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: Engine Building

  1. anybody know about v8 swaps?
  2. what cam gear?
  3. b7 build for boost, will it work?
  4. Mini me build d15b2/ z6
  5. D-cisions, NA or turbo...again!
  6. Injectors
  7. D16Z6 Back of Block Question(s)
  8. Mini me swap issue
  9. Need a quick help or link
  10. stock d15b7 blocks are they already maxxed out?
  11. 1/2" Head Studs anyone? B or D
  12. Motor mount question ?!
  13. d16a6 engine build
  14. rebuild car to sell
  15. Evaporative Emmisions Diaphragm/Solenoid
  16. narrow rods
  17. JIS gaskets or Eristic
  18. Crank garbage or fixable?
  19. Oil Pump Port Filling
  20. What to do
  21. Milling a stock piston to drop compression?
  22. aka- !LIGHTWEIGHT! k24a4 hybrid coupe
  23. The home-made "H23 VTAKZ"
  24. weird engine knock sound!
  25. A6 main bearing clearance..
  26. Oil Pump Screws
  27. CR on JDM minime D15B
  28. Service Manual
  29. D16y8 build HELP PLEASE!
  30. engine rebuild
  31. fuel pressure problem
  32. D16z6 head on a D15b block??? Suggestions?
  33. D16a8 internals in d16y8:
  34. Building d16a6/zc questions.
  35. Blew my Y8, building a new one, looking for advice on cheap upgrades
  36. Octane VS Compression
  37. Rocker Arm Specificity
  38. JDM D13B4 with D16Y8 head
  39. troubles with z6 mani
  40. stick with SOHC or go ZC DOHC?
  41. internals for my vtec
  42. y8 head on sohc zc block question
  43. flywheel bolt size? d16y8
  44. b16 rod with a d15b*
  45. Few Cylinder Head Questions
  46. Found timing belt and water pump on Amazon, is it good quality?
  47. Engine disassembly vid
  48. Zealworks calc - who accurate is it ?
  49. d15 n/a build need help
  50. Identify Distributor
  51. Project no mo oil burn!
  52. What can be re used in a stock-ish rebuild?
  53. california engine builder? D16A6?
  54. Silicone for Vtec Solenoid?
  55. Piston ring gap in high comp e85
  56. D16Z6 Different Crank Pulleys?
  57. Would it be ok to weld this up
  58. Engine builders/shops in California?
  59. Tool to test valve seat pressure.
  60. Piston stress vs piston speed?
  61. Preventing engine failure?
  62. jdm d15 build (need help)
  63. is this normal?
  64. engine swap idea...
  65. mini me swap questions?
  66. Picking pistons for my NA build. Are these any good?
  67. Tryin to build a decent d series
  68. Stupid PCV question. Running a T??
  69. D15B8 Mini-Me: Before I Give it a Try
  70. Air injection y8 mani need help
  71. crome error message after updating
  72. head swap
  73. civic mini me
  74. Timing problems !? Help
  75. d16y5 thrust bearing help
  76. Color coding rod and main bearings??
  77. Head stud install help???
  78. Y8 head on Z6 block
  79. Pass Smog Test // mini-me swap
  80. D16Z6 Vtec rebuild- need help!
  81. d17 block with...
  82. New Plastiguage Results.
  83. Improving rs on the 1.7 stroker
  84. What kind of cam is this???
  85. Preparing for boost
  86. Rebuilt y8 wont start
  87. zc/vtec?
  88. Under or oversized bearings?
  89. Head swap stuff
  90. z6 manifold is broken
  91. End Cam Journal Looks Rough
  92. D16y8 swap help
  93. First time porting oil pump, need advice :pics:
  94. 3d engine design software
  95. D16z6 minime
  96. Questions about a b7/y8 mini me build
  97. D17a7 piston ring thickness
  98. noob needs help now!!!!!!!
  99. Engine rebuild questions??
  100. zc vd 15b vtec
  101. AVID motor mount question ?
  102. mini-me info
  103. B7 pistons and D16 rods
  104. d16 turbo build set up
  105. Left out dowel pins. Steaming out tail pipe.
  106. z6 tear down, found cracks.
  107. Mini-Me vs D16.
  108. d15b2 turbo build questions
  109. Rod question
  110. PMS pistons in a jdm d15b
  111. a6/z6 timing belt? where to find 105 tooth?
  112. Doubt about Valve springs.
  113. rebuilding d16z6
  114. Y7 to Z6 Valve Transplant
  115. Head building.
  116. Where could I go about getting these?
  117. Which EK parts will fit onto a Del Sol? Urgent!
  118. Baffled OEM Pan
  119. y7/z6 bogging issue please help!
