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  1. Connect your headlights straight to your battery
  2. Who needs a hoist anyways!
  3. The real Battery Relocation DIY with pictures
  4. DIY D16Y8 on D15B8 MiniMe Write-up
  5. relocate batery
  6. DIY- integra cluster in your ek or eg
  7. Blueprints for 96-98 OEM Rear Lip Brackets
  8. DIY: Fuel Filter Install
  9. Earls fuel filter and ss line. easy as pie.
  10. Figuring out your Gas Milage accuratly
  11. DIY turbo rebuild
  12. HOW TO: 92-95 Auto to Manual Swap
  13. o2 sensor extention (DIY)
  14. El Cheapo Trunk Board
  15. Quick quarter panel fix on the cheap.
  16. DIY:Weekend Paint Job
  17. Vinegar rust removal trick..
  18. Vtec Light
  19. cheap TB flow mod
  20. CV Joints: Boot Kit and Repack - How To
  21. I've seen A LOT of these ?'s so i'll post this.(GSR cluster in your MF'in civic)
  22. DIY Custom Catch Can
  23. Valve Spring Removal
  24. How To Get No Cel From No Cat ;)
  25. From JDM to UKDM - How to make a cheap catch can better
  26. Turbo Vacuum line routing diagram by cthan3o3
  27. Wiring custom cruise control buttons after installing aftermarket wheel
  28. MSD 6AL + External Coil Install Instructions
  29. Great Info on head gasket faliure syptoms
  30. DIY Window Tinting Bizzy style 101
  31. Diy rust killer !!!
  32. DIY Carpet touch up
  33. How to make a soldering laser with store bought one
  34. Emergency roadside light using a pencil
  35. DIY 5$ manual boost controller
  36. Y8/Z6 in EF
  37. DIY - Speedfoos' Koyo Radiator and OBX hose install!
  38. DIY: Claying a Motor
  39. Speedfoos DIY Valve Cover Painting - Opinions Needed - 21 pics!!!
  40. Block Tear Down
  41. DIY: World's Best Immobilizer
  42. DIY Cylinder Head LMA Assembly
  43. MSD setup with CARBS
  44. DIY Valve Cover
  45. DIY - Painting the Valve Cover
  46. Z6 manifold TB swap
  47. solid strut bar mod
  48. DIY:How to fix your hood popping cable
  49. Honda quarter panels.
  50. started painting my car
  51. what's the best
  52. DIY Red Lit Gauge Needle's (6th Gen)
  53. DIY Wire 99-00 OEM Fog Lights /w Parking Lights
  54. found this on honda-tech
  55. DIY: Nextel Gps Locator
  56. DIY Motor swap w/5-speed conversion (B Series)
  57. HOW TO: Black Housing HeadLights
  58. DIY: How-to (properly) rewire your headlights directly to your battery
  59. 8" midbass in EG coupe rear deck (56k ain't happenin')
