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: Engine Building

  1. TB size?
  2. 89 ef civic dx
  3. High compression d17 stroker!!!
  4. How much wHp can i expect???
  5. d16 confusion
  6. Help please. Valves not seating.
  7. a6/z6 mini-me quench questions
  8. What should i do next?!?
  9. In a pickle...need advice (Y8 rocker arm assembly)
  10. How much i can maximally mill d17a2 head
  11. Supertech Vs Isky?
  12. z6 block y7 head what ARP studs to buy?
  13. jdm b18c type R help Pleeease
  14. Lsv oem build
  15. Does this sound right?
  16. swap a y8 or z6 vtec head on a zc?
  17. Block worn out???
  18. High comp d15?
  19. Piston ring choice
  20. Need motor mount and trouble shooting advice
  21. Mount ?
  22. Proper engine break in?
  23. Poopy head work fixed with Devcon
  24. Looking for: D16Z6 Rocker arm assembly diagram
  25. how to install 440cc injectors to a D15B7
  26. D16y8 exhaust port 4
  27. Cam Options
  28. Girdel notching problem Z6
  29. d15b7 racing timing belt
  30. question
  31. Z6 oilpump on minime?
  32. MiniMe
  33. Another help me with clearance thread :)
  34. y8 valve springs in a y7?
  35. is this superfical or serious damage , block and pistons with pics.
  36. stroke suggestions
  37. a little confused???
  38. Can someone please explain this!!!!
  39. Rod/piston pin question.
  40. Vitara Sound
  41. Building a Endurance engine.
  42. Project D16y8 Engine Display
  43. Low compression after HG replacement
  44. Another finished mini-me that wont start!!!
  45. Help with valvetrain upgrade
  46. vitara question 75mm p2p0 or 75.5mm?
  47. mini me swap reliable?
  48. gapping rings for a vitara build
  49. supertech bronse valve guides
  50. Notching rods?
  51. CARB TO EFI CONVERSION d16a7 / z6 head
  52. D16z6 wiring harness
  53. Machineshop that can drill Forced Pin Oiling holes in pistons?
  54. D15B8 head on Z6 block, low budget
  55. Liners are they reliable.
  56. Rebuilding engine log
  57. D16Z6 with Y7 cam?? Y7 cam specs??
  58. Cam Question
  59. Head work
  60. Help with vitara rings !? ;p
  61. D16y7/z6 timing belt
  62. Looking for d16z6 project
  63. Aftermarket cam gear
  64. Please help so stuck
  65. sleeves
  66. What block should i use/build
  67. Locked my Z6.. Options
  68. Help!! I'm Lost!
  69. Del Sol resistor box?
  70. D16y8 block D15b7 head ?
  71. A6 question
  72. and finally new header
  73. A little new to the D
  74. Head work question
  75. d15b2 still not getting heat
  76. 1.5 crx EW head
  77. jdm zc sohc non vtec obdII
  78. Oil Pump Sugestions
  79. oil pressure sensor
  80. ef civic build
  81. unsure of bearing info
  82. sleeves?
  83. aftermarket cam gear
  84. Help!! Timing belts wont fit y7/z6/vx on d16y7/z6
  85. D vs B Timing Belts?
  86. Replacing JDM D15B intake manifold
  87. cam/ecu question
  88. What motor to build??
  89. d16y7/z6 timing belt problems!!!
  90. y7/z6 mini me
  91. D-Series Fun Build
  92. OBD0 vs OBD1 VTEC Solenoid Cover?
  93. I need some help, please.
  94. Where to get prot work done in SoCal
  95. Do you think this is acceptable?
  96. Gude Cam??? HELP!
  97. d16y7 with d16z6 internals
  98. d16 vtec turbo
  99. D16A9 Studs on D15B7/D16Z6 Head?
  100. D16Z6-"head work"-some opinions
  101. B-series questions...
  102. Mini Me Questions Need Help!
  103. Would you use these pistons???
  104. Build list after some research...
  105. Mini me injectors wiring #s
  106. I think i found the problem lol
  107. D16Y7 Head Bolt Torque: Wet or Dry Threads?
  108. Help with a mini me swap please?
  109. No crank pulley
  110. Single cam turbo upgrade order
  111. My D-Series Problem
  112. Fuc.... I.M
  113. D16 Crank Drilling
  114. How would you go about fixing this.
  115. Rebuild or remanufactured
  116. Trying to start after rebuild.
  117. Boosting....mini me or not to mini me???
  118. Max mill on y8
  119. ENGINE SWAP!! help a n00b
  120. whats this part name
  121. 88 civic engine swapp! d16a6
  122. What should i be doing?
  123. Freshly built z6 no spark/no start
  124. Building a block, need help.
  125. which head to use to counter bore?
  126. locking d15b vtec head in high cam?
