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  1. HONDA cassette
  2. Improve electrical capabilities
  3. Civic Firewall wiring harness issue
  4. What do i need to buy for socket/chip ecu on chrome
  5. 97 hatch dx cruise control
  6. 96 civic odd electrical issue!
  7. CRX with 3v at lighter/radio...?
  8. putting the wiring harness/loom from 4dr into a coupe
  9. No radio or cig socket ? Fuses good ??? Help
  10. Injector wiring
  11. Old Android phone for entertainment system
  12. My fan won't come, Already struggling for 3 months.
  13. Good nd cheap 52mm tachometer
  14. i thought "Let's install some LED!" burned......
  15. Odyssey PC680 battery
  16. 93 Honda Civic D16z6
  17. Raising the soundstage, cheap, clean, easy.
  18. Need held finding wherd this plug is sipposed to go
  19. z6 obd1 injector plugs
  20. 1990 civic DX sedan radio wiring issue
  21. No starter signal if car is off about 30 mins.
  22. Thermostat Ground Issue
  23. Hondata AUX settings
  24. 95 civic ex coupe D16z6 wiring problem
  25. ECU Ground issue
  26. obd0 to obd1 conversion harness
  27. Will a Faulty ECU still produce a spark?
  28. New Car Audio Setup
  29. Grams Injectors HELP!!
  30. 2 new alternators Down in a week
  31. Climate Control Help
  33. Need some wiring help
  34. how to restore wiring after alarm removal
  35. Messy left over alarm system...trying to fix this mess..ideas?
  36. JVC "Miswiring, check wiring then reset unit"
  37. CRX Speaker Recommendation.
  38. Dirt cheap bass recommendation?
  39. Subs wattage rms vs db???? Power? Louder?
  40. No Reverse Lights
  41. Can not trigger ECU bypass - 91 civic Sedan
  42. I want to add a brake light flasher to my del sol
  43. Alternator bracket 'collar'/ring
  44. Blower motor issue?
  45. Subwoofer Repair or Replace
  46. Please help pin outs for 03 civic gauge cluster...
  47. Converting to LED
  48. High Output Alt for D14Z4
  49. 1995 Honda prelude dash cluster issues...
  50. Will HIDs fit OEM EF Fog Housings?
  51. Changing the door open beep sound
  52. HELP. No power to fuel pump D15B JDM swap
  53. Please explain how the wiper park circuit works
  54. High output alternator for d16y8~question about eld
  55. Obd2 issue
  56. Need Ideas
  57. $1-2 Hobby amplifiers.
  58. I hate asking for help but I'd really like to roll my driver's side window down......
  59. 6.5in Component Speaker Recommendation
  60. I keep leaving my lights on; no Honda jinlge
  61. 2007 crv audio build thread
  62. The doomed flickering lights issue....
  63. Power Window issue
  64. 3 YELLOW GREEN, 3 YELLOW WHITES? si harness
  65. Help!! My EX is down.
  66. working on JDM twincarb D15B > DOHC ZC wiring harness
  67. d13b1 wiring autograss
  68. craftsman multi meter 10.00
  69. Headlight wiring issue..
  70. Thinking of offering ground/power wire services!
  71. CELs 6, 14, 21, 22, 41
  72. No brass ring on NRG short hub, can I still wire horn somehow to it?
  73. Turn key to on, fuel pump primes for 4 seconds then turns off.
  74. Dash and Interior lights flickering!
  75. Eg help installed reverse camera fuzzy lines wtf?
  76. 2000 Civic Won't Enter Programming Mode - Keyless Entry
  77. 2 alternators dead in less than 6 months.. what to look at?
  78. installing an alarm to my EG?
  79. Wiring questions
  80. sunbwoofer coil resistance question
  81. Threw together some stuff I had lying around
  82. Instruments lights not working.
  83. SRS light on and power pulsing threw out.
  84. Viper 560XV
  85. retro fit projector headlight Q?
  86. Ebay oil pressure gauge not working
  87. No power to windows, mirrors or locks.
  88. One speaker quiter
  89. Civic eg clock into display for O2 and others
  90. Headlights turning head unit off
  91. Voltage drop during Boost.
  92. Battery light flickering intermittently
  93. Ignition switch/cluster issue?
  94. what this goes to?
  95. No power to anything
  96. d16y7 Won't start
  97. stumped on nitrous wiring install
  98. bad amp or bad speaker?
  99. anyone have an idea to make my reverse lights brighter?
  100. "EG" Audio Console Questions
  101. Hooking up amp to the front speakers?
  102. Help Blox oil pressure gauge diagnose broken?
  103. 2002 civic lx wont start
  104. 96 civic ex coupe, after market head unit, keyless entry issues.
