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: Engine Management

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  1. JDM P08 Ecu broken track
  2. AFR not logging via Neptune
  3. 1995 Civic VX with D16y7 problems and what to do for modification
  4. D16Y7 with P28/P06 HELP?
  5. Omni 3 bar settings for S300
  6. a few neptune questions
  7. D14 Vtec Question!!
  8. vtec not engaging.
  9. neptune y8 ignition maps.
  10. AFR on an engine that has a miss
  11. Check out my timing
  12. need help with what ecu to use
  13. Fuel cut on decel
  14. AEM UEGO & data log on ODB1
  15. MTX-L connector pinout
  16. MTX-L connector pinout
  17. D16z6 - P1382 CYP Fault Code
  18. Noob Crome Y8 BaseMap
  19. How do you guys street tune fast cars?
  20. Stock D16Y8 knocking problem
  21. No spark, cel stays on
  22. Crome Cable Nokia Datalogger
  23. engine not running right
  24. Resistance based Temperature Sensor > 0-5v input
  25. dpfi engine on way out...upgrade question
  26. Turboedit Launch Control
  27. D16w4 loom in a ej9
  28. moates ostrich or crome losing the tune?
  29. Injector not pulsing.
  30. crome gold and boost by gear
  31. I need help with s300 v3 settings!
  32. any tuners around lehigh valley pennsylvania
  33. D16Y5 questions. I will not give up.
  34. How do you convert to p28?
  35. Mini Me Ecu question
  36. One way to fix your crappy crome idle
  37. Hondata and other refinements
  38. Neptune RTP AFR issue
  39. Recommended brands for coil and icm
  40. Tried to download freelog again.....
  41. What battrey is the optima yellow top? STD/AGM/GEL???
  42. Quick main relay question
  43. Street tuning best setup
  44. TurboEdit, help please.
  45. strange o2 readings.
  46. Do these look "healthy"?
  47. chipping ecu questions and concerns
  48. P06/P28 issues (Noob)
  49. 97 civic upstream 02 sensor wire colors
  50. injector adapter
  51. How the hell do you re install crome??
  52. OBD0 with OBD2 dizzy
  53. Virtual Dyno?
  54. AEM EPM Sensor Questions
  55. 'Vtp+vts removal' work in crome 1.5.3 free version??
  56. Injectors Are Stuck On With Chipped P28
  57. bought a swapped car having problems
  58. No timing marks on pulley, how to adjust base ignition??
  59. Need help, d15b7 running issuies
  60. s300 datalogging
  61. P28 testing
  62. Fuel Issue 1989 Civic HF
  63. Buying P28 Chipped... where do you reccomend?
  64. D15B2 Tachometer problems and ecu keeps going into limp mode
  65. y8 ignition tables vs z6 ignition tables
  66. Need help with basemap for build.
  67. Going insane, D16Y8 high idle
  68. Anyone have a neptune basemap for a Y8?
  69. need help with my d15b
  70. running a fully rebuilt z6 on a p08 ecu
  71. Best place for wideband/O2 sensor power supply?
  72. d15b7 swap to d16y7 rough cool idle
  73. Configuring LC-1 on crome
  74. Tuning for no IACV help.
  75. vacuum gauge, hulog, or both?
  76. Engine Cranking won't start
  77. Where my D16A guys at?
  78. spark problem!!!!!!!
  79. street tuning on edelbrock performer x
  80. Chipped PR4 ECU in Y8
  81. Car won't run with boost tables in Crome
  82. S300 V3 - Aftermarket Dash - Motec / Haltech
  83. Y5 block with Z6 head. Swap question.
  84. minime swap help
  85. Whole Engine management system for D16z6 carburetted
  86. Virtual Dyno & TunerView results...
  87. p06 ecu with +5% fuel added vs stock
  88. P28 ecu timing for S300
  89. S2k Cluster AP1 - Into Obd1 94 Civic D16 with S300
  90. obd2 tuning??
  91. MegaSquirt: Using the VTEC Pressure Switch signal for Relay power source.
  92. Chipped ecu help
  93. Hondata S300 V3
  94. D15B, Crome supercharger boost.
  95. Easy RTP board replacement for ostrich. (By Blundar)
  96. d16y7 with pm9 ECU
  97. p28 socket J1 jumper question?
  98. How many Amps does the Engine Use?
  99. BAD idle (missing/popping) d16z6 (vid included)
  100. Old question did they ever get the demon to work well with neptune?
  101. Need a schematic for P27 & P28 ECUs
  102. Innovate Wideband question
  103. chipping a factory chipped p28 Q's
  104. Bee R limiter HELP!
  105. d16z6 help
  106. stumped trying to get a stock tune
  107. Quick question about vtec/non-vtec ecu.
  108. Timing for vitara setup
  109. Engine cuts out random
  110. D16 help [please....
  111. Haltech Vs AEM. EGT thermocouple Review
  112. Just exactly how does an OBD0 91 civic ignition work?
  113. Loosing power!
  114. Engine Timing: How Close is too Far?
  115. Distributior issues
  116. Need help with Crome Tuning
  117. TPS Voltage not reading in Crome logs?
  118. ROMS for Crome
  119. Multi-Chanel Air intake Temperature Unit.
  120. d15b vtech p08 ecu want to buy
  121. 99 civic ex a/t d16y8 still no start becoming a nightmare
  122. d15b 3stage 16v mode on throughout?
  123. P28 chipped function for EK3
  124. OBD1 Alternator Race Wiring
  125. Chipped p28, obd0 jumper harness, and obd0 Dizzy?
  126. engine harness restore?
