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  1. DIY: custom cluster bezel and gauges.
  2. DIY gauge pod in radio area
  3. DIY: Upgrade your tiny rear discs to 10.2"
  4. How to immobilize your car for under $30
  5. spring clean with motor swap
  6. DIY: 96-00 Steering wheel install w/o SRS light and working horn
  7. $8 fitv adjuster tool
  8. dpfi to mpfi
  9. "No Play" shift linkage DIY
  10. diy slim fan shroud
  11. DIY: engine bay dress up bolts/washers
  12. Truck bed liner in trunk
  13. ED/EF Running lights/turn signals
  14. DX catback conversion pipe
  15. F.Y.I. 88-91 Crx/Civic Accessory Part Number Database
  16. F.Y.I. 88-91 OEM CRX Labels part numbers
  17. make your seat look 10x better
  18. 1992 honda civic lx d15b7 to d15z1
  19. Mad tyte JDM all red tails
  20. DIY: Change Your Fuel Fitler
  21. diy** how to make your own air freshener***
  22. diy 92-95 civic how to dissasemble passenger side airbag
  23. HOW TO: Ship a block
  24. 5-Lug Swap Using 4-Lug Suspension Parts List, FAQ
  25. gauge mounting
  26. Vtec solenoid gasket replacment #2
  27. Valve Cover/Breather Box ideas
  28. DIY Wrinkle paint in any color
  29. DIY Depining ecu/distributor pins
  30. DIY center vent gauge pod
  31. heater outlet plug
  32. y8 intake manifold on 99 lx civic
  33. Vtec solenoid gasket replacment
  34. DIY: Side marker running light and blink
  35. Valve Spring Compressor for $0
  36. DIY: Blackhoused headlights(ED6)
  37. kn00b DIY auto to manual ECU conversion
  38. Radiator upgrade 88-91 civic/crx
  39. Help with ideas please.
  40. DIY painting valve cover
  41. DIY: trunk board reflating
  42. My db7 interior conversion
  43. Flywheel/Clutch Installation
  44. Pipe bender for DIY exhaust
  45. How To Change & Bleed Clutch Fluid (Done on a 2001 EU3 Civic)
  46. diy solid engine mounts?
  47. D15b2 in 97 hatch help!
  48. ef dash options???
  49. eg dash in ef?
  50. d16b2 -d16z6
  51. d15b2 direct swap ?
  52. DIY tranny pan plug fab
  53. 3 pin IACV experiment
  54. DIY 96-00 Honda Civic Tune up and fuel filter
  55. idle issues on my new y7 swap!!! Lookin for answers asap
  56. D16y8 problems
  57. Top mount turbo manifold
  58. DIY speaker cable
  59. beef'D Up motor mounts
  60. How to:Repair stripped threads in a headstud hole
  61. DIY Glovebox Light
  62. DIY Ek Civic(96-00) Led Cluster and Climate control conversion
  63. how to convert distributor.
