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  1. Crack That Evil Crank Pulley Bolt - W/ Engine Out Of Car
  2. 99-00 Civic Fog Lens w/ Polycarbonate
  3. DIY Civic FN2 Type-r front seats in EG
  4. DIY d-series cop/cpr with VAG coils
  5. DIY eg civic heater control color tune
  6. 2 wire horn to 1 wire horn??
  7. Rust Repair
  8. Diy downstream o2 sensor simulator
  9. 7 pin dizzy bridging
  10. BOV anodizing removal and VHT Wrinkle paint DIY
  11. Disabling / Blocking off the EGR on 92-00 VTEC-E engines
  12. EG seats on 89 cipher rails DIY
  13. My DIY valvespring compressor
  14. Another Project: Fuel rails
  15. Not Your Typical, HomeDepot lip
  16. CRX Ignition switch
  17. EF climate control fix/damage prevention
  18. DIY - Ghetto fit K20 injector into B-series manifold/rail
  19. DIY - door hinge pins
  20. DIY - fix faded seat belts
  21. custom gauge console for S300 SDASH tablet
  22. exhaust rocker arm installation
  23. DIY: How to fix broken seat foam
  24. Polyurethane Bushings Squeak Fix - Greasing
  25. wheel rims repainting
  26. VTEC stopped working? Watch this....
  27. Manual tire changer from brake conversion left over
  28. Plastic Bumper Repair
  29. Basic dent pulling/filler work
  30. Anyone interested in Bodywork DIY's?
  31. Idle issues 1995 Civic VX 3d
  32. DIY No Slop Shifter for $14.99 - Lowe's
  33. DIY Rear sway bar for 88-91, a.k.a "Hollis bar"
  34. D16y8 head swap
  35. DIY Cable EF/CRX cable to hydro conversion
  36. DIY: 88-91 Civic/CRX Gauge Cluster R&R
  37. cam gear has weird marks
  38. How to fix Honda idle.
  39. DIY: Valve Stem Seals
  40. D16y7 upgrades
  41. easy water leak locator
  42. Skunk2 & Blox Shift Lever bearing upgrade
  43. good top end setup for 3rd gen DOHC ZC
  44. 91 CRX Si D16A6 rebuild question
  45. DIY D to B
  46. my cheap itbs
  47. Rebuilding D16 to Stock
  48. VHT caliper paint
  49. Do Bee R limiters work on 1.4 civics odb2
  50. Bosch EV14 fuel injector install (D16Z6)
  51. How to: use a close bolt pattern iacv on manifold with wide bolt pattern intake manif
  52. diy fix your hyper flashing led turn signals
  53. Head gasket Repair:How to clean the block deck w/ pistons installed
  54. axle nut removing tool
  55. Back yard straight edge
  56. How to Measure, Mic, a Piston
  57. DIY D to B spark leads or visa versa
  58. How to cut open an oil filter
  59. How To mill an alumium head for a MLS head gasket
  60. How to install a Heli-Coil
  61. how to deck a Block
  62. Broken Exhaust stud repair
  63. How to check a head for warp.
  64. How to Remove a broken bolt
  65. Anybody else have an Nrg aftermarket wheel?
  66. How to plug crank oil galleys after ball removal
  67. DIY: 96-00 Steering wheel install w/o SRS light and working horn
  68. How to fix mild pre-detonation on forged pistons.
  69. Pull your Balls to properly clean your Crank
  70. How to check the big end of a Connecting rod
  71. How to R&R pistons and Balance Rods
  72. Dropped valve head repair
  73. How valve springs are tested
  74. B-series starter on D-series box
  75. How to fluid test a cylinder head for valve seal
  76. How an Aluminum head is pressure tested for cracks
  77. 1990 5.0 mustang LX auto cranks but won't start.