  120. Arp head bolt help !
  121. obd1 and mpfi swap
  122. dsm 450's 250-300hp
  123. Disappointing Plastiguage Results
  124. a favour
  125. d16z6 build project questions
  126. D16a6 n/a racing build
  127. Valve spring ??
  128. Camshaft thoughts
  129. D16Y8 vs D16Z6
  130. Torque specs on head bolts and cam bolts after a head gasket repair??
  131. list of part numbers ON main / rod bearings?
  132. D16Y8 Bottom End Build
  133. new cam new rockers?
  134. my del sol build help
  135. New making the most hp on a stock y8
  136. p2w clearance
  137. D16Y7 oil restrictor?
  138. d16z6 Build Options
  139. Help D14A4 to D16z6 engine swap
  140. Im a newb d16 rebuild
  141. what headgaskit for jdm d16a
  142. d16a arp studs?
  143. d16z6 set up triple check
  144. Help need with twin carbs setup
  145. d15b z1 pistons z6 head
  146. hows this for an oil pump port job?
  147. cam degreeing discrepancies??
  148. Z6 head on a6 block tensioner question
  149. Is my head totally done for? Z6.
  150. y8 block with z6 head using oem headbolts
  151. Interesting, for you Vitara guys
  152. Shootin for 350+hp
  153. valve seal
  154. vitara piston fix modification
  155. making the most hp on a stock y8
  156. z6 block with y8 head?
  157. coolant issue
  158. Underdrive Pulley ?s
  159. possible y8 with p29 pistons build (need some of the veterans thoughts)
  160. d15 crank
  161. D15 with y8 head help please
  162. How to File Rings
  163. obdo to obd1or2 z6 minime
  164. Mini me question
  165. Gotta be the head gasket, right? Oil in water
  166. Camshafts
  167. 2000 hatch cooling system rebuild
  168. Fidanza Flywheel
  169. Just installed Skunk2 cam. Feels... different...
  170. Machine Shop Scuffed My Deck
  171. timing is off 1 tooth
  172. Time for a engine build..
  173. d16y7 intake manifold swap worth it?
  174. Timing belt question ?
  175. swapping guts of cracked rebuilt B2 block to B7 block
  176. Complete D-Series Gasket Kit?
  177. Double checking motor
  178. Idle oil pressure gets lower and lower after driving?
  179. fairly new to d series..
  180. My head studs are too long??
  181. Sohc build help
  182. Obd2 jdm D15b/Y8 Timing Question
  183. y7 with z6 head failure PLEASE HELP!
  184. jdm D15B with blown headgasket need info help
  185. Budget Z6 options?
  186. Will a Bee R Rev Limiter fit a 1999 EK3 1.5 LS D15Z6?
  187. D16 Vitara Noise *Opinions needed*
  188. cp built sounds like a disel
  189. Bad torque mounts= this?
  190. oil cooler install problem
  191. Forged d16z6 build questions need help
  192. y8 fpr on z6
  193. mini me
  194. Need help with a JDM engine
  195. SOHC ZC or A6?
  196. car smoking bad
  197. Y7 head?
  198. good ideas?
  199. How do I know what ring gaps to use?
  200. d15's coming out tomorrow!!!
  201. Vitara pistons in a d15
  202. y8 to z6 swap
  203. What mount bracket is this?
  204. D16Y8 Build
  205. ring gap to tight??
  206. eagle talon injector fit on D16??
  207. Picked up an odd block
  208. Vitara :d
  209. z6 head advice
  210. d15b vtec smoking at high rpms
  211. Oil Jet question
  212. Broke part of the cam cap :-\
  213. Couple Porting/Honing questions
  214. compression question d15b7
  215. elgin ind. valve spring quality?
  216. d15beast7 build
  217. White oil on the edge of oil pan, please help
  218. blown up motor
  219. d16y7 v-tec build
  220. YCP p29 dome and height?
  221. Oil Pump porting quick question
  222. ef wiring harness question
  223. Fuel line questions
  224. Help with oil pan/pick up tube on my D15b
  225. what to do... zc y7 ideas anyone?
  226. D16A9 question
  227. Engine Building Tips
  228. Need Help with valve kepper!
  229. LS RODS
  230. Ok Guys help!!!!!!
  231. D16Y8 or D16Z6 For Next Build?
  232. Cam going in. Want to know more about timing!
  233. Question about Turbo d16z6
  234. Who has the hook up on a engine diagram??
  235. OEM retainers with aftermarket cam?
  236. D16Z6 cam - Lobe Separation Angle?
  237. d15b7 swap to a d15b vtec
  238. How bad is this crack?
  239. D14 piston rings compatible with d16?
  240. PM3 pistons in D16 block - SPOON CIVIC HX
  241. 76mm vitara actual size
  242. Oil jet size?
  243. Share your knowledge!! D-series internals.
  244. y7 block VS y8 block?
  245. my d15 delima
  246. D16Y8 Blow out
  247. Piston Question
  248. Bored Throttle Body
  249. future d series build
  250. D16y8 rebuild