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: Engine Building

  1. Everything you wanted to know about oil
  2. d16y5 help with ideas?
  3. Help cleaning old HG from block.
  4. d15b7/b2 built motor with cx racing rods and oem pistons
  5. Oil coming from catch can filter on high CR / ITB D16A6
  6. D17 big end bearings
  7. Rebuild kit
  8. d16y8 swap for d16y7 - researching
  9. ino
  10. Timing HELP!!! B18c1, (obd1)
  11. d16a6 gude performance help
  12. Mechanical Cam timing & Dizzy - Help
  13. Leaking Coolant into cylinder #3 (video)
  14. bearings for LS rods in D16
  15. help you guys!
  16. NEWB HERE! FNG alert!
  17. Non v-tec mini me
  18. pm3 cam gear
  19. zc bottom end a6 head??
  20. p2j-2 roller rocker arm assembly work on p08 head
  21. Lash caps for d16
  22. How to install h beam rods into a d16?
  23. Valvespring Choice
  24. PLR / P2J pistons, Y8 head, D15 crank. whaddya think?
  25. is a d15b none vtec block same as d15b vtec?? Need helpp plz
  26. D15b7 build?
  27. quick valve question
  28. new 2 me engine. what head to use?
  29. d15b internals into a z6 block?
  30. Want to make my d16 a beast.
  31. Y8 head porting
  32. #3 cam cap o-ring
  33. Need a Little Help, EK with a z6 head
  34. adding some hp to a d16y7
  35. D16z6 help Springs
  36. What size injectors to use E85?
  37. No Start- TIming issue question- help!!!
  38. Eg9 "new crazy" carboid crobic d15b7 build
  39. My Latest video
  40. rapiring damaged threads in block for head studs
  41. deep thoughts - plz share
  42. Need Help Sooo Sorry
  43. Valve and Crank question.
  44. D15Z1/D16Z6 Mini Me Help!
  45. D16a1 crank in z6, tdc mark off
  46. Some help full calculators
  47. Intercooler Piping Clamps
  48. OBD2 to OBD1 Distributor Dizzy Adaptor Harness
  49. y7 manifold to z6 problem help asap
  50. Best place to get a set of pg6/pm3 pistons
  51. harmonic balancer? d16a6 crank with d16y8 pulley?
  52. Issue with built Y7 valve lash
  53. piston and rod combo help
  54. D15B2 Valve replacement help
  55. Rod problem engine rebuild
  56. cheap D16a6 build
  57. Suggestions for engine build
  58. Repeat Rod Failure
  59. D16Z6 Crank pulley bolt torque Spec?
  60. ACL race bearing help
  61. VMS cam gear
  62. D15b none vtec? any better then the b7??
  63. Rebuild help for novice
  64. d17 with d16z6/y8 head?
  65. d16z6 manifold and head swap on y7 block
  66. Need a few questions answered
  67. New member to the family
  68. Mini Me Jerking HELP!!!
  69. d16z6 rocker assembley
  70. affordable 200 whp build ideas?
  71. d16z6 first build any advice would help
  72. ECU question
  73. d15b7 p2v
  74. New parts. Thoughts?
  75. D16Y7 Missfireing 2000 Honda civic Need Help
  76. Car not starting... need help troubleshooting?!
  77. Car not starting... need help troubleshooting?!
  78. Time to Build
  79. swapping distributor internals?
  80. D15B Build
  81. Edelbrock Performer X lookin gooood.
  82. Stones for diy deglazing
  83. Building a d16z6
  84. z6 Rebuild for Forced Induction (questions)
  85. basket case 94 civic head and block questions
  86. Anyone install arp rod bolts without machining the rods
  87. Oversized valves
  88. To much FUEL
  89. Torque Wrenches from Harbor Freight any good for engine build?
  90. What is the Best 1998 Honda Civic 1.6L Build?
  91. Bisimoto 1.2 cam?
  92. Looking for suggestions...
  93. eBay obx intake
  94. finally putting an engine together. Y8 head and a6 block
  95. Need Help Bad!!!
  96. Timing Belt Tension Q's
  97. Question about valves ??
  98. Ebay oil pump
  99. Use of Epoxy in Engines.
  100. spun rod bearing how to avoid?
  101. Pistons? Compression ratio?
  102. 98 Civic help!!
  103. d15b2 mpfi obd1 swap
  104. average price?
  105. Detonation Grooves
  106. sohc turbo build help
  107. TB to Manifold Step.
  108. Effect off head shaving on Ignition timing.
  109. D16z6 low oil pressure
  110. The Old One..
  111. second opinion please.....
  112. white shit on oil pump below alternator??