  78. RT4WD Hub Swap
  79. How to CC a cylinder head
  80. How to figure Compression Ratio
  81. How to lighten a stock cast iron flywheel
  82. How to lap a valve
  83. How to Resurface a Flywheel
  84. How to check Piston to deck Clearance
  85. How to replace a seat in an Aluminum Head
  86. How to final wash an engine block
  87. DIY Mudflap Resto
  88. How I put D17 ignition on my D16
  89. How to Clean a Head Gasket Surface
  90. jdm d15b ecu on 2000 civic ex
  91. CARpc for my Honda Civic d16z6!
  92. Throttle body - port and polish
  93. DIY windshield washer halftank/reservoir
  94. newbie to honda
  95. d series motor mounts
  96. AEM FIC Guide.
  97. Question before I buy my first Honda
  98. Cheap valve cover venting + Baffle mods
  99. F.Y.I. Avoiding EF Clutch Pedal Assembly failure
  100. D.I.Y. Resolving clutch pedal Squeak
  101. How to embed youtube videos into your posts
  102. DIY Bead Roller for Intake Piping - Aluminum
  103. 93 Civic Exhaust help
  104. DIY How to run a 2 wire IACV on a auto d16y8 manifold
  105. Push start (race car style) for EK
  106. D.I.Y. Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield Restore
  107. H23 TB install TB Coolant plate delete
  108. F.Y.I. 88-91 CRX/CIVIC Oil Filter Manufacture Database
  109. swap cluster and keep mileage
  110. D16Z6 swap into 88 crx dx
  111. Piston Stop tool (adjustable)
  112. 95 civic with d16z6 wiring
  113. 92-00 civic Clutch masters cylinder install "DIY"
  114. FI intake manifold build.
  115. DIY Lower Balljoint Removal. Very easy way
  116. DIY - Getting that stubborn LBJ / UBJ to stop spinning and tighten up
  117. Remove old dried up Plasti Dip easily
  118. DIY: F/H balance shaft removal for basically free.
  119. External Tachometer D.I.Y Installation
  120. DIY - How to make your overflow look new again
  121. HOW TO: Add a mechanical water temperature gauge.
  122. Car won't start when hot
  123. JDM d16a problems
  124. y8 and z6 motor mounts?
  125. How I replaced my Brake pads and crossed-drilled rotors (Video)
  126. DIY T-Dog
  127. DIY Rear Main Seal Without Removing Oil Pan
  128. DIY Fuel Line Tuck (Parts List)
  129. valve cover project
  130. Visual Wiring Guide for EG Auto to Manual Swap
  131. d16y8 head with d16y7 mani
  132. D.I.Y detail box
  133. DIY: Skunk2 Intake Manifold Fix
  134. oem air bag delete
  135. Cheap upgrade!
  136. pcv black box mod
  137. Hard wire an inverter
  138. DIY Making a Shift Boot and Collar
  139. DIY Budget Velocity Stack & Mesh Screen
  140. Basic Tuning in CROME Pro
  141. Just a few videos I thought would help out
  142. 96-00 Civic Modification Options (Interior & Exterior)
  143. roof moldings
  144. D14 DIY build 140 bhp N/A
  145. Trying to find tail light bulb connectors.
  146. DIY Headliner
  147. Thermal protector bypass
  148. H2B and F2B w/o the plate!
  149. DIY: Solid Motor Mounts
  150. polishing wheels fast
  151. DIY Fan shroud.
  152. My catch can for N/A
  153. swapped motor need help! please
  154. how to convert 96-98 hx harness 7 wire o2 to 4 wire
  155. HOW TO plug your obd2 injector clips on an obd1
  156. DIY Ghetto Fab Catch Can
  157. DIY: 88-91 Sedan Rear Door Handles on Front Doors
  158. DIY Push Button Ignition Installation
  159. Power to Manual Steering Rack Conversion (The TronSteezz way)
  160. DIY: Replace Rear Window Motor/Regulator on EG
  161. New Twist on the $50 Paint Job
  162. DIY Post pics on the board Using PhotoBucket
  163. How to Replace the Car Starter
  164. D16Y8 idle is surging
  165. DIY Bolt-On Map Sensor Upgrade (Motorola-Freescale)
  166. DIY: Detailing 101
  167. DIY: Bushing Installation Tool ~$10-$20
  168. How To: del Sol Aux Lights Grill Mesh
  169. DIY top hat extending
  170. DIY: EDM Rear Fog and 96-98 Clock Install
  171. Best way to keep brakes cool?
  172. D.I.Y. - 92-95 headlight warning buzzer - pics and video inside
  173. D.I.Y. Morimoto HID retrofit - 92-95 Civic
  174. si rims paint strip
  175. DIY - Distributor Cap, Rotor and Seal
  176. The cheaper way to convert to 280mm brakes
  177. it begins...
