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: New Member Introductions

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  1. Golden Eagle Intake Manifold (GEM) reving up from 1k to 4k
  2. Ef sedan roll cage install. Pro tips?
  3. Stripe in the middle of crankshaft journals.
  4. Small hole in block (inner oil passage)
  5. new member
  6. My "re-introduction"
  7. Block needs boring n hone in mass
  8. Which to run now and which to build? OBD2 d15b/y8 or d16y8?
  9. Main bearing cap
  10. Basemap for first start. Vitara build, GT30.
  11. distributor help
  12. Conflicting searches: which gasket for y8im on b7?
  13. Giving my daily a Lil pep
  14. silicone caulk on windshield
  15. 3.2 type S TB on Y8 mani
  16. Build advice for honda newbie
  17. Oh the song of my people's
  18. Buying a crx. Motor decision
  19. Torque mount question
  20. I think my block is warped - can I do an HG job?
  21. cheap dude's subwoofer setup.
  22. Crx naturally aspirated d series build help
  23. Anything else?
  24. Alternator mount bolts helllllllp
  25. Will a d16Z6 crankshaft/oil pump/oil pan fit/work on a 97 D16Y7 block
  26. car wont start after sensor mix up
  27. D16z6 engine stamp ??
  28. Help me figure out what turbo this is?
  29. Post Count?
  30. Injectors Problem!!!!!!!!
  31. Strange Leak: S-40 Trans "long Gear"
  32. 3rd gen prelude seats in eg
  33. D16Y7 Catalytic Converter + Turbo ?
  34. Turbo or SC?
  35. What's transferable from a d16z6 to d15b? d16 blown, d15 spare
  36. Vitara build for Boot questions.
  37. finishing up y7/y8 mini me - last questions
  38. Do I need a Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) and/or Fuel pump??
  39. D16z6 Balanced Crankshaft
  40. Oil or coolant passage ?
  41. 62-66 not spinning at idle
  42. D16y7 to d16y8 intake mani vacuum leak, zz
  43. Wind on highway?
  44. Help with 1998-2000 Civic Ferio Vi-RS
  45. First turbo project ever - noob questions
  46. Help! I think I broke it....
  47. Rough start on choked ecu
  48. What is this?
  49. D16a building
  50. New to the site/introduction/first build
  51. Won't go past 5,000 rpm
  52. y8 oil pump bolt
  53. d16y8 manifold into d16y7 question
  54. d16z6 turbo ..i need help!! please
  55. d16z6 block with y8 head
  56. P1259 Vtec malfunction won't rev pass 5000 rpm
  57. Did I Screw Up? 96 civic LX
  58. Blew rod 3 weeks into rebuild....
  59. Difficulty Picking Turbocharger
  60. Derale oil cooler installation kit?
  61. D15B2
  62. Hello all! MY first post here!
  63. Adapting a B18 manifold to a D16
  64. LS Rods Bushing availability.
  65. D16 Turbo Build Reinforcements?
  66. What ecu to use?
  67. New to D-Series
  68. D15A* vs D15B* mounts
  69. TDC sensor code 8 D16z6
  70. Dancing With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight
  71. D16y7 new here manifold swap questions
  72. EP1 Vtec build questions plans and help ?
  73. Aem fuel rail fitting. Which one
  74. Skunk2 D16 Alpha Series rods
  75. d16z5 help to find good uprgrades
  76. N00b to both Hondas and this site. '97 DX coupe.
  77. d16z6 stock4 class build
  78. D16z6 shutting off randomly
  79. d17a2 head to A1
  80. seat mounting options (I did search)
  81. D16Z6 Build Questions????
  82. Manifold?
  83. d15b2 Valvetrain still noisy after adjustment
  84. D16y5 Turbo
  85. How to check wiring
  86. Hello. I'm new here. Introducing myself and my car
  87. '91 Civic DX Truck (Intro Thread)
  88. Gapping NGK 4091's
  89. Turbo not creating boost! Help!
  90. Track day turbo setup
  91. installed ES shift bushings and now hard to get in gear
  92. Checklist to do before dyno tune
  93. They call me mr. rodknock
  94. d16y7 sounds like a lifter
  95. 140 - 160 hp N/A d16y8 build
  96. D16y8 head gaskets leaks
  97. Hi, I'm new to
  98. My new project
  99. Turbo kit question
  100. Just pulled this Y8 and....
  101. D16y7 Sensors aren't getting "ready"
  102. Does p06 ecu cut fuel during decel? Innovate lc1 goes off chart lean on decel
  103. Ecu, and exhaust
  104. Going for a build to last almost forever.
  105. Injectors for <200whp
  106. Noise after timing belt change
  107. Help 96 y7
  108. Hey D-series! Fresh noob right here.
  109. Anybody using this piston+rod set up.
  110. New into boosting
  111. D15B 2005, anyone know this engine?
  112. d16y8 head build or no??
