d16z6 build
  20. Crower cam shafts, are they any good?
  21. bearings
  22. z6 rebuild
  23. Planned Build D16z6
  24. D16z6 w/ PM7 & stage 3
  25. Cam Gear Weight related question.
  26. d16z6
  27. D16y8 oil pump
  28. D16z6 vs. D15b7/z6
  29. D15/y8 obd2 mini me back to y8 specs
  30. Z6 Block Swap Into 6th Gen Using OBD2b Parts
  31. help becoming a more serious builder.
  32. change of heart? =/
  33. Fresh build.. One pistons above deck WTF!?
  34. clutch choice?
  35. Single cam zc...z6 head or dohc zc head
  36. oem or aftermarket oversized valves??
  37. First Engine Assembly (Y7 Action)
  38. Why so much Drama to source Valve Seats.
  39. D16A1 to Y8 block compatibility
  40. Z6 vs y7 crank pulley...
  41. Need some help on engine type
  42. d16 to d15z swap
  43. Oil Pump?
  44. P2P0 Rod Users Installation Question
  45. The right pistons?
  46. Back on that D flow, got some questions
  47. d15b non vtec smog
  48. milling d16 into a d15
  49. Overheated head? how much can i mill? z6turbo
  50. Just bought a y8 head.
  51. Rod Stroke Ratio. The search for a Longer Rod .
  52. What should I build and how?
  53. !!!Need Some Help With My Y7 Build!!!!
  54. Need help on jdm d15b vtec
  55. i got a d15 non vtec but i want to improve performance
  56. I dont read rules everyone!!
  57. Y8 Valve Springs
  58. Headgasket choice
  59. Everything needed for diy crome tune?
  60. How much do forged rods/pistons stretch/expand?
  61. n00b question here about cam
  62. Y7 valvetrain into Z6 head, lets discuss...
  63. b16a2 hatch vs 5.0 fox body
  64. d15b7 --> vtec??
  65. JDM d15b w/ Y8 head
  66. rod length
  67. D16a6 Rebuild (RT4WD Wagon!)
  68. Plastiguaging and proper torquing
  69. Head gasket question
  70. Whining Noise No start ek D16z6/y7 mini me
  71. d16a6 vs. d16z6 cyl wall strength
  72. d16y8 turbo rod bearings. what color?
  73. 1.6L piston fit for d15 ?
  74. how much D16Y8 HP?
  75. d16z6 vtec head on a d15b vtec block?
  76. D Series Engine...
  77. d15b1 block
  78. d15b
  79. Gude/Bullfrog cams???
  80. D15 block w. D16 Head OR Built D16Y8
  81. Arp Head Studs
  82. Flip valve adjuster lock nut for better thread engagement?
  83. How to rebuild d16y8
  84. Supertech piston users.
  85. D15B7 Idle problem
  86. spun rod bearings d16y8
  87. d16z6 with d17 stroker build
  88. bad situation..y8 in a ef chasis
  89. Anyone ever opened up a Y8 fuel rail for 14mm injectors?
  90. D16A9
  91. Oversized bearings/break-in question
  92. What is best mini me swap to do with a y8 head?
  93. Another D series
  94. Need pics on how to replace oil pan gasket
  95. CARB Exempt List?
  96. D16z6 oil orifice ??
  97. D14 pistons info
  98. Some Cam Numbers.
  99. More doubts on my setup.
  100. TDC on Skunk 2 Cam Gear?
  101. 1994 Honda Civic d16y7 AUTO ???
  102. D16Y7 Ignition Coil in D16Z6 dizzy??
  103. Prepping d16y7 block w pics < first timer
  104. 2mill head gasket on OEM???
  105. sohc zc non v y8 mini me please help!
  106. The Problem with the Honda Vtec system.
  107. water pump & tming belt?
  108. oem oil seals, where do you buy them? (and i need some part numbers) :)
  109. Choosing bearing for a mixmatched crank and block
  110. Info about mini-me swap
  111. B-series vs d-series knock sensor. Difference???
  112. Anyone in NY that works on cars? recomended shops?
  113. Rocker arm trouble
  114. Rod Question
  115. Purchasing D16 civic, questions ! !
  116. Automatic HX head swap question
  117. CKF/CPS questions!!
  118. What oil to use 5w40 or 10w30? start up/ break in
  119. eagle rods and YCP pistons d16z6
  120. What should I do next?
  121. Did I drop a valve?
  122. Dizzy advice!
  123. 97 Del Sol S header back = 97 Civic Coupe DX?
  124. b18 cam gear ?
