: Serious discussion/debate

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  1. Triathlon Pledges
  2. I’M BROKE DOWN, anyone near Springfield/Lincoln Illinois???
  3. A caring PSA
  4. lets help a brother out
  5. DSO Friends in Cali...check your asses in!!!!
  6. Saving/Archiving the knowledge on this forum
  7. Current events/ World Problems/ What you think
  8. F'ing sticky post is in the way i cant c!
  9. D brotheren in need, COME TOGETHER DSO!
  10. Mods I need help
  11. There IS a cure for cancer
  12. Should I even bother?
  13. Not a good day
  14. Identify Rear Bumper
  15. Little Accident
  16. Avoid Andys Auto Sport
  17. Keep or sell and replace?
  18. AVGAS
  19. Opinions on d16a/z6
  20. Choosing a car to start with
  21. Mishimoto thermostat and Fan switch
  22. Civic Si debute 3PM PST!
  23. Its time to build a wall
  24. "Hey there Officer,"
  25. k24a2 in my crv
  26. getting rid of my jeep
  27. UK Members
  28. Things that piss you off thread
  29. New vehicle purchase decision...what car would you consider?
  30. Teacher impregnated by 8th grader
  31. High school teen goes to school with no bra, protest ensues
  32. Long drive CRX alternative?
  33. Photo-suck-it
  34. Need Civic Hauler
  35. Low cost car insurance for race/street car
  36. EFI University
  37. got a weird letter in the mail today....
  38. fort campbell / clarksville TN tuners
  39. Tapatalk...
  40. My car's been stolen
  41. Snow
  42. Thezcr.com? ???
  43. PayPal alternative?
  44. New Honda shopping
  45. Getting ASE Certification..
  46. California Smog Regulations
  47. Linux user? Need some help with a few things
  48. K20a2 how much would you sell it for?
  49. Any Diabetics in the house?
  50. My geico insurance sucks. Who has better insurance?
  51. Is there a D-series meet?
  52. Anyone have identifix information
  53. RIP Saul Salceda Mission Critical Performance
  54. ImageShack - Took a sh*t or closed for business?
  55. Quick Latch Mini install on hatch rear glass
  56. September 23rd 2015
  57. Turbo CR-V Idea
  58. Can't decide on new car/DD...
  59. Any Art Major here, Need advise for my daughter.
  60. Legal Issues involving a wreck.
  61. New mod in town
  62. New moderator nomination thread
  63. I've taken up a new project...
  64. R.I.P Cali-noob.
  65. Snap-On Digital Torque Wrench
  66. Importing from Japan to Uk
  67. 96 vs 97 hatch weight
  68. asking for my family to be in your thoughts
  69. I cried...she's officially gone.
  70. Is it still an import? a very grey area
  71. New Civic Type R
  72. Mugen lip confusion
  73. fb group & old account
  74. Plastic trim removal tools that last
  75. Losing faith in this country
  76. Selling your junk mail and spam
  77. D16y7 warm start problems
  78. Help Identify Engine
  79. Go Fund Me for wife's medical device. please help.
  80. Buying a B18C
  81. Current power for a daily drivers
  82. Police Officer Weekly
  83. 2016 Civic Concept
  84. DSO Stock Talk
  85. Needing some prayers for my family
  86. CP Pistons
  87. Carbon trunk
  88. Some staff changes. Welcoming new and saying goodbye to old
  89. receiving money through paypal. How does it work?
  90. Help!!!
  91. Be careful what you wish for, time to find a new job!!!
  92. Wireless router suggestions..
  93. K Tuned belt tensioner
  94. Recommendations for credit card
  95. We want YOU! Now accepting applications for new Moderators
  96. For the Bootlickers
  97. New section added??
  98. what happend???
  99. Newest Study Material for ASE tests? Need to Recert.
  100. 2016 Focus RS: What do you guys think?
  101. Tin Foil Hat Thread?
  102. LS rods into a D16.
  103. At a crossroads with project car/life in general.. thoughts?
  104. Programming, Anyone?
  105. Should I buy a 92 Civic VX from my brother?
  106. Pricing advice on selling parts
  107. Site rules examined
  108. i miss you guys
  109. I Have Aspergers
  110. Subtle Adrenaline Junkie Defined
  111. Make your own Ethanol (Moonshine) to fuel your car
  112. Stolen Vehicle
  113. Police Brutality
  114. I.T guys. who has a NAS drive??
  115. Audio Video guys! Get in here!
  116. This wing, anyone know what its called and who makes it?
  117. Do You Buy/sell Parts On Ebay, D-series.org, Other Forums?
  118. Retirement
  119. neo chrome parts
  120. Anyone ever use a credit erasing company?
  121. how do i get a sponsorship from honda
  122. what are different customizations worth to you OR on the open market?
  123. The Value of College and It's Lessons
  124. turbo lamps value/pricing
  125. help with price
  126. Engine Advice : Future Turbo
  127. New career advice
  128. YourMechanic
  129. stolen teal ej2 ... Lebanon, Oregon
  130. Rip NN4S!!!
  131. Inequality for all
  132. whats a reasonable price to sell a built dohc zc?