  64. DIY hood open/popped Light.
  65. Did my oil change and my cel turned on
  66. DIY Aluminium Slim Fan Shroud Ver.2.0
  67. DIY rim polishing LS wheels
  68. DIY LED lighting 96-00 civic
  69. How To: Install Mini H1 4.0 Projectors into 96-00 Civic
  70. 3M Headlight Restoration Kit
  71. DIY - Ghetto Hydro-Block for CAI
  72. Diy D15b swap to 94 civic
  73. D.I.Y. Detail your engine bay with WD-40 (91 Civic Si)
  74. Cheap quick pedal cover.
  75. how to clean harbor freight hvlp paint gun
  76. How to black out/smoke tail lights
  77. DIY IACV Relocation Under $10
  78. DIY Wire Harness Restore/Tuck
  79. Install extended studs.
  80. CRX Sunroof Rust Repair
  81. Cleaning your engine bay DIY
  82. How to install LC-1 DB Gauge
  83. How to paint your car cheap.
  84. Del Sol Ashtray fix
  85. Side-Bumpers. Screws thread ruined. How do I remove it!
  86. DIY: CRX Leak Fix: Hatch strut leak
  87. DIY posting a d block
  88. How-to guide to rebuild brake calipers
  89. my diy catch can
  90. DIY: 92-95 Climate Control Removal and Teardown
  91. DIY: 3-Stage D15B Vtec control w/ Auto OBD1 ECU
  92. Did another DIY writeup - headliner
  93. turbo timer wire harness question
  94. S2000 Seats for Your Sol
  95. DIY 2011 Mustang GT500 Heat Extractor Install
  96. So you bought OBX ITBs and they don't fit.(don'y cry 56k.)
  97. -6 Fuel Feed Line
  98. Converting a P28 Auto Ecu to a P28 Manual
  99. CRX Hatch Strut Drip Fix
  100. DIY Slim Fan Shroud (aluminum)
  101. DIY hockey puck motor mounts
  102. Great ignition and main relay website help
  103. Dome light alternative I put in my EG
  104. DIY Seat Upholstery Question
  105. My EF back seats with headrests. DIY (DONE THE RIGHT WAY)
  106. D17 T25 downpipe fab
  107. My Fastbrake 11" Rotor upgrade
  108. Obd2 harness to Obd1 Distributor conversion harness
  109. Bitch Pin / shift linkage install
  110. Intake manifold swap.
  111. Diy 92-95 civic wire tuck
  112. How To: Tuck the driver's side harness for EG/EJ
  113. Diy hot tank ;)
  114. Some interesting videos on header mock up and fabrication
  115. DYI yellow auxiliar lights on a del sol
  116. Cleaning engine bay
  117. DIY: OG battery relocate
  118. D16A6 Questions
  119. 99 civic lx door panel swap!!!!
  120. How to rebuild a T3 T3T4. Detailed with a lot of pictures.
  121. Project rim job
  122. z6 INTAKE on y7
  123. DIY: Internal Wastegate Porting
  124. D.I.Y. Thread chaser.
  125. DIY EG trunk carpet
  126. HELP! replacing d16a1 with d16y8
  127. White plastic cam belt cover refurb.
  128. GO-AUTOWORKS Injector Dynamics Install Walk Through (ID1000)
  129. Helpfull website like alldata
  130. DIY low cost main relay replacemet/upgrade
  131. GO-AUTOWORKS Oil Line kit install/walk through
  132. How to replace valves
  133. Diy timing belt and head swap.
  134. Custom door inserts DIY
  135. DIY obd0 to obd1 conversion harness!!!
  136. DIY Clutch cable mod.
  137. DIY Distributor Seal Replacement
  138. DIY - Super JDM Brake Reservoir Sock
  139. Jaime's Door to Pillar Seatbelt Swap
  140. needs some help got some slight rust issue's
  141. jdm d15b sawp in a dx
  142. diy: obd2a and obd2b crank sensor bypass
  143. Virtual Dyno with ectune ^^
  144. DIY wheel stud
  145. DIY Replace your Fog light Bulbs
  146. DIY:92-95 Civic Modified Stock Intake into CAI
  147. Get this you guys you're gunna roflol
  148. D16y7 to d16y8 using stock wiring harness
  149. DIY DelSol Rocker panel patch
  150. Resurface your head and block for under $10
  151. d15z3 oil change
  152. DIY Doom Robot
  153. energy suspension mount kit 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 98 civic ex
