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  1. DIY Wireing up a std 4gen civic for a b16
  2. DIY My icebox intake
  3. DIY Replace Broken Lug Studs (Rear Drum)
  4. DIY Hid retrofit 96-98 civic
  5. DIY Hid install
  6. DIY Dont be a slacker, be a 2timer.
  7. DIY Electronic boost controller.
  8. DIY EH/EG half radiator in an ED/EF
  9. How To: D-Series Cam Seal Replacement
  10. DIY Cheap + easy valve spring remover
  11. DIY Transmission Swap and Clutch Install
  12. DIY Odometer swap - Roll back 92-95 civic
  13. DIY Oil pan Tapping for Oil return line
  14. DIY Kitchen counter top head rebuild..
  15. DIY Camber Adjust (washer trick)
  16. DIY EE/ED torque damper
  17. DIY Fresh and clean intake manni
  18. DIY Properly Paint a Valvecover
  19. DIY LED guage retrofit (For 6th gen Civics)
  20. DIY How to remove engine from 96-98 EX coupe.
  21. DIY Replace inside weatherstipping
  22. DIY y8 mani air injection hols fill
  23. DIY Tapping an Auto Y8 intake manifold
  24. DIY Polishing GT3's
  25. DIY Make your own D2B
  26. DYI Crank Girdle removal
  27. DIY Ralibrate tps
  28. DIY Turn your Spray Can into a Flat Sprayer
  29. DIY Rockstar Catch Can
  30. DIY Master Cylinder Replacement
  31. DIY Home depot steering wheel hub cover
  32. DIY Tps adjustment
  33. DIY Sigg Catchcan
  34. DIY Build/fix your computer!
  35. DIY Build a front suspension brace that actually works
  36. DIY: How to repair your door wire harness
  37. DIY S2000 Cluster in EK/EJ including Bezel
  38. DIY Radiator fan shroud for 12'' slim fans...
  39. DIY Vtec Controller
  40. Ghetto Cold Air Intake Test - Impressive Results!
  41. DIY Minor Wire Tuck, Engine Bay Clean Up.
  42. DIY Rotating Assembly recycling
  43. DIY Interior Cigarette Burn Repair
  44. DIY Tapping Your Compressor Housing
  45. DIY Valve cover venting
  46. DIY Portable 12v ac
  47. DIY Velocity stack headlight intake
  48. DIY Paint your Car for under $300
  49. DIY Fuel Cap Holder
  50. DIY Total Engine Flush
  51. DIY One person brake bleeding
  52. DIY Cigarrete Gauge Pod, civic 92-95
  53. DIY Carpet dye
  54. DIY 5th Gen 2/3 Door Bumper Conversion for Sedan
  55. DIY Walbro 255 install
  56. DIY "COLD" Air Intake (TD05, TD06)
  57. DIY Pop out a ball joint
  58. DIY Cleaner alternative to speed holes, 92-95 hatch
  59. DIY Mugen style bumper valance.
  60. DIY Remove car dent
  61. DIY Modify your si cluster
  62. DIY EK foglights on an EG bumper
  63. DIY Interior Project..EK
  64. DIY Trans swap (Removal)
  65. DYI Buff/polish your headlights and markers
  66. DIY Alt broken post replacment
  67. DIY Valve Stem Seal Replacement
  68. DIY Spark Plug Indexing
  69. DIY engine swap in 91 hatchback
  70. DIY obd0 to obd1 dizzy harness
  71. DIY Rear Door Handles on Front Doors
  72. DIY Rear LCA swap
  73. DIY Deleting Air Injection on 99-00 D16Y8 Intake Manifolds
  74. DIY Catchcan/Valve Cover Vent.
  75. DIY Negative & positive battery cable replacement with PICS
  76. DIY EG JDM head light With USDM light bulbs
  77. DIY Brake caliper re-build
  78. DIY Interior Door Panel Removal 96-00
  79. DIY Check if your windeband o2 sensor is working correctly!
  80. DIY Replace A Window Regulator (Includes: Door panel Removal) ['88 Crx HF]
  81. DIY Shift LED shift light
  82. DIY Powered Mirrors Into Ek
  83. DIY Aerolatch hood pin install w/ pics
  84. DIY 5th gen heater panel relocation
  85. DIY Obd0-obd1 jumper
