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: Engine Building

  1. Completed Mini Me now p1298
  2. D16z6 Turbo Darton Sleeve - Head Gasket Selection + O-Ring ?
  3. Need some help on deciding the internals
  4. turbo choices
  5. Ordering a JDM motor
  6. Loss of power? Hard to tell.
  7. D16a6 block
  8. Anyone use Evo injectors?
  9. a6 head on a y7 block
  10. oil filter interchangability
  11. oil catch can q??
  12. Rod bearings with motor in..?
  13. Proper cylinder head porting
  14. best d series platform
  15. another cam timing ordeal
  16. Quick question timing y8 head z6 block PICS
  17. help with copper gasket spray and timing prob!!
  18. D16y8 with P2J Pistons.
  19. My headache a6/z6
  20. d15b2 with f22 pistons
  21. D17a2 build
  22. is this normal headgasket holes do not line up PICS
  23. hello new and have a ?
  24. comp results is this good?
  25. B7 p29 mini me
  26. D16z6 machining question
  27. Best Turbo d16y8 piston/Rod combo
  28. Honda 150 16v help
  29. F22b2 Rebuild starting problems.
  30. d16y7 crankshaft help
  31. jdm d15b vtec and mini me question
  32. Eagle rods making noise.. True or False?
  33. Rod treating
  34. D16z6 re-build need advice
  35. Everygreen oil seals. generic gaskets
  36. D15B7 with D16 rods and P29 pistons
  37. My z6 ef build
  38. Radiator fan no go!!
  39. Zinc alternative (Cat-friendly)
  40. Australian d15b4
  41. Crower stage 2 turbo cam Vtec engagement (im being lazy)
  42. Trying to fix d16 head. something is wrong
  43. Mini Me Torque Specs
  44. Off to the machine shop. Now a decision
  45. Question for Guys runing High Lift Vtec
  46. Fresh Mini-me build, all new bearings etc timing may be off?
  47. Would A 60mm TB Throw Off My Tune?
  48. Ecu code am I reading it rite video
  49. z6 main damage and ring position
  50. d16z6 vtec head onto sohc zc worth it?
  51. crower stage 2 cam?
  52. JE total seal piston rings
  53. motor has no power
  54. Sohc zc non vtec mini me conversion!
  55. d16y8 Solo1, HillClimb. Build [email protected]
  56. d16y8 turbo build help...
  57. dpfi to mpfi...
  58. y7 head on z6 block, lower timing cover
  59. Bisi or Isky valve springs?
  60. Comp cam?
  61. B-series valve reliefs?
  62. Engine building paranoia thread
  63. z6 block y8 head eg hatch setup
  64. help identify this Z6 block
  65. d15b7 with just y8 cam?
  66. intake mani bolts/studs
  67. Engine Break in..
  68. P28 piston - groove thickness
  69. Block swap!
  70. D16 Y7 motor
  71. I Need help for d15b2 to dual carb ...
  72. 0,005 over service, need to bore?
  73. hard or easy to make vtec??
  74. piston to wall clearance??
  75. Running larger diameter head studs
  76. d15b1 pistons in a Zc..
  77. Single belt crank pulley for z6
  78. 92 SOHC ZC into 88 RT4WD?
  79. what head gasket for jdm 96-00 ZC d16a
  80. D-series timing belt tensioner adjustable, no slack
  81. d15b 150hp with stock engine?
  82. 02 sensor problamo
  83. My d16z6 turbo build
  84. what do i need to swap my d16y8 manifold?
  85. Thinking about JDM B18C cams..
  86. Y8 head suggestion
  87. got $ want to build n/a d.
  88. any machine shps in chicago
  89. So i have a spare D16 head ...
  90. d15b2 to d16z6
  91. look for a Oil Cooler
  92. tach
  93. a few questions
  94. Copper sppray, what is it for?
  95. EG 1.6 VTEC help! - slight oil leak, engine revving on own
  96. vitaras
  97. Head Milling and Chamber Volume Changes
  98. .020 out of the hole?
  99. Swirl bump on y8 head
  100. D16Y5 sohc vtech (HX) info
  101. Y8 with p29 pistons, does it work?
  102. ZC/Z6 Problems
  103. Anyone have a Y8 head they can grab a few measurements from?
  104. Buying oil pump. can i get away with a autozone pump
  105. D17A2--rebuild or replace?
  106. slight surging
  107. D15B2/Y8 timing/PTH questions?
  108. Building a motor please help
  109. I hate to do this
  110. Question about a built d16y8 in a stock car
  111. Problem back fireing very strong
  112. 91 civic hatch
  113. Help me choose! FJT or RC Autoworks?
  114. ...
  115. adjustable cam gear
  116. engine swap, Y2 to Z6?
