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: Engine Building

  1. Found out what the Clicking sound was... Non Honda
  2. Short block not rotating easily
  3. d15b2/d16z6 mini me
  4. opinions on using used pistons on high comp re build
  5. Porting ??
  6. A6/B7: Supertech Springs w/ Stock Retainers
  7. What cam is this ??
  8. D15B7 vs A6 LSA?
  9. d16y8 intake mani install
  10. Comparing pistons.
  11. 1977 454 chevy crank
  12. Hard wired vtech
  13. vtec engagement
  14. Need help/advice for rebuild/swap
  15. Spare Part Engine Build Advice
  16. internal upgrades
  17. Transmission help
  18. D16z6/D16Y8 Boost Build.
  19. Building a d16 engine
  20. Intake manifold question
  21. D16 Moroso oil pan
  22. cracks in my engine block?
  23. Rear Main Seal
  24. need help y8 head on zc block
  25. Advice?
  26. First little d build N/A d16a6
  27. Head Porting & Tools etc.
  28. help with y7 head on d15 bottom end....
  29. Y7 rockers numbering
  30. King main bearing question.
  31. d16z1 (pm3-2) head on a d16y7 block
  32. Wanting to Build Engine, but Questions
  33. ARP head studs sitting uneven...
  34. Unbelievable!
  35. B7 bottom, y7 head, 272 Cam?
  36. Where can I find...
  37. d16y8 turbo questions
  38. D15B JDM Rebuild
  39. Always clay your motor
  40. D15B6 and D15B8
  41. What cam belt do i use ????
  42. Milling and Turbo?
  43. Just making sure.
  44. d16b7
  45. First attempt at porting on oil pump, pics
  46. Cylinder de-glazing pics, please advise
  47. What alternator for Jdm d15b vtec 92-95
  48. Coupe Build UK
  49. Replace oil pump during engine rebuild?
  50. A6 Head on a Y8 Block?
  51. Eagle rods
  52. d15B7 valvetrain
  53. D15b all motor itb nitrous
  54. Break in period
  55. 400whp D16z6
  56. Boosted Z6 *PIC*
  57. HELP! Weird noise after first start rebuild?
  58. HabaneroRed06Si's D16Z6 Del Sol Build
  59. Different P2P pistons??
  60. Need Help!
  61. deposits on combustion chamber and valves
  62. Low/no oil pressure
  63. Honda Part #'s, general questions
  64. Some questions about intakes!!
  65. Timing marks off...adjust cam gear?
  66. Pm3 pistons into z6 help
  67. The new build: Alky, Eth, Meth, Teflon, and Boost
  68. 300 hp mini me build q's.
  69. D16Y4 Rebuild
  70. who can explain this power gain?
  71. Dome vs Flat Tops?
  72. Y7 cam hollow?
  73. N/A y7, oil pump porting?
  74. Just some pics of a crank gridle that i cut to several pieces,
  75. Oil pan gasket crush washers.
  76. Daily Driven Reliability
  77. d15z1 options? help...
  78. Been looking at some piston/rod's set up. Need help
  79. d17 crank/rod p29piston into d16 block hlp
  80. Simple Question about D16A6
  81. ..........
  82. D15b Stage 1 Vtec your choices
  83. valve spring questions.
  84. JDM D15B rocker shaft or Y7 rocker shaft? That is the question.
  85. Jdm b15b/z6 mini me problems HELP!
  86. D16Z6 pm6 pistons and rods
  87. P2W Clearances not consistent
  88. D17 Build Questions
  89. d15 same thrust bearing as a d16?
  90. D16 Rebuild !
  91. b7/z6 mini-me, oil restrictor taken out of head instead of block, problem?
  92. Looking to have some fun
  93. Identifying a6 cam?
  94. D vs B Fuel Rails
  95. Would like to get some opinions on this issue
  96. What's the biggest reason for rod bearing failure on our engines?
  97. D16y7 ECU chip?!!
  98. Vitara questions
  99. d15b ecu
  100. I beam rods questions
  101. Rod sequencing
  102. EW1 (D15A3?) questions.
  103. d16z6 swap
  104. z6 head on d16y7 block???
  105. d16z6 build/questions
  106. d16z6 swap into eg hatch
  107. P29's BAD performance!?
  108. Building an exhaust
  109. mini me really rough idle
  110. ........
  111. Piston hitting head?
  112. D16A6 Nasty sound.
  113. 04 motor problems
  114. Will the D15B7 water pump fit in a D16Y8
  115. Y8 Head Advice
  116. z6 vs y8 or combination?
  117. Y7/Y8 mini me bottem end rebuild questions
  118. z6 block/y8 head
  119. a6/ls/zc/z6/y8 frankenstein... please help.
  120. d15b7 help
  121. Crazy combination build help.
  122. 400 horses to the front wheels.
  123. y5 to z6.
