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: Engine Building

  1. B15C2 engine rebuild and further mods
  2. Crank shaft clearances too tight?
  3. Machine Shop - Jacksonvile Area
  4. Rev limit Suggestion
  5. help timing belt questio
  6. z6 rebuild
  7. Mounting y8 head on a6 block
  8. Need your help Car started twice and that was it.
  9. Hmmm . . . confusion on head identification
  10. 75mm or 75.5mm YCP Vitara piston?
  11. Quick question on d15 to vtech
  12. 1986 Civic, 165k EW1 and 265k D15A2 Swap, quite a few Questions
  13. D16A6 head vs D15B7 head
  14. B2V Build!
  15. d16a6
  16. clutch cylinder problem
  17. d14z4 engine help
  18. did machinist notch to far?
  19. Whale penis intake
  20. Bore&Hone Question
  21. b7/y7 crank positioning sensor issue??
  22. First head swap y8 head on y7 block
  23. ecu options?
  24. Effect of spring tension on Engine.
  25. d15b7/d15b2 crank question
  26. non vtec diizy on vtec head
  27. What is the best brand piston?
  28. what would you look at? buying used motor
  29. d16 full rebuild now it knocks upon first crank
  30. d15B7 do i need the clay the motor?
  31. Opinions on exhaust
  32. Dpfi to Mpfi Swap, Help me out fellows.
  33. z6 head question.
  34. Oil Orifice inside Y8 head/Z6 block
  35. my first turbo vtec build
  36. how much power??
  37. asking for help
  38. Restoring headers?
  39. Distributor problems help.
  40. timing d15
  41. d17a9 crank in d16a9 block?
  42. PCV delete
  43. skipping
  44. problems with d16 z6 rocker assembly
  45. staggered valves after seat cutting cut
  46. coolant leak?
  47. head bolt stripped??
  48. measuring p2w clearance
  49. omg leik what valvesprings?
  50. Bought AEM TRU-TIME Gear for b7/y7: Question...
  51. im new to the d series
  52. HELP!!! vtec distributor
  53. Best Crank Pulley for Z6
  54. HELP!! p08-1 9/3 head casting marks???
  55. High compression D16a6 build
  56. Starting my first build, need some advice
  57. Dear god, is a little compression to much to ask
  58. d16a9 swap d16a8
  59. help on cam sohc swap zc to d16z6
  60. d16 build questions
  61. Ebay oil Pump..
  62. 5 wire obd2 o2 sensor to 4 wire obd2
  63. Turned Crank, Yay nor Nay
  64. timing belt pulley
  65. Would this be a decent choice?
  66. Rock auto rebuild kits
  67. How to stroke your d16
  68. quick answer plz d16 d17 compatibility
  69. Engine smoking a lot
  70. B7-Z6 Mini Me...CA smoggable?
  71. LS Rod Bushings
  72. dpfi to mpfi
  73. Need advice on a build!
  74. Repairable or not. wicked d16y8 bearing inside
  75. Gonna rebuild a D16z6 with scrap metal money
  76. Dsm 450 install Exhaust manifold smoking?
  77. new head on d15z1?
  78. 275-300 whp?
  79. Piston rod question
  80. d16z6 turbo build
  81. p2p0 custom length rods?
  82. Attention DIY Engine Builders!!!
  83. cam
  84. cam questions?
  85. D series help!
  86. P29s
  87. Need help
  88. How much does machine work cost need block done
  89. Storing away a freshly built motor.
  90. Replacing camshafts
  91. Got coolant hoses crossed on d15b7
  92. blox stage 2 camshaft
  93. Best way to learn?
  94. bad rod jounral on crank shaft.. worth having the crank fixed?
  95. Coolant problem on turbo d16-5th gear
  96. Z6 swap CYP or ECU bad
  97. quick question
  98. D16a6 turbo pistons
  99. D16y8
  100. Bearing Clearances and Rod Caps
  101. Blown D16y7
  102. 3rd gen civic
  103. pm6 and p08 intake manifold
  104. D16y8 Input
  105. Turbo or N/A build whats your input
  106. D15 vtec or D16 vtec
  107. Head Prep Questions
  108. which non detergent oils do you know of?
  109. Torque spec question?
  110. Coolent Temp Sensor Question
  111. D16Y8 Built Q's..
  112. D16Z6 cam change
  113. OBD2 to OBD1 swap Z6 sensor ID
  114. d16z6 parts list for crx
  115. Bisi springs
  116. Mishimoto radiator hose different?
  117. Which head for non-vtec d16 build?
  118. D16z6 build time
  119. What do you have for ring end gaps?
  120. z6 na build
  121. D15b7, Y8 head... which cam gear?
  122. Crankshaft Oil Holes
  123. z6 head rebuilding options
  124. z6 turbo build?