  117. B-series Flow #'s and Port Shapes + Cam Info
  118. y8 intake mani fuel reg question
  119. y8 im vac hoses issues
  120. The Bearing Debate.
  121. d16z6
  122. D16Y8 build+Turbo
  123. d16z6 long block
  124. D16y7 block using ARP head studs ??
  125. about engine Management for honda d16y8 turbo
  126. D16a1 Nitrous build
  127. Can I expect much w/ my z6 rebuild plan?
  128. 16 valve head with stock internals and HF cam
  129. Fresh D16Z6 any ideas on a build
  130. f23 into a honda civic
  131. Third dyno trip.. STILL no vtec.... WTF???? Cursed head? Thinking of going non-vtec
  132. overheating
  133. y8 intake on a6 block vaccum hoses???
  134. Fuel injectors not firing
  135. removing cam gear
  136. FJ Custom length connecting rods, Question
  137. Are d17 piston pin bores drilled off center?
  138. D15B JDM NON-VTEC larger intake?
  139. timing issues
  140. D15b2 w/d16z6 head ? minni me swap
  141. cam journal worn,why?
  142. FJT Custom length rods, how to know?
  143. engine break in??
  144. Distributor Issues
  145. Help finding JDM engine dealer
  146. Vitara y8 w/9.6 + cr, what rod to use.
  147. fully built head pictures
  148. Water Bubbling, New HG
  149. d series turbo set up
  150. Motor swap question
  151. datalogging ?'s
  152. b2 with b7 intake manifold
  153. Head and Block Warpage
  154. D16Y7 and D16Y4 head casting
  155. manifold SWAP
  156. Possible group buy?
  157. Rebuilding a d16y8
  158. Assembly Questions
  159. 1 wire 02 sensor on a z6?
  160. ...
  161. Coolant hose routing?
  162. D15b2 with y8 head (again)
  163. help on piston rings
  164. First Engine Build Project. K20z1 EG
  165. d15 mini me
  166. headgasket q?
  167. obdo injector prob
  168. Fel-Pro MLS y8 head gasket compressed thickness?
  169. ARP connecting rod bolts
  170. D15z4 with PM7's
  171. b7/y7 mini-me DONE! Idel at 3k?! SHIT!
  172. d15b cylinder order
  173. jdm d15b vtec block and z6 head
  174. cam timing help
  175. please help with z6 swap
  176. b18b1 block with b16a2 head
  177. throttle cable for edelbrock?
  178. Piston hit head.... junk it?
  179. MiniMe D16Y7/Y8 Rebuild
  180. d16z6
  181. Standard aftermarket bearings vs. OEM
  182. y8 build questions 2000 ex
  183. a6 motor y8 hg
  184. First Timer considering a D16Z6 Engine Rebuild
  185. N/A d16y7 vitara break in / emissions
  186. Help plz
  187. plastigauging my crank
  188. Planning on first engine rebuild soon. ALOT of QUESTIONS!
  189. d15b7 high compression build
  190. obd2 d15b vtec
  191. Pre Head Swap Checklist
  192. Mini Me Idle Problem...
  193. d16a6 block a6 head or z6 head
  194. Need help with the B15c2
  195. New to the Mini me D's Few build Questions inside
  196. D15B7 with D16Y7 head questions.
  197. tight write pin, no piston rock
  198. Honing affect bore size over time?
  199. lightweight flywheel
  200. LS rod strength
  201. where to buy internals
  202. torque specs for tt rods
  203. Gude hccs11 cam ?s
  204. d17a1 d16y8 compatibility
  205. turbo tuning
  206. D16Y4 Intake minifold
  207. d16z6 oil pump options
  208. d15b2timing belt issue
  209. Help a noob work a list?? D17 boost project
  210. Another identify this piston thread...
  211. Complete rebuild top end z6
  212. *another* Bearing choice question.. going from acl's to oem's
  213. Mini-me huh.
  214. ebay cai's
  215. Im a damn idiot
  216. Dremel Block Notching Questions
  217. d15 pistons??
  218. So which piston ring compressor do you use?
  219. coastal oil ???
  220. High compression valves question
  221. new ignition coil = rough idle?
  222. d16y8 turbo build questions
  223. d14a4 help
  224. D15 build
  225. D15B7 with D16Z6 head?
  226. Isky Valve Springs
  227. head build?
  228. D15Z1 / D16Z6 Vitara Build?
  229. Who to go to to get 134mm d17 rods?
  230. Head Tech Info for Bseries!
  231. VC Bolt Snapped
  232. Injector mods
  233. D15B2 88 Honda Civic LX Timing Marks
  234. ECU?
  235. main bearing cap bolts
  236. Calcuating cam duration at same lift value
  237. Wire harness
  238. D15B a.k.a. d15z7 build?
  239. d16z6 build inputs
  240. d14a1 crank in a d13b2?
  241. z6 block question
  242. Engine Heads
  243. d15b7/y8 head studs
  244. bisimoto pistons???
  245. Rebuilt head, longer ex guides?
  246. Jdm d15b/z6 head y8 intake manifold need some help
  247. Double check , triple check y8 head swap.
  248. b7/y7 How to set the cam gear???
  249. who's rocking the bisimoto 3.6 and vitaras? what are your cam degreese?
  250. Need help with rough idle