  60. How to make your cloudy hazed headlights look new again
  61. DIY: How To Antenna Delete
  62. DIY: How To Dual Gauge Pod for 84-87 Civic
  63. How to refinish plastic headlight covers.
  64. DIY: How To Put 87 Teg Instrument Cluster, Into 84-87 3g's
  65. DIY:Replace the clutch and flywheel
  66. Body Work DIY
  67. DIY, hide FMI for that sleeper look!
  68. Dash removal
  69. DIY Tach install
  70. how to remove bitch pin
  71. DIY: How to Seafoam your engine
  72. Making my own Manifold...Finished pics 2/6/08
  73. make a fiberglass umm ANYTHING
  74. DIY: S2000 "Start Engine" Button
  75. DIY: Turn your ashtray into a cupholder
  76. DIY: Replace the rear struts/springs
  77. DIY: Do the rear disc brakes.
  78. DIY: Do the front brakes.
  79. DIY: Adjusting the e-brake/parking brake
  80. DIY: Replace the alternator
  81. DIY: CRX Sidemarker Installation
  82. paint a car from a can.. and get a shine
  83. DIY: Mounting your engine on the stand
  84. DIY: Fender roll
  85. DIY Headlights
  86. DIY: Performance Smiley mod! *56k go out to eat!*
  87. How To Make Your Own Rear Bumper Diffuser
  88. DIY: Rear Sway Bar Installation into a non-Si CRX
  89. DIY: How to remove Control arm bushings, and Replace with Polyurithane
  90. DIY Valve lash adjustment
  91. How To: Replace Rear Trailing Arm Bushing
  92. Clean and SOLDERLESS Resistor Box Install
  93. How to: Make a How To thread.
  94. How To: Make your own Catch Can on a budget. (33 pics, 56k Beware!)
  95. DIY Wheel Paint! COMING TODAY!
  96. How to measure CR
  97. DIY Change a timing belt, cam gear or crank pulley.
  98. DIY Clutch resivoir tuck
  99. DIY Dent Repair
  100. DIY:Fuel pump Installation
  101. DIY:Build a $4.00 Manual Boost Controller
  102. DIY: MSD 6BTM Install
  103. DIY: Slammed ride Front wheel clearence
  104. spare tire well Box DIY
  105. rear strut tower fabrication
  106. DIY: Teardown and minor rebuild of a D15.
  107. Piston top mod.
  108. DIY: rear lower control arms (lca)
  109. DIY Aluminum Shifter Bushings and Revo Short Shifter Install - PICS!!
  110. DIY: 90-91 crx SIR lip on a 88-91 honda civic STD
  111. upgrade youre 88-91 crx master cylinder
  112. How to install clutch and pressure plate w/out clutch alignment tool
  113. for the EF guys - 9005 conversion
  114. FAQ: How to nicely install RC440cc injectors
  115. DIY: Jdm Road Flare
  116. DIY Make your own obd0-obd1 Distributor adapters
  117. How To install an aftermarket steering wheel
  118. DIY Brighten your gauge cluster
  119. How To install B&M's FPR
  120. Removing the ‘Dumb Dumb’
  121. seats
  122. DIY Professional Paint Job
  123. FAQ : LC-1 Install Guide
  124. Half assed exhaust repair!
  125. DIY: Puller fan for intercooler using a/c fan
  126. DIY : Antennae block off plate
  127. DIY: Wiretuck
  128. DIY Power Folding Mirrors
  129. Diy...boost Controller
  130. DIY: Solid Torque Mounts
  131. DIY photoshop rims onto your car!
  132. DIY Remote battery switch
  133. DIY Photoshop Tricks
  134. How to install 6.5" speakers in your rear doors (STI)
  135. How to cc a head/piston
  136. Scrap wood + spare parts = FUN !!!
  137. Various accessory installation
  138. DIY-92-95 civic Climate Control face swap
  139. get a fish stoned
  140. DIY: Portwork
  141. REpainting a valve cover
  142. DIY Door weatherstripping replacement
  143. DIY: Door Ajar....
  144. My version of a Vtec light
  145. DIY:installing side markers 92-95 civics
  146. Oil Pump Removal & installation
  147. Water Pump Removal
  148. Valve Guides Removal & Installation
  149. Valve Springs Removal.
  150. Another DIY Paintjob and engine bay.
  151. Distributor internals
  152. Installing FastBrakes on your CRX/Civic
  153. DIY ECU chipping/tuning using Uberdata
  154. header to cat gasket replacment diy
  155. OBD-OBD1 Injector conversion.
  156. guage cluster and climate control amber light conversion.
  157. front disc brakes - how to!
  158. Timing belt install?
  159. Oil Cooler install w/ remote filter mount
  160. DIY catch cans, thanks Bizzar
  161. obd2 to p28?