  125. Leaking coolant from i.m. help.
  126. D16Z6 rebuild for turbo
  127. Couple questions.
  128. new to honda guy needs a little help
  129. Have you ever seen this before??
  130. Machine Shop!?
  131. D16z6 build NEED CONFIDENCE!!!
  132. D15b8 to D15b7
  133. D15b can I use bits of it on my 1.4 mb2 sport ?
  134. dpfi to mpfi
  135. Intake manifold
  136. d16z6 build and build options
  137. Which timing belt should i use for this build
  138. d16y7: is the flywheel balanced to the crank or can i swap them around?
  139. How many times can head be resurfaced?
  140. D15 build questions
  141. D16y8 / Z6 Distributor issues.
  142. d16z6 cam build
  143. Am I Plastigaging Bearings The Correct Way?
  144. D16A6 which headgasket?
  145. tool of choice
  146. Best Main/Rod bearings for daily Driven Turbo
  147. Random Question...
  148. Wiring an o2 sensor
  149. help meeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  150. Bisimoto Header Question
  151. b15 build
  152. D16 sohc
  153. An incredible deal? I THINK SO!!!!
  154. cp pistons couple of questions
  155. Clutch/tranny/block replace
  156. Main bearing question
  157. New valves cutting or lapping?
  158. D16y7 swap complete???
  159. For the love of God I can't get a straight answer on honda-tech - I want to build...
  160. d15b7 arp headstuds?
  161. STi Exhaust on a 94 Ej1 ... WTF?!
  162. Help chooseing exhaust size for new build
  163. How do you tune with Valve Clearenc's
  164. Spark help :<
  165. D15Z1 Engine Swap
  166. Carb build...
  167. d15b fjt pistons&rods w/ d16y7 block
  168. D16Y7/Z6 build to come
  169. Indentifying D15B Vtec Block
  170. y8/z6 build
  171. d16z6 Turbo Head Build Parts
  172. help me build a 300+hp single cam!
  173. D1.6B JDM motor (VTEC)
  174. Fresh Z6 smoking
  175. Head gasket size
  176. Y8 head build
  177. D16z6 Head Rebuild
  178. y7 with z6 intake mani..
  179. d16z6 O2 Sensor Question
  180. Vitara/Sidekick pistons - ring options?
  181. Z6 Vitara build-Misfire problem, or is it?
  182. need a bit of help
  183. Cam: Pitted lobes vs. nicked journal
  184. Rings question
  185. Mini Me Help....
  186. d15b2 vtec mini swap
  187. what modifications did you had to do to bit a bisi 3.6 cam?
  188. JDM D15 vtec part numbers
  189. Having problems with Excedy Stage 2 clutch.
  190. Unknown mileage engine refresh questions
  191. The Definitive D15B7 / A6 / ZC Cam Post
  192. dpfi to mpfi harness
  193. 99 civic dx automatic d16y7 build help
  194. HELP wit d16 build
  195. ARP Mains in d16z6!
  196. To bore or not to bore?
  197. D16A6 Head rebuilt now motor smokes/burns oil - Long
  198. Correct resistor box?
  199. D15 eagle/wiseco build...
  200. Help a Noob, D15B2 Rebuild, Mini-Me or D16Z6
  201. charcoal canister
  202. Help me build d15b7!
  203. D16A1 aftermarket cam tuning
  204. jdmd15b non vtec
  205. Can b18 a/b rods be used in d16's?
  206. CR vs PSI
  207. Send to the machine shop or do it myself?!?!
  208. old school D15b2 build
  209. Building a d16z6
  210. Help with jdm D15b Vtec
  211. ARP Headstuds. Preferred method??
  212. D17 cam gear on D16 head
  213. Where is everyone buying their oem bearings at?
  214. Lost 1 ARP nut, would u use this?
  215. 272-2 valve adjustment...
  216. Crankshaft help
  217. Thrush washer wear? D16A6
  218. d15b7 z6 mini me
  219. can someone list oil clearances for a d16y7 bottom end?
  220. Darton dry sleeves. Good?
  221. Z6 bottom end work with Y7 head?
  222. D16z6 vs d16z9
  223. ACL Bearing color...
  224. mini me help y7/d15b
  225. How not to install pistons in block
  226. d16y7 nos build
  227. tranny swap
  228. head gasket question
  229. What crank/rods can I use in D16Y7
  230. How well do you think this will hold as D/D?
  231. Engine r&r
  232. Thread tapping
  233. crank shaft pulley qustion
  234. Fuel injectors and rail
  235. exhaust questions
  236. Head work
  237. Exhaust help!!
  238. New Pistons just in.
  239. Timing Belt Tension woes
  240. 98 civic ex D16y8
  241. d15b1 vs d15b2
  242. need help with head
  243. In need of stock 99 civic dx exhaust manifold.
  244. Z6 head Y8 block!
  245. Fully built short blocks need some opinions
  246. Putting a D16Z6 head on a D15Z1 block: Does it work?
  247. Seeking opinion of engine builders
  248. Noob- assistance with head work?
  249. Found out what the Clicking sound was... Non Honda
  250. Short block not rotating easily