  86. DIY Wire-Tuck
  87. DIY: Degree your cam
  88. DIY Ice Box Style Intake
  89. DIY Monster energy drink overflow tank
  90. DIY 5th gen civic dash removal
  91. DIY Eg to dc front disc
  92. DIY 5th gen door pockets
  93. DIY y8 IM swap onto z6
  94. DIY Window crank removal the easy way
  95. DIY Power doors in an EG SI Hatch
  96. DIY Sound deadening
  97. DIY Eg hatch energy trailing arm bushings
  98. DIY Heli-Coil install for headbolts...
  99. DIY Head port and polish
  100. DIY New life to faded interior
  101. DIY Replacing Rear Trailing Arm Bushing's (Video Step by Step)
  102. Diy cheap fuel line tuckage
  103. DIY Lower Ball Joint Replacement, Step By Step Pic's
  104. DIY Replacing Wheel Studs, step by step Pic's
  105. DIY Stage two 92-95 civic rear brake upgrade
  106. DIY Replace Main Rear Crank Seal on D16Z6
  107. EK coolant reservoir in ED with no space because of turbo
  108. DIY Stethoscope Det Can
  109. DIY: Stripped Valve Cover Screw FIX w/ PIX
  110. DIY ED DX Big brake mod
  111. DIY Crx dash into sedan
  112. DIY Celica racing seats into a Civic
  113. DIY: Door latch fix
  114. DIY del sol seats in Civic
  115. ATTN EVERYONE: DIY submission
  116. DIY: ED/ef altenator change
  117. DIY: 93-95 EX Map Pockets into Non EX Door Panels
  118. DIY: Valve removal and install with Lisle valve keeper remover Part 36200
  119. A bunch or trouble shooting how toos
  120. DIY: How to cleanly solder wires together
  121. I'm maken a OBD0 to OBD1 ecu harness
  122. DIY GSR cluster in a EG ( my way )
  123. DIY (shifter) wrap
  124. My valve cover thread -shaved-
  125. 2nd gen teg lips on a 4th gen civic hb
  126. 1990 Prelude climate control swap!
  127. DIY engine mounts
  128. Ebay seat instal
  129. High performance rebuild
  130. Taking off those nuts on ball joints that keep spinning
  131. DIY: Cheap camera mount
  132. DIY: '96-'98 Owners, Don't you hate that amber in the tail lights?
  133. DIY 3bar map sensor and resistor box adapter
  134. Rsx seats in ej8
  135. My y7 to y8 Intake Manifold Swap (pics)
  136. 1.5CX/Y8 Mini-Me
  137. DIY Upgrade your Headlights/Harness
  138. ** Post your DIY's for quick referrence! **
  139. Tired of pushing the clutch upon start?
  140. DPFI To MPFI On EDM LSI CIVIC 92-95
  141. Couple oil pump port jobs (first time)
  142. DIY Valve cover removal & re-install w/new gaskets.
  143. D.I.Y Free Laptop Mount
  144. DIY 6th gen HID Retrofit
  145. Suspension removal flat rate trick.
  146. 5th Gen Civic Engine swap WITH Automatic Tranny
  147. Foos Catchcan DIY
  148. So i did a mini me swap....
  149. DIY electronic detonation detection/det cans for under 25 dollars
  150. 92-95 Civic Axel replacement
  151. DIY 92-95 civic fuel pump instal
  152. 3gFRD - 1985 3rd Gen UK Civic with JDM influence ZC @ her heart
  153. Gauge Install
  154. DIY Oil pump shimming and porting.
  155. DIY Monster can coolant overflow
  156. DIY: Aftermarket cluster overlays installation
  157. DIY: 6th Gen (6G) Honda Civic D-Series Valve Clearance (George Belton)
  158. DIY: 6th Gen (6G) Honda Civic - ITR 22mm Rear Swaybar and ASR Subframe Brace Install
  159. DIY Low clearance air filter. NA/FI
  160. Make a shroud for your slim fan
  161. Wheel mount repair/ custom seat mounts
  162. mini me help
  163. DIY Bitch Pin Removal
  164. Innovative Cheap Catch Can
  165. do all d16s share the same front/rear seal size?