  127. Car Randomly Turns Off
  128. Cheap chip burner
  129. What all do I need to tune my 1999 d16Y8 EX?
  130. auto d16y8 to d15b 3-stage vtec auto?
  131. 99-00 EX FITV valve D16y8 a/t
  132. 99 civic ex abs removal gone wrong?
  133. OBD1 ECU Pin A22 Ignitor
  134. Looking for a Neptune tuner near GA.
  135. Redoing Wire Harness, Have some questions
  136. Crome Gold MAP sensor settings
  137. ECU/PCM repair/rebuild or DIY
  138. z6 w/y8 head, best maps?
  139. Resistor Box specs
  140. hondata s300 v1 wiring
  141. OEM d16y8 injectors open duration
  142. Car keeps shutting off
  143. Trouble with xenocron and their bin llibrary
  144. strange valve noise?
  145. Tuning 800cc inectors
  146. p2p ecu problems scanner not reading
  147. What ignition do I need??
  148. WTB p06 chipped!! or someone to do mine!
  149. May have fried my ECU
  150. no vtec help
  151. AEM FIC comparisons
  152. Need advice on ignition advance at WOT
  153. Setting ign timing on obd1 swapped d16a6
  154. Neptune Datalog has dips/jumps
  155. help on what map to use.
  156. Best choice for D15B
  157. p28 ecu
  158. Default neptune ignition limitations + ignition adjustments questions
  159. EGR control solenoid - D16Y5/D15Z7
  160. Turbo D15B7 / Y8 mini me timing
  161. y7 with PM9 ECU
  162. Demon 2 green connector on board
  163. FTS on OBD0 idea!
  164. Neptune Timing vs eCtune Timing
  165. please help me with my silly questions and feel smart!
  166. Vtec engagement
  167. Wiring bee r rev limiter
  168. 8.93:1 compression. Stock ECU. N/A. Built bottom end.
  169. sup guys i need a qualified tuner to help me for a couple mins please :)
  170. HELP??!?!?!
  171. Where do YOU wire in your wb02 5v output?
  172. vtec rpm under boost
  173. What to use to pass inspection.
  174. D15B 3-stage on D16Y8 ECU
  175. hondata s300 question
  176. Whats with Hondatas website
  177. d15b7 to d16y7 swap
  178. tuning using extended display monitors
  179. anyone know neptune v1
  180. Acura legend fuel pump in EF hatch
  181. o2 sensor question..
  182. coil on plug build issues.
  183. noob tuner, need help leaning out idle
  184. Incorrect AFR reading eCtune serial logging LC-1
  185. d16y7 to d16y8 swap
  186. obd2 not requiring at tune for a turbo
  187. Free tuning webinar?
  188. 5 wire harness to 4 wire o2 sensor conversion, need help!?
  189. D17a1 to d17a2 ecu question.
  190. Need some guru guidance. Neptune base map.
  191. need some help with AFR
  192. Timing Opinions Wanted
  193. resistor type spark plugs
  194. anyone have some built d16 mustang dyno resaults.
  195. jumping tach and misfire in hot weather
  196. Best place to buy Chipped ECU (for neptune)
  197. Hondata S300 V2 DOHC ZC bogging/sputtering
  198. Newbie Scared of the MPFI Conversion
  199. Chase bays/Hondata Help
  200. Franken motor ignition timing problems
  201. chipping p28 issue
  202. cpr hondata coil pack retrofit D17 coils and valve cover
  203. 93 honda civic zc dohc code 20 ELD sputtering
  204. ECU craps out in cold weather?
  205. Hondata Coil on Plug
  206. Neptune Idle Issues
  207. dyno plan
  208. PGMFI.ORG registration trouble
  209. obd2 ems in obd1 civic
  210. Rev limiter engaging 1k~ rpm lower then set.
  211. need help with12.5cr built d16z6 with jrsc basemap
  212. Anyone use chariot gauge
  213. LSU4.2 install in an OBD0 (chipped PM6 ecu) set-up
  214. really need help.
  215. basemap timing
  216. Fuel Run Down Because Of Cam?
  217. d15b2 -> "Vtec Swap"?
  218. Dizzy or Timing? = lack of power/hesitation/slight stutter/misfire
  219. d16z6
  220. Sdash hondata app
  221. Stock P2P ECU on a stroker build?
  222. Hondata boost control
  223. Question on ECU
  224. stock z6 with jdm d15b vtec cam, which ecu?
  225. Timing table for break-in
  226. inverted map sensor readings
  227. Starts fine, then drops into limp mode. Stock Bin.
  228. Car missing.....limp mode????
  229. injector question tune is on 12 need resolved PLEASE
  230. Switchable warm air/ cold air system
  231. aem map wiring does this sound right
  232. Stumped on check engine light code.. Please help
  233. map sensor volts question
  234. Got The Swap Running, Have Some Codes...
  235. Stock D16A7 remap
  236. Hello. Please help with my Turbo Managment
  237. low vacuum reading with new map
  238. D15B into a EJ9 injector issues
  239. ex to hx conversion help
  240. Help old skool APEXI VAFC Vtec controller d16z6 settings?
  241. evans tuning doesnt recommend neptune?
  242. Hondata S300 D16a6 basemap
  243. Need Help Identifying ECU
  244. Who here runs e85?
  245. Civic coupe d16z6 fuel main relay(mitsuba)
  246. How can i id H22 injectors? dont be mad :)
  247. Throttle bump stop setting
  248. Do you prefer OEM or NGK plug wires??
  249. Random check engine light
  250. measuring injector flow