  113. Timing
  114. Which D series is this
  115. New Battery stil won't start
  116. Rear LCA Woes
  117. Catchcan suggestions??
  118. Engine installation question. Also dipstick tube o-ring?
  119. Need help d16z6 cam gear
  120. Not really a noob, used to post everyday.
  121. New SD Civic
  122. Having issues getting base timing set correctly
  123. Bogging when at operating temp.
  124. What's the difference between showcase and build threads?
  125. Stripping paint off aluminum without damaging the surface
  126. Information wanted about JDM D15B engines
  127. How? To Hook Up Remote Start To EG Starter? Compression Test.
  128. Help! Crank no start on d17a!
  129. Hello d-series!
  130. What did I just buy?
  131. D17 + megajolt?
  132. best d series engine. not a hp question
  133. How many miles is too many to start building on a motor?
  134. OBD2A to OBD1 1997 Civic Ex
  135. D16Y8 New Build
  136. Bearing color chart
  137. Gurdle/main caps torque specs? Turbo build
  138. Wiring issues
  139. Oil catch can
  140. back after 3k miles on a fresh build
  141. Car misfire when getting on it
  142. Fans not working, car overheating.
  143. Rear Grounding Point
  144. Purple Nurple build
  145. How do I keep oil pressure sending unit from breaking?
  146. :( my eg SRS light is on solid? how do i diagnosie?
  147. Power Steering pump question
  148. Trailing arms 94 si hatch.
  149. Hello D series
  150. ECU resetting readiness codes
  151. EG hatch engine died and no start??? new Main relay.
  152. Crankshaft seal
  153. Need all the help i can get with my first civic build!
  154. wiring for push start button
  155. Innovate lc-2 question
  156. I broke it AGAIN fml help!
  157. What's a decent ramhorn manifold that will clear the EF hood that's not too pricey
  158. Timing & Valves Scare Mess Up
  159. D15Y8 mini me tuning
  160. Head gasket??
  161. Need help with my engine pls check it
  162. What kind of dumb things have you done working on your Honda?
  163. Door lock plastic lever
  164. Timing and fuel increment suggestions?
  165. Is there a way to tell if a used engine has a blown head gasket condition?
  166. stupid exhaust question
  167. What turbo is this?
  168. D16y7 with d16y5 head auto to manual
  169. How do I power multiple gauges from one spot?
  170. Y7 in EG, drivers side mount options?
  171. Evap and PCV on d16y7/z6 head mini me. 98 CX Hatch
  172. Soo civic cranks.. and cranks... untill it finally starts... well sort of..
  173. Y8 head on y7 block
  174. Hydro trans rear mount question
  175. can you re use a cylinder head from a engine that had a spin bearing???
  176. D16z6 Dipstick same as D15z1 dipstick?
  177. Need Help Completing D16y8 into 93 Del Sol SI
  178. Manifold help for the new guy
  179. d16y7/d16z6 mini me in a 95 ex
  180. I want to built d15b high comression!!(HELPplz)
  181. z6 head z1 block. rear water pump coolant pipe routing with z6 manifold?
  182. General Turbo Questions
  183. How Can I Find Out What Size Fuel Pump I Have?
  184. Introduction- '94 CX, '09 370Z
  185. D16Y8 vs. D16Y5 Intake Manifold
  186. Will a 95 D16z6 camshaft fit in a D16y8 engine?
  187. D16Y8 Surging Idle; Yes I've read forums and "burped" it
  188. Introductions
  189. Aircon Compressor Question
  190. The well known, "Bitch Pin"
  191. Torque specs
  192. Turbo downpipe question
  193. D16Z6 Valve Cover Bolts - After Market
  194. Setting Rev limit, launch control, etc
  195. Torque steer
  196. 6th gen to 5th gen suspension compatability
  197. Wastegate and BOV Questions
  198. D16Y8 OBD2 Automatic Civic JRSC Question
  199. Clutch alignment tool
  200. D15B swap ECU and harness
  201. What's the best photo sharing website?
  202. p2w clearances
  203. 96 Civic lx z6 swap engine rebuild on 5k limit
  204. Noob with MPFI swap questions
  205. Injector advice
  206. Jdm d16a
  207. Wiring and Manual Swap Questions
  208. I need this done and figured out A.S.A.P.
  209. 98 Civic Ex D16Y8 to D16A6/Z6 Swap
  210. not really a n00b... Intro anyway
  211. 31yr Old Honda Dad Here.....
  212. Captured nut for suspension mount broke loose. Looking for ideas.
  213. Help
  214. New to D series
  215. fara mp4b race car
  216. post counter not working on my account
  217. y7 into 99 civic si
  218. hey guys noob here building a motor!!
  219. New name Same guy
  220. Hello All
  221. new to the forum
  222. Built Transmission overkill for 450hp goal?
  223. Notching the block
  224. Problem with throttle body
  225. Old dog trying to learn new tricks.
  226. Can stock d series injectors be "decapped"
  227. I'm probably the biggest noob in this plannet or I'm simply damm st***d....
  228. new here
  229. Brake pedal dropped to the floor. Head scratcher! Help Honda family!
  230. Will drag racing/burnouts destroy a plate LSD
  231. Del Sol Y7 vs Civic Y7 diferences
  232. VIN identification on D17 engines?
  233. Mild daily driver build
  234. Just sayin hi and what im currently gettin into
  235. Hello again
  236. Ebay cam gears?
  237. Anyone tune there car with a stethoscope?
  238. How much HP to get into the high 12's @2500lb race weight.
  239. D16A6 Turbo Thread
  240. auto vs manual engine swap
  241. started out simple alternator swap..
  242. weird throttle issue on 00 lx auto
  243. Issue and noise....
  244. Diagnosing axle noise
  245. OB2 freeze frame questions
  246. First Honda build!
  247. Nitrous guys chime in plz, having trouble searching for no2 builds
  248. New Noob
  249. Machine Head
  250. 2000 Civic EK JDM swap