  133. Going through a break up, need some help.
  134. 2016 Honda 3 cylinder 1.0 liter Turbo 148 lb-ft torque
  135. "To Serve and Protect"
  136. NADA car values
  137. Will Hayden of Sons of Guns arrested
  138. Honda Bobber Motorcycle
  139. Honda Tuning Magazine discontinued
  140. Need Help, Demon 2 board died
  141. 240sx on my mind
  142. Who's from Pinellas county FL.?
  143. Drop weight and increase acceleration video
  144. Is it just me, or...
  145. Anyone live in the Port Huron, MI area? I may be moving there and need info.
  146. Can Someone Steal my Cellphone Data?
  147. Cars for kids or racing
  148. The debate for my new Sedan.
  149. Anyone familiar with Hobbs NM Seminole TX or that area?
  150. Missouri loud exhaust law
  151. Think I got Jipped
  152. Interesting Diagnostic, Discovery that has me confussed
  153. What torque wrench do you use?
  154. Anyone know Japanese? Decipher the pic inside!
  155. there are genuises here. this shouldnt take a genuis tho. car becomes golf ball
  156. Went to my first AA meeting
  157. Are You Saving Memories?
  158. Job Opportunity
  159. Honda Tuning Magazine closing up shop
  160. EBAy password reset
  161. Traveling by bus and rail...no driving allowed
  162. Home improvements
  163. Montana man kills intruder..... who happens to be exchange student
  164. I Need some Motivation
  165. US Customs and Border Protection is hiring 2000 new officers
  166. Looking for my Next Car
  167. Intermittent Problems are the worst
  168. Please help im lost no fuel passed rail
  169. MAF cleaner experience Kinda of screwed up.
  170. Bundy ranch
  171. BMW tranny guys? Zf 5hp19 pull out and found this: bushing fused to converter
  172. Alright that's it I'm coming back to this mutha...
  173. Hey guys, long time no see but I need your help
  174. Fiances Vehicle Impounded
  175. Oooooh SnAp!!!
  176. Trevor Carlson and His Family need our Help!!
  177. Rebuild or buy new?
  178. On a serious note!!!!!.
  179. Helm's Manual
  180. what would you do
  181. Well guys, I finally did it.
  182. Threw in the towel on a car today
  183. F22 vtec swap
  184. Looks like a need a new computer. I think I may have found one. Opinion wanted.
  185. shockwave flash - any idea how to fix from crashing constantly..?
  186. Great site
  187. Anyone have access to iatn ??
  188. ImageShack now charging for use
  189. need some advice plz!
  190. pull srs codes on 1997 acura cl
  191. Opinions on thermal exhaust coatings?
  192. My big mouth got me into trouble, serious opinions?
  193. Service Tech. at a dealer Thinking out loud.
  194. someone talk me out of a brake booster delete
  195. ceres has water
  196. Why you SHOULD auto-x.
  197. Ham radio operators
  198. might be loosing my job need help
  199. Calling all SoCal Members!
  200. Theif: Adam Pickle
  201. well he is getting what he asked for
  202. Honda radio show
  203. Kidney Stones - ever have one or two or....
  204. Heating & Air pros...need you assistance!
  205. Craiglist job scam. be careful.
  206. Michael Schumacher in Critical Condition!
  207. Anybody rebuild their impact guns?
  208. Anyone live in or around ontario canada?
  209. street racing videos
  210. As A Species?
  211. Loose pins at the ecu B connector :/
  212. The Father Saga, Part III- Game Over.
  213. broke down on side of the road -Transmission NEED HELP
  214. blowing off some steam: family issues
  215. 83-86' civic/Crx EV engine ,Racing?
  216. Need Motiviation
  217. Google Wallet?
  218. I need advice, not for a repair. but about a civic
  219. my baby was born today
  220. Have you ever had to pull your gun Concealed carry
  221. alternator issue / diagnosis testing voltages
  222. Imported jdm civic
  223. United We Ball....CPSC vs Maxfield and Oberton Holding
  224. Failed a drug test for something I didn't take
  225. Honda Develops VTEC TURBO Direct Injection
  226. Brian Gillespie Honda Insight Crash video
  227. HELP PLEASE, court issues
  228. Cordless 3/8 impact gun?
  229. Skunk2 Ultra Series Race intake for the D
  230. Help identify cam aem cam gear
  231. NASA
  232. pneumatic fluid transfer device automotive
  233. Need advice on car title transfer
  234. need the "highest level mod or admin" to message me
  235. Recommend me an aftermarket cam gear?
  236. Apocalypse?
  237. Resume builders or apps
  238. New DD ... want the bad
  239. Garage Heaters
  240. Garage Hydraulic Lifts
  241. Honda Tech
  242. 93 dx sedan vs. 95 cx hatch
  243. so my hatch got stolen....
  244. What to do with the body?
  245. The myth of "Speeding Kills."
  246. Plumbers Shutting off water
  247. Need prayers
  248. Looking at buying a cbr600
  249. Production Resume showing SOP's and GMP's
  250. Romney Disses Medical Marijuana patient