  125. Favorite floor jack?
  126. 91 sedan mini me
  127. Types of Oil Pumps.
  128. New here, just a few questions
  129. D16Z6 First VTEC car
  130. vitara users! need suggestions
  131. If you like to read and you like exhaust systems. Step right up!
  132. Question on PTW clearance
  133. Build it myself or have the shop do it?
  134. Anyone who's bought a harness from Sleepingciv
  135. Z6 with Y8 head... gasket question
  136. New. Need Help. :)
  137. D16z6 build questions
  138. hello! and a hypermiling build
  139. h22 swap wiring in eg hatch
  140. Z6 fuel injectors in a 96 civic OBD2A
  141. Rear Main Seal Question
  142. JDM D15B Ross Hi-comp pistons
  143. EG Hatch catback = EK Hatch catback?
  144. Porting a Y8 head.
  145. Z6 swap, Pics
  146. My oil pump port + pics + questions.
  147. Will i have MPFI?
  148. Effect of stroke on Cam Duration.
  149. Broken Valve cover bolt!!
  150. Could i re-use this gasket ?
  151. AEM Engine Ignition System
  152. d16z6 swap info
  153. Anybody on here run a Dry Sump ?
  154. DPFI to MPFI
  155. Best Exhaust System!?
  156. Easy questions?
  157. Head Bolts for mini-me?
  158. To build or to replace
  159. d17a2 build help
  160. d16z6 na head porting help?
  161. D15b7 major mini me!
  162. Trying to turn a 1.6 dohc zc to 1.8 or 2.0
  163. Failure on my first D16Z6 build attempt
  164. Big boy toys
  165. D15b7 swap to a D16z6 ?
  166. So long b16 hello h22
  167. Need Help identifying this hose!
  168. Oil cooling circuit length.
  169. Oil Pump Question.
  170. First build
  171. Just bought a dry sleeved h22. its been decked .050"
  172. Engine build concerns. need advise
  173. D16Z6 Thermal Gaskets
  174. This why when we say check motor mounts...you should do it!
  175. Z6 Head on a Y7 Block Mini me swap!* NEED HELP
  176. Re-using pretty new piston rings?
  177. Defferent between d16y8 and d16z6 Stage 2 Camshaft?
  178. Is it safe to use this crank?
  179. Engine compatability question
  180. D15B2 Piston question
  181. Engine knock
  182. 4dr lx swap from non vtec to vtec>>>
  183. Best non vtec block??
  184. d15 3-stage vtec head swap possible?
  185. SOHC NON Vtec JDM ZC
  186. y7 vacuum lines???
  187. obd2a to obd1 problems. mini me swap
  188. Wiseco piston install help
  189. Just wondering.
  190. What BHP/0-60 do you think i'd be getting?
  191. engine honing
  192. b7/z6 mini me. Codes all over
  193. Quick exhaust manifold question
  194. What could cause this ?
  195. Cold air intake question
  196. D16z6 into 91 hatch
  197. d15z1 questions
  198. y7 to y8 IM again.
  199. Honda d16z6t build
  200. 90 civic si hatch with d16z6 looking for a n/a build what should i do.
  201. Question on possible mini-me swap
  202. Looking for more torque >:D
  203. jdm d15b vtec piston/rod q's
  204. D16y8 dipstick location
  205. Found this Camshaft Article
  206. Edelbrock Manifold question
  207. What Valves and Valve Guides.
  208. d16z6 vitar and eagle rod combo
  209. d16z6 crank fit in d16y8
  210. D16z6 push in the right direction
  211. Gasket set...
  212. thrust washers...lube both sides???
  213. Main bearing tolerance help, ACL's.
  214. Did I do this right??? =\
  215. quick a6 y8 question
  216. just an idea
  217. Head milled to crap need help!!
  218. Deck Gaurd or not to deck gaurd
  219. Pulley / Harmonic Ballancer GATHERING THREAD
  220. 1995 civic lx d15b7
  221. SRP piston to wall clearance
  222. HI COMP D16Z6 SWAP, no spark!!
  223. D16z6 Mpfi?
  224. D14a4 tuning
  225. Crower Stage 3 Cams (INFO)
  226. D16Y7
  227. D16Z6 Upgrades Help
  228. Stg 5 CC clutch stock flywheel????
  229. d16z6 crank clarification.
  230. d15b tune up for install
  231. Rebuilding a D16A6 block: What rods will fit??
  232. Web 115/273 cam be fine in a d15b2?
  233. Mini me timing problem
  234. d16a6 bottom end build
  235. Engine build questions
  236. Cant get the crank pulley off
  237. Oil leak
  238. D16a6 vs d16z6 blocks
  239. 92-95 throttle body differences?
  240. Car wont crank at all
  241. D16Y8 parts to replace
  242. Mini me problem
  243. Pic of my d16y8 build
  244. d15z1 build?
  245. Bisimoto 2.4 and supertech
  246. noob y8 questions
  247. d15 head question
  248. JRSC vs High CR Z6: build for autox.
  249. FML what else.
  250. how to shim a oil pump