  105. compressor and condensor issues
  106. OBDIIA and OBDIIB questions
  107. Head Unit Problem with CD Playback
  108. single din mounting kit for 99 civic
  109. P28 Alarm install
  110. Best fm ant 94 civic
  111. Power window Help for Del Sol!
  112. Charging warning light comes on above idle
  113. lighting harness
  114. Fuse box issue?
  115. I need some more relays. What relays are you guys using?
  116. Erratic speedometer question
  117. optima red top battery 6 years oil and counting
  118. weird 2 plug obd2 ecu repin to obd1
  119. D16y8 harness help
  120. Glowshift Gauges
  121. D15b engine harness into d16z6 engine
  122. HELP! Y8 tranny Z6 block & head..Jumper Harness
  123. D15 Dizzy Tach output
  124. Engine Harness Article
  125. Battery Master Kill Switch Wiring
  126. Diodes for Relays
  127. Healight harness tuck problem
  128. Battery Relocation Questions
  129. HELP!!! 97 ex keyless programming after battery swap, etc
  130. Budget front speakers?
  131. apexi turbo timer problem
  132. EG ignition coil kill switch neg/or/pos side???
  133. Fan resistor/voltage box?
  134. Aem wb wire to ecu
  135. Kill switch install
  136. Where is your cruise control Located on your EG Civic?
  137. Pioneer deck - audio cutting out
  138. Pioneer deck/ipod issue
  139. Thoughts on this set of hid school me
  140. 05 civic ex d17a2 afr gauge help
  141. EG6 Fog Lights going on a 1994 DX Hatchback
  142. Is it possible to make a plug and play resistor box for 92-95 Civic
  143. 86-97 Honda/Acura Radio Wiring
  144. Blew 60A Battery Fuse
  145. need help on buying correct stereo wiring harness for crx?
  146. Android tablet as gauge cluster
  147. Electric Intercooler pump ground location
  148. 92 VX headlight assembly wiring. HELP!!!!!!
  149. 1991 CRX DX shock tower plug pin-out?
  150. Custom box building
  151. Gauge light issue
  152. The cheapest double din w/ quality bluetooth?
  153. AM head unit lost power
  154. Relay(?) clicking from under the dash..
  155. APC headlight for EF
  156. EG VX with Z6 swap???? 5 wire to 4 wire conversion needed?
  157. honda plug pins
  158. need help with my ecu
  159. who can get me the radio code 04 tl
  160. Plug pre-attached to LC-1 wideband?
  161. Civic ej1 1993 d16z6 passenger electric window problem
  162. "uneeksupply" obd0-obd1 harness, need help
  163. dc2 ignition key on ek
  164. Help with lighting; HID, LED and halogens oh my.
  165. Strapping 2x Epsilon EA1000D amps & a 15" Memphis Audio Mojo15 2ohm DVC sub
  166. Gauge install HELP???? oil pressure power constant/ lighting switch??
  167. advice and higher system understanding needed.
  168. Crafty Plugs S2K push button start?
  169. 02 simulator
  170. ECU and Engine Harness Plugs and Pins
  171. Wire tuck install info needed...
  172. Subwoofer Recommendations?
  173. Lightweight systems?
  174. Battery recommendations for a CRX
  175. Blox Oil Pressure Gauge pressure sensor install wires??? two????? terminals?
  176. searched every where no luck on speedometer
  177. Who uses what wideband/how long have you had it?
  178. Name That Plug
  179. rear brake lights and third brake light stay on?
  180. Need some help re-wiring
  181. LED Tail/Brake light bulbs
  182. OBDI vs OBDII male/female pins
  183. SI Speedometer bulbs
  184. Crane HI-6 CDI harness extension
  185. Electrical gremlin-blower motor and resistor NEED HELP
  186. Wires cut?
  187. Need help with this one plug
  188. Help Installing Gauges fuses?, where do i put the lighting switch???
  189. ODB0/ODB1 Hybrid full engine harness.
  190. D14a1 loom help ?...
  191. 99-00 climate control question....sorry
  192. Electrical Issues del Sol
  193. Civic CX AC button
  194. Omni Power Tachometer
  195. EG center console double din where to buy 1??? or just go single din dvd???
  196. gauge cluster issue
  197. 92 eg6 no brake lights
  198. confused with bulb bases vs led bases
  199. del sol windows quit
  200. power windows, mirrors, locks, speakers are on the fritz again...
  201. Automatic headlights
  202. injector resitors
  203. Surfing fleabay. Older amps found. Are they decent?
  204. Eventually, I'll want some tunes in my CRX. What front speakers do you recommend?
  205. What do you guys use for terminals?
  206. Radio Problem
  207. having problems upgrading my intake manifold
  208. Cant rev over 4k
  209. Window problems fuuu
  210. mini battery cold start
  211. Lost Alarm fob. Car stolen within 2 weeks. Need help with identifying cut wires?
  212. Polk Audio db651
  213. Need help with stock stereo code / password
  214. need d16z6 wiring harness
  215. 89 civic window wiring to alarm
  216. gathers speakers
  217. 6.5" Polk's on sale at Bestbuy for 39.99
  218. Radio and speedo cut out with lights on or braking
  219. Big problema..well maybe
  220. wide band and AFR guage woes
  221. Blowing engines? or burning wires?
  222. My new ol ass amp Phoenix Gold MS2125.... rebuild
  223. Wire attached only at one end...
  224. door ajar wiring question
  225. Crx - RFID - S2k pushbutton
  226. plugged battery in backwards
  227. tps sensor question
  228. down to my last code...
  229. Del Sol charging issue...??
  230. What battery to use?
  231. P28/AC function (A15, B5 etc)
  232. Wideband help...Did i F-up?
  233. Problem with electric locks, windows, speakers
  234. Coil over plugs?
  235. Brake lights stay on when running light are on
  236. Ecu wiring guru needed.
  237. what voltage at computer for the door ajar input?
  238. ef guage cluster light bulbs
  239. Where to buy Wire Harness pins / parts?
  240. Vehicle Speed Sensor
  241. Power Windows
  242. Power window problem.
  243. Inline fuse keeps overheating
  244. Repairing Wire Harness??
  245. Ballast info.
  246. T the RPM wires
  247. Hid advice/help
  248. ABS and SRS faults.
  249. Climate control and cluster lights need serious help
  250. power window and door locks