  178. Winter Ideas
  179. 92-95 civic ignition lock cylinder replacment*without keys*
  180. 91 civic d15b into 94 civic d15b7
  181. Auto to 5 Speed Conversion
  182. How to mechanically time a mini me swap/ other mini me info
  183. DIY: Building your Dream Car 101
  184. Civic VSS troubleshoot/fix
  185. Auto to Manual conversion questions inside
  186. Brake rotor upgrade gen1 crx
  187. Replacement LED bulbs
  188. d1587 sohc v tec timing
  189. 98 civic 1.6L misfire problems Help!!
  190. Can it be done, swap seat rail internals
  191. 97 civic hx swap
  192. Calibrate Your Adjustable Cam Gear
  193. How to: Fix dead del Sol Climate Control Lights
  194. D16Z6 Timing mark question
  195. DIY REAR lights?
  196. Shifter Play after DIY Manual Trans Rebuild
  197. How to install hose end fittings
  198. DIY headliner & door insert replacement (EG)
  199. D15z1 swap into a 89 crx si
  200. DIY: injector rust removal in 30 minutes or less
  201. Rear windscreen removal
  202. Need Help So I Can Make Sticky.
  203. DIY - Oil Pump Disassembly / Port / Re-Assembly
  204. Chipping and tuning your own ecu! lots of photo's and info!
  205. Looking for a car part, what other vehicle has the same exact interchangeable part?
  206. DIY velocity stack for twin carbs
  207. DIY city light wiring the right way
  208. "EK" No Cut Headlight Tuck
  209. My DIY window tinting a la maison
  210. My DIY passenger door lock actuator dead and jammed
  211. help on my y7 to y8 aftermarket manifold.
  212. DIY home alignment (camber/toe)
  213. DYI pea-NUT BUSTING- detailing
  214. DIY Engine Bay Clean Up
  215. DIY $5 charge pipe bead roller
  216. BBQ Bisi Replica
  217. Installed an si tach into my EG cluster
  218. DIY Shaving Door Moldings
  219. discrediting d16y7/d16y8 " mini-me" myths.
  220. DIY you left your lights on dummy buzzer (92-95 Civic)
  221. D16Z6-based V8 Engine Project
  222. B18A/B LS Engine and Swap Tips
  223. Repacking new OEM front wheel bearings
  224. DIY Torquing Oil Pump Cover Screws
  225. DIY: Shipping through Paypal
  226. DIY headlight wire tuck on ek.
  227. DIY Carbon Fiber Dip Kit
  228. DIY installing tires on your newly painted JDM purple mag wheels
  229. D.I.Y. painted interior
  230. DIY halogen fog lights to HID
  231. Recharge your air filter WITHOUT a recharge kit...
  232. How to keep cats off your ride...
  233. d15b2 install
  234. Door Panels
  235. 6th gen:Quick & Dirty horn fix with NRG combo
  236. DIY 92-95 grant steering wheel and mount kit
  237. Make a frame to hold car mags.
  238. DIY crank pulley/flywheel/bitchpin removal
  239. DIY: Painted gauge needles
  240. Willem Burner How-To
  241. Custom cluster
  242. ►►►1990 ef sedan ex check engine light◄◄◄
  243. Honda Recaro seat office chair DIY Vid
  244. DIY radiator change 97-2001 Civic
  245. D16Y7 Engine Replacement Help
  246. DIY cold air intake proper only need 1 U bend!
  247. 4spd ef to d16z6
  248. ef firewall plug numbers for tuck
  249. DIY Engine Rebuild (DOHC ZC)
  250. Skunk 2 Black series IM "look"