  162. DYI get more from your Dseries
  163. 92-95 NRG torque damper install
  164. How To have your bumper lights on all the time
  165. redo ur rear discs
  166. Goin for the DIY Paint JOb
  167. DIY: The $50 Paint Job Sol
  168. ED/EF Seat Cushion Swap
  169. $50 paint job
  170. D15-Minime Writeup (56k, Grab A Snickers)
  171. DIY grille 96-98 civic
  172. Rear wheelbearing replacement (hub bearing unit) most Hondas
  173. DIY DPFI to MPFI swap
  174. Replacing trailing arm bushings with OEM bushings
  175. Cig. lighter relocation and VOLT meter gauge
  176. Ghetto portmatching your tb to your im.
  177. wiring vtec with rywire
  178. Gauge cluster swap, EJ6 EJ8 EK, Vtec light, red neeles, orange lit
  179. main relay clicks
  180. Vtec light install
  181. DIY: vision smoked/amber/orange corners.
  182. Audi A6 HIDs into Denji Headlights
  183. Complete rewiring
  184. Short Ram Intake Heat sheild
  185. little DIY for jdm fog lights w/ my fmic
  186. DIY Datalog with LC-1, Crome, and Freelog
  187. $4.00 Boost Controller
  188. DIY Amber(Or whatever color you want) Dash for 96-98
  189. DIY S2000 seat del sol install
  190. Polish valve cover
  191. For all those with rust damage/removed interior
  192. DIY: 3 wire to 2 wire IACV Conversion
  193. 139 DIY Tuning Tips
  194. DIY-black housing headlights
  195. DIY-color guage needles
  196. DIY, How to Convert 96-98 Civics to 99-00 Frontend
  197. DIY: Plastic Polishing
  198. DIY-Make your own EK civic front grill
  199. DIY: Index Your Plugs for more power
  200. Wheel Bronzification
  201. DIY: Valvecover Paint Strip 56k??
  202. DIY OEM FOG LIGHTS 92-95 2dr and 3dr
  203. eliminate wheel hop in 5 minutes!!
  204. DIY: Cluster swap on EF
  205. How-to: Renew Bare Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  206. Project Budget Bodywork
  207. stripping valvecover
  208. diy leakdown tester
  209. How to get rid of that god-aweful rear tire noise
  210. Yellow Bumper Lenses... DIY... pics
  211. Permanent DIY Gasket for Inexpensive Headers
  212. ::Please Read first or face deletion:: (i'm not kidding) *NEW RULES ADDED*
  213. mirror removal and install
  214. Swapping seats and light questions
  215. I quadruple-dog-dare someone to make an exhaust tip out of this!
  216. How to make ANYTHING, or burn trying ;-) (First shot with homemade foundry)
  217. Hiding Wires
  218. '01 ITR cluster into '96 Civic with pics
  219. Installing AEM underdrive pulleys
  220. Amber Corner Lights
  221. DIY:Shifter Plate
  222. 99 GSR Leather Seats into '96 Civic
  223. Where is Port and polish
  224. Request: DIY flow polishing
  225. DIY: MPFI 91 Throttle Cable Install(56k Sure)
  226. DIY: EF Main Relay/SI throttle Cable(Maybe 56k SLOW)
  227. DIY: DeBling Intake (56K :(( _)
  228. 2001 Integra Gauge Cluster into '96 Civic
  229. EX Door panels in EG
  230. DIY: Keep your headlights from dimming whenever you tap the brakes!!
  231. Oil Filter Relocation
  232. DIY - Front bumper re-align.
  233. DIY cam plug / cam cover gasket / O ring reseal/install.
  234. EG/j to EK conversion? factory or kit?
  235. DIY: Super-Bright Parking Light Mod. *pics*
  236. DIY oil catch can
  237. Disassembling/Assembling Sohc Vtec Rockers D16y8
  238. 88 dx crx gauge cluster into 89 std hatch
  239. Cruise Control Install
  240. Stripping/Repainting Rear Drums
  241. my DIY bumper
  242. Carbon fiber anyone
  243. 88 crx seats in 88 hatch will they mount?
  244. DIY Removing a/c and p/s
  245. Full MSD and Injector install
  246. Anyone know anything about tabletop CNC mills?
  247. Map Sensor question??
  248. ok how about this
  249. Wiring Vtec pressure switch question?
  250. any one think thay can make this and how much