  113. jdm d15b head mill
  114. Compression stroke help
  115. Need help timing, d series
  116. Would it be worth swapping my head?
  117. milling z6 head
  118. Lost motion assembly (vtec)
  119. So silly question but seriously.
  120. clocking rings
  121. Frankengine?
  122. d15b with p29 pistons
  123. what to do! d16y7 and d16z6 need opinions
  124. Boosted d15b7/y8 head not starting! HELP
  125. delta 272-2 d16z6 specs
  126. wondering spring location
  127. D15B2 Head Qs
  128. d15b3 to d16a9
  129. Please Help Cam Delema
  130. DOHC ZC/D16A1 timing and CEL
  131. Needed Urgently - ATI Damper
  132. Anybody use the lisle 36050 Valve Tool.
  133. A/c system for d16y8??
  134. 270cc injecters
  135. Build list help??
  136. sleve cleaning
  137. Short Block does not turn easily after assembly
  138. my piston ring gap is too big!!
  139. D16A1 starting problems
  140. D15b water pump help
  141. d16y8 NO compression
  142. help z6 swap
  143. which cams and why?
  144. JDM D15B head on D15B7 Block..Need help!!
  145. Wear on rockers (scratches pitted)
  146. y7 vs y8 head, which is better?
  147. Cam Caps Fubared?
  148. 92 VX z1/z6 Mini Me
  149. Oil pump shimming
  150. pm3 aftermarket exhaust side valve spring seats/locators/shim thickness? FREE REP lol
  151. z6 timing issue
  152. whats the difference?
  153. crank won't move need help!
  154. leak in pistons
  155. Need HELP with my project!
  156. help!!! d15b for a d16z6....
  157. d16 block with d15b7 head for turbo
  158. d15b jrsc build headwork question
  159. transmission issue, few questions
  160. D16y7 FPR on D16z6 Rail.
  161. d16y7 head on y5 block questions help!
  162. new pistons in my y8 i need help
  163. Just a general question. Search didn't help :(
  164. Belt tension
  165. i dream of vtec
  166. Strange sound when rotating engine
  167. Valve Spring Data.
  168. Just bought a JDM D15B Vtec head...
  169. Evergreen Head Bolts
  170. D15b 3 stage vtec
  171. need help kind of a noob
  172. forged d15 pistons
  173. When you do a head swap or minime, does the redline change?
  174. D15B8 -> Minime Z6 VTEC or Just D15b7 Head
  175. Problem with a y8 block
  176. P2j j6 intake manifold
  177. oil pump question..
  178. d16z6 build
  179. Planning a Z6 build from scratch, already need help
  180. looking for some answers
  181. Rebuilding d16z6: UNKNOWN PART
  182. Highest CR for Pump.
  183. d15b7/y8 mini me how to time the cam gear?
  184. Can anyone confirm this plz !?!?
  185. crower turbo stage1 sohc vtec cam? Has anyone ever used it?
  186. econobuild, what will work better?
  187. stock bore piston ring gap!!
  188. d16z6 vs d15b7 valve stem seals
  189. Bisi 3.6 Valve lash?
  190. Can this sensor be used with oil
  191. Xenocron headers
  192. crank/rod journal diameter
  193. Race engineering D16a1
  194. I think I messed up
  195. Spun a bearing.
  196. Rod Numbering.
  197. Need help deciding, 5spd swap, or motor swap.
  198. This will b my very first engine build
  199. street tune y8 help
  200. Compression/timing question.
  201. p2w cleaeance !!
  202. What next?
  203. ARP Z6 Head Stud Depth
  204. Question about pm6 pistons in a b7 block.
  205. d16y5 build questions
  206. Replacing LMA's
  207. d16z6 no spark
  208. Y7 mini-me best cam
  209. D16Z6 Main Bearing Size JDM Vs US Spec??
  210. converting my zc dual carb to efi
  211. z6 bearing clearance turbo build
  212. D16z2 cam help
  213. Ebay P2P piston, troubleshooting
  214. <<<<WANTING TO ADD SOME UMPH TO MY D16y7>>>>
  215. a little help with Skunk2 intake manifold
  216. new slugs
  217. Rocker Collar Placement
  218. Canton Oil Pan with Bisimoto Header?
  219. odd engine block staining
  220. Small pin hole in girdle after notching :(
  221. Where do these lines connect???
  222. Std bearings?
  223. glyptal paint
  224. These wont work...will they????
  225. d16a1 build(help me please)
  226. Modify stock crank or use other d-series crank on z6?
  227. Which micrometer?
  228. Z6 Dizzy Help
  229. d15b (vtec block) z6 head, HELP!!!
  230. Couple questions about hose routing??
  231. Opinions on how to make more power?
  232. Free time and a CNC
  233. d15b block d16z6 head helppp
  234. this is more of an information thread than build
  235. D16A6 clearances, HELP!!
  236. Question TBs
  237. How does this look?
  238. Timing crank gear
  239. d16z6/y8 or d16y8? build for turbo
  240. Is this right?
  241. Help! Any good??
  242. D16Z6 Thermostat replacement quick question..
  243. anyone using 5-50 oil in their d16?
  244. Will d17 k1 rods and wiseco pistons fit my d16y5/y8
  245. d16 dipstick lengths???
  246. Crank bearings
  247. 4g hb dx
  248. A True Master of the IC Engine CAM
  249. anybody know about v8 swaps?
  250. what cam gear?