  166. Camo powercoated valve cover
  167. DIY--Clutch position sensor pads...
  168. y8 oil pump
  169. DIY Civic suspension install- Koni/GC with added shock travel
  170. New Engine for a 92 Civic LX
  171. DIY 88-91 Civic D-series Innovative Motor Mount Install
  172. DIY: Repair curb rash rims UPDATE
  173. DIY: Change your PCV Valve
  174. DIY: Curb Rash repair
  175. DIY Custom way to install your rear speaker nicely in the Eg!!!
  176. Door moulding removal
  177. DIY: Viper 476V Replacement pad programming.
  178. DIY: How to remove outer window molding/weather striping
  179. Head swap
  180. DIY Swap your TPS
  181. DIY: Valve Cover Bolt Grommet Exchange - 56k warning
  182. Putting 94-01 Integra Seats In a 96-2000 Civic
  183. DIY Reset your SRS light
  184. D.I.Y. IACV Cleaning
  185. DIY Lip for 88-91 civic/crx
  186. DIY: Fix your igntion so your key will turn
  187. DIY Rebuild your ebay Greddy type-s/rs bov for $3.19
  188. Great upgrade for any DD civic!
  189. crx door panels
  190. Hatch spare cover/clean up
  191. DIY Del Sol seats in an ef - without seat pan swap!!!
  192. Brake caliper lettering
  193. DIY Centercaps
  194. How to reveal gunked up engine/tranny stamps
  195. Tired of turbo car not having washer fluid bottle?
  196. DIY Lip for 96-98 Civics.
  197. DIY: HMT Turbo Screen
  198. Keeping you D looking hot for the summer
  199. DIY - high flow air filter
  200. DIY Crown Royal Shift Boot.
  201. DIY Aftermarket Intake Manifold Install
  202. DIY: OBD-I ECU Chipping
  203. Diy: Vtec Inticator
  204. OBD-I Chipping
  205. i thought i saw it on here, but i dont kno if im looking in the right area
  206. Mechanical oil pressure gauge install ?'s
  207. DIY: Solid crisp shift. Get rid the slop on shifter!
  208. DIY Plugging Air Injection Holes in Manifold
  209. weldin alum
  210. Howto: a6 cam into a b7
  211. D.I.Y. oil filter relocation...
  212. DIY Make a "FastLine" type shifter
  213. Cheap way to improve a CRX si brakes.
  214. DIY orange corner lights
  215. Keep you 1/4s from rotting
  216. ycp piston help
  217. DIY: Sidemarker Install (OEM Stanleys)
  218. DIY OEM Black Muffler
  219. DIY Carpet Replacement
  220. How to get running on a wire tucked Fuel Injection to carb setup
  221. amber gauge cluster
  222. B18c questions
  223. DIY Tweed armrest panels
  224. Rad. Fan cooling even with key off
  225. y7/z6 minimi
  226. 4dr civic tail light conversion to 2dr
  227. How to Swap your Brake Master Cylinder and brake booster
  228. Painting parts of the car
  229. DIY: I/C Inlet swap
  230. DIY LED Cup holders, 96-00civics
  231. I Need Help With Parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. DIY LED Cluster 96-00 EX and similar models with minor tweeking.
  233. DIY 92-95 climate controls removale and modifying
  234. DIY Paint your own valve cover
  235. Ball Joint Replacement
  236. How to Change a Thermostat
  237. diy anodized fuel filter dressup
  238. Easiest mod ever. headlight buzzer in EF
  239. DIY Fuse box relocation
  240. DIY Paint Your Rims
  241. DIY Hood Tilt
  242. DIY EK sideskirts on an EJ
  243. DIY 3 stage powdercoating
  244. CRX Carpet install
  245. ? crank pulley timing marks ?
  246. RHD a DEL SOL in just 2 weeks :)
  247. OBD1 to OBD2 96-98 Harness exlcude 99-00
  248. how to install zex springs,ret, and cam into a d16 head
  249. torque mount inserts without zip ties
  250. EG climate control into CRX