  124. Swap d15b to d15b vtech
  125. Wrong injector, but might work???
  126. Not tire kicking what parts to order for rebuild
  127. d16y8 valvetrain in d16z6 head
  128. JDM D15b Auto 1995 Sedan Civic
  129. Freshly rebuild d16y8 overheating... is everything trashed?
  130. z6 to y8
  131. How much force required to turn a good stock valvetrain?
  132. last question... cam break-in on rebuilt engine
  133. d15bz1....good fun??? or no run???
  134. d16y8
  135. Can i put D16 crunk in D15 block ?
  136. Rebuild guide for D16y8
  137. Rebuild kit?
  138. Y7 build
  139. 1990 si hatchy
  140. Stumped by headstud problem.
  141. First build here, noobie btw
  142. Oil clearances
  143. What's wrong with my timing? (Pics) Plz help asap.
  144. AUDM EK1 Ebay Header?
  145. Check Valve Maybe????
  146. Cp piston cc chart ?!
  147. Info on d15b2 block with a6 head
  148. D17a1 timing wheel tooth count, cam position trigger
  149. anyone ever dealt with this issue before?
  150. Engine mounts and tranny mounts
  151. Exhaust kit opinions
  152. Main bearing issues KING
  153. Thought this scoring would hone out... uh oh
  154. Valve seals
  155. Best way to build my ls vtec?
  156. Cam on Head
  157. Advise on build
  158. New Build with 76mm vitara's
  159. Twin TB Intake design
  160. Z6 head Y8 block
  161. Change of plans staying D
  162. EGR on y5 IM block off?
  163. Crankshaft Q
  164. Current vitara build questions (sorry for repost)
  165. Minime swap
  166. d15b8 headers
  167. Ahh confused?!?!? Vitara 75mm are under sized?
  168. Rebuilding my 1991 CRX HF D15B6 and I need PISTONS!!!
  169. Gonna Build a D17 Review my Checklist
  170. Ignition coil resistance
  171. d15b d16z6 OIL CONTROL JET HELP!!
  172. d15b7 block with dy8 head
  173. Little advice about my setup
  174. What is this connector?
  175. Mini-me vs motor swap?
  176. No Power To Starter
  177. cam now, turbo later?
  178. Stock d16z6 Valve Events
  179. What the hell is this?
  180. ITB's would 'choke'?
  181. OEM bearings for aftermarket rods?
  182. Flywheel Q
  183. Head work costs
  184. OBX vs. CBR954RR ITB's
  185. Vitara built but...rods
  186. too much pressure?
  187. Any Opinions on cause?
  188. d17a2 internals in y8 head
  189. Delta cams
  190. Rocker Arm Loose loose?
  191. vtec to non vtec swap?
  192. D15b in 93 hatch problems
  193. d15b nonvtec d16z6 mini me correct me if im wrong.
  194. D15B Pistons
  195. So can you see what my new beast will be?
  196. 1.6L piston fit for D17 ?
  197. d16z6 crankshaft Question
  198. Your thoughts on this bearing wear
  199. D16a JDM non vtec head on d16y7
  200. D16z6 Head Rebuild Question
  201. b20 swap into 92-95 civic??? d16y8 build!!
  202. d15b pulling 14sec 1/4mile
  203. Arp head studs
  204. After Cracking a Ringland...I'm Back d-seires
  205. another b7 wont start
  206. HELP!! White Smoke Out of catch can...Alot more than usual
  207. Help need to read the rules!!
  208. D16y8 block with a d16z6 head.. timing issues.
  209. Best cam for d15b?
  210. Ishihara-Johnson Dual Crank Scraper or Windage Tray Option?
  211. Slowly picking up speed.
  212. Stupid Retaining Spring, Please Advise
  213. Causes of lack of oil to head?
  214. FITV woes
  215. Small Nick On Crankshaft Rod Journal
  216. Ring Gap off
  217. rebuild or wait? d16y8
  218. D15b2 p29 pistons?
  219. Thoughts on Hone Choice?... more
  220. Water/meth vs NOS on High comp build
  221. please help
  222. B&M fuel pressure reliability and how high
  223. Quick question! bisimoto valve springs red side?
  224. How thick is a stock d16a6 hg?
  225. Mpfi swap no spark
  226. D16z6 Block + 75MM Vitaras
  227. D16y8
  228. quick question
  229. Help with d15b8 block/b7 head
  230. Vitara break in
  231. Trying to help a friend....
  232. First build help needed
  233. first 1.6 build. feedback please!
  234. Need advice on Custom Exhaust
  235. Broke my wideband?
  236. Crower I-beam rods do not require notching.
  237. Broken Cam on Distributor End, plz help.
  238. Just wraped up a vitara build Vid inside
  239. need some help
  240. a6 bottomend with y7 head
  241. Swap or d build up?
  242. Ls/vtec or Vitara?
  243. Thinking.....
  244. si hatch build !!help!!
  245. d16 build! I NEED STUFF!
  246. Where to buy Engine Building Parts
  247. Installing piston and rods in reverse?
  248. D16y8 Pre turbo build up - suggestions * 2cents please
  249. Automatic mini me swap need help urgent!!!
  250. Pushing around a Build Idea...