  127. 97 d16y8
  128. Where should I look for a good condition D16Z6?
  129. Help with d16y8 :P
  130. Have to take a desigin help !?
  131. trying to build a d15
  132. z6 vtec engaged?
  133. quick question about blocks and head
  134. Vitara & custom rods
  135. d16a8/ZC stroker build - oil pump ?
  136. B series question
  137. 4 engines to build at will yaaaaayy!
  138. D16a6/z6 turbo
  139. acl or king bearings d series?
  140. D16 twin carb block any good?
  141. d15b7 connecting rod help
  142. dont know what happend?
  143. B7 to y8 build
  144. D16 boost
  145. s2000 Throttle Body
  146. z6 parts?
  147. Z6 build :D
  148. Clocking piston rings
  149. Stock crank?
  150. tool for IM nut
  151. rebuild z6 block and y8 head
  152. Any tips for torquing
  153. Whats your Fav tool for doing Honda Valve Springs.
  154. *D16y7 build question*
  155. D16z6 swap Tech question! HELP
  156. block rebuild advise
  157. Intake manifold reviews?
  158. d15b7 distributor on f22b2?
  159. Harmonic Balancer Damage
  160. Machinist is concerned with the Oil Strainer (D16Y8)
  161. Adjusting valve lash with the head off
  162. Franken D
  163. Civic accord hondas project P08-5 head
  164. question on y8 head.
  165. Can you use a oil pressure gauge for fuel pressure guage?
  166. What can you do to a VTEC E motor.?
  167. a6 head on b7 block please help!!!!!!!!
  168. D15B7 Block - D16Z6 head NA Carbs Setup
  169. Apexi 1.1mm vs 1.5mm Head Gasket
  170. Harmonic damper, crank pulley?
  171. Stage 2 cam an valve spring help
  172. best mini me bottom end?
  173. Z6 head???
  174. y7 AEM Cam Gear on Z6?
  176. quicl
  177. input on if this is salvagable
  178. d14a1 "wild" tune
  179. worth it to clean up head?
  180. engine wont run
  181. Thinner conventional oils?
  182. Cam Gear Help (not a settings question)
  183. D16z6 future build,need opinions!
  184. Machine shop in IN
  185. D17 connecting rod
  186. For those who have Crower bushings in ls rods
  187. My build ;p
  188. Didn't notch enough from block
  189. d16y8 head suitability question?
  190. Cracks in block, trash?
  191. cant find what this part is called.
  192. d16z6 back from machine shop...
  193. Oil jet question... i may have found my problem...
  194. another vitara question
  195. Who sells rebuild kits?
  196. Rocker Arm Repair.
  197. my tdc .. ( pic )
  198. simple vitara fj rod circlip question
  199. to square or not to square
  200. Just picked up a d16z6 with a zc sohc head, what timing belt should be on it???
  201. Distributor not fitting on replacement head -d16y8
  202. Oil in cylinder, how do i rebuild?
  203. power bolt ons
  204. Cylinder Head Parts
  205. Rod/main bearing info
  206. b7 head ? a6 valve spring?
  207. Anybody got the Rocker Arm Ratio for LMA
  208. Bisimoto spring specs
  209. Head shaving help
  210. This is my first car!!!
  211. Apexi Head Gasket - D16 76mm bore 1.5mm thick
  212. engine burning oil
  213. What rings for endyn rollerwave pistons?
  214. quick Intake manifold question
  215. need alittle help d15b7/z6
  216. D16y8 / d16z6
  217. D15B7/2 Forged Rods Vitara Piston Opinions
  218. ls turbo build question i need answers too
  219. intake manifold
  220. problems with dis/reassembly of engine
  221. FJR rods: which way do they face?
  222. d16z6 build
  223. Cam gear
  224. Gasket match question
  225. NPR oil control ring out of round? WTF
  226. D15B7 Forged Rods
  227. another mini me question to add to the many..
  228. supertech pistons fjt rods
  229. block decking
  230. Back to the D series... its been a while..
  231. D15 pistion options
  232. 1998 D16Y8 and 1992 D16z6
  233. Fuel pressure sender unit
  234. D16y7 Block with D15B VTEC head
  235. anybody know anything about cnr cam gear
  236. Would you run this crank?
  237. More Protection Used 5w-30 Syn or FRESH convetional
  238. 96-98 D15b in 2000 EX
  239. intake manifold trouble
  240. Vitara pistons not fitting correctly?!?
  241. what would YOU do?
  242. Looking for more mpgs!!
  243. My 92 Civic Hatch
  244. more '88 questions
  245. Oil control jet question.
  246. What do I do?!
  247. help a6 head on b7 block
  248. What do you think about this idea.
  249. Step Deck Vs O-Rings
  250. mine-me..or d16z6