  154. DIY Carbon Fiber roof overlay
  155. DIY: Front & Rear Tow hook Install on 92-95 Civic (W/ Pictures!)
  156. DIY Valve Spring Compressor for FREE for DOHC ZC
  157. DIY Engine Removal
  158. Help PLZ D16y8 trouble
  159. DIY Glowing Console For Your EK!
  160. How can I use 1pc lights for me eg hatch?
  161. Make your DC Header look new again (VHT Ceramic paint)
  162. DIY: ITR AirBox holder in EG chassis
  163. How To Fix A Window That Fell Out Of Its Track
  164. DIY thermal intake manifold gasket
  165. DIY CRX front on Civic ED/EF
  166. DIY - JDM EG6 Wing install (92-95 Civic hatch)
  167. To replace the rings or not to replace, that is the question?
  168. DIY: Yellow fogs on the cheap
  169. Saftey Wire
  170. DIY: Door panels.
  171. Spraying Steelies Ghetto Style
  172. DIY Centre Caps!
  173. DIY replace front hub bearings
  174. Converting D16y7 to OBD1,..Need help.
  175. DIY: Respraying Panels for around $100 (done on EG 1/4 panels)
  176. DIY: Modify your carby motor!
  177. Intake Heat Shield
  178. Diy - Powder Coating
  179. DIY valve adjustment vid
  180. DIY Alignment: Toe (not using strings)
  181. DIY brake shoes and rotors d17 em2 : part 1
  182. DIY Windshield? Anyone??
  183. DIY installing rear quarter window (95 coupe)
  184. Ign. Cylinder Rekey (Big pix, many Pix)
  185. Tips and visuals taking off a trans
  186. A bunch of DIY's!
  187. d15b3 swap d15b
  188. DIY: yellow headligts
  189. DIY Bead Rolled Charge Pipes
  190. DIY - ODB2 injectors on ODB1 Harness/Clips
  191. DIY: Ultra sonic cleaner
  192. DIY: Parts Agitator
  193. In my area
  194. DIY: OBX LSD re-finish / Rebuild
  195. DIY - Nardi Wheel with NRG Quick Release.
  196. DIY: ECU pin removal
  197. DIY: Filling air injection holes
  198. D16Y8 in EG ?
  199. OBD2 Wiring Question
  200. Need help buying a tig welder
  201. fix your own car with out spending that much money
  202. Diy radio blockoff plate
  203. 97 radio relocation
  204. DIY Re-do your console/armrest.
  205. DIY: 90-91 CRX Seat belt conversion. Not the typical.
  206. My LCD datalogger. Suggestions please ;)
  207. Intake heat shield
  208. D.I.Y. PBR Burner
  209. DIY CF wing
  210. DIY- recode your lock cylinder
  211. DIY Testing and Replacing your TPS
  212. 88-91 civic headlight fix
  213. DIY Black Housing Head Lights (96-00)
  214. DIY catch can setup w/o welding bungs into the VC
  215. Coolant flow line/intake vent
  216. DIY - Doctor Det! Rolling Detonation Detection.
  217. DIY: 96-00 cluster swap into 88-91 dash
  218. Another chipping DIY
  219. DIY: Change your Tie Rod Ends
  220. DIY Fuel rail inlet swap
  221. Help, complete a/c removal.
  222. DIY: Datalogging Cable.
  223. DIY Strut bar
  224. Auto To Manual Complete Parts List
  225. Throttle Body Mod 100% opening .005HP FTW!!!!
  226. DIY: faded plastic interior restoration
  227. DIY ED/EF crossmember
  228. DIY: How to know if your detonating
  229. DIY Polyester hood
  230. Diy amber dash & amber clock
  231. DIY: HID kit install
  232. How To: Replace a Fuel Filter
  233. DIY Polish your headlights with the 3M kit.
  234. DIY LED Dome light
  235. ***** DIY Sub Forum Rules *****
  236. DIY Door Prop Repair
  237. DIY Polish your headlights!
  238. DIY Sound Deadening Removal- Dry Ice
  239. DIY Repl. rear main seal, oil pan gasket and both axles
  240. DIY EG Sunvisor mod.
  241. DIY Window Regulator Repair
  242. DIY Moose mod D16y8 header by me.
  243. DIY S2000 Cluster in EG/EH/Bezel
  244. DIY: 96-98 OEM Grill into an Si Grill
  245. DIY Coilover sleeve
  246. DIY: Wall Light
  247. DIY Cure for cancer (if you catch it early)
  248. DIY Wiper arm refinish
  249. DIY Make dpfi flow better
  250. DIY Installing Energy Bushing, Ball Joints, etc... [NO-56k]