: General Tech

  1. Slight “Knocking” Sound at Idle - D15B VTEC
  2. Leaking From Oil Filter - D15B VTEC
  3. D16Y8 Golden Eagle Adjustable Cam Gear...
  4. Exterior Door Handle Tabs - Good Lors
  5. Full Throttle/Acceleration Issues
  6. Common Problems with a D17?
  7. Engine Fastener Advise
  8. EJ1 track build
  9. D Series AWD Conversion in 92-95 Civic
  10. Which AC Compressor?
  11. Fuel line AN fitting size help
  12. skunk2 pro series manifold on y7 questions
  13. Fuel Injector Recommendations
  14. Wont start, Rpms jump to 500 with key in on position??
  15. EG Air Conditioning Help!
  16. Identifying an unknown imprint on a D16z6
  17. IM Gasket Leak, P0505
  18. D15B VTEC Won't Start - Cranks and Has Spark
  19. Opinions on an adjustable cam gear...
  20. Outlaw head
  21. RT4wd EF carrier bearings / center bearings / driveline vibration SOLVED
  22. Looking at buying a 1992 EG Hatch
  23. Power steering
  24. Tuning a d16y4 With stock ecu?
  25. Is this a good deal d16z6 motor and trans
  26. Mysterious plugs
  27. A/C for 3stage vtec-e in 1991 crx?
  28. Need to find out this sensor
  29. head swap
  30. d15b
  31. wiper arm clips on ED
  32. car went on the dyno. need help with changes.
  33. simplest d16y7 to d16y8 swap
  34. P28
  35. Z6 block interchange
  36. Fan Speed control
  37. Overheating mystery 2010 Civic
  38. Engine Parts cleaner recommendations
  39. Should I pull this Y5 trans from the junkyard?
  40. Nitrous
  41. D15d7 rods and pistons
  42. Rear disc swap
  43. P2J-4 Stamped Head w/ Y5 Rocker Assembly
  44. D16Y8 broken timing belt
  45. D16y8 build
  46. Idle help
  47. Project: X
  48. D16Y4 Built & Boosted questions
  49. Bad ECU? fuse #44
  50. o2 sensor question.
  51. ek hatch exhaust.
  52. 95 civic coupe DX Fuel tank
  53. Next Project Question
  54. No obd2 port ?
  55. Lifting Engine Without Transmission Attached
  56. New rims and tire combo
  57. oil leak 98 civic ex after head gasket replacement above distributer
  58. D16 timing belt covers - options painted or?
  59. D16 chrome valve cover bolts
  60. Rear calipers, bearing removal
  61. Broken Vacuum Nipple (?) on Throttle Body
  62. Noon wiring
  63. Interior upholstery material
  64. Need help from cold climate people
  65. D16y8 #4 injector
  66. Water Pump and BarnFind
  67. Solid red ecu light
  68. 98 EK Hatch cx that maybe isn't a cx?
  69. Helicoiling a cam cap.
  70. B16A2 Injectors Head protection
  71. How do I add a block heater to engine
  72. Mugen Airbox ?
  73. D16 Z6 harmonic balancer
  74. HardRace Control Arms
  75. D16Z6 ECU, Motor Harness, Stand Alone Chassis Harness
  76. Several general questions
  77. Downpipe welding question
  78. EF moulding and tail lights
  79. Door panel question
  80. Ej8 ECU HELP (jdm d15b shortblock w/ y8 head)
  81. Auto to manual help
  82. 2000 HX Coupe Build
  83. D16Y8 Idle issue
  84. Headgasket keeps failing
  85. PCV disintegrated with grommet and hose
  86. Engine not running right
  87. Hunting down a short in my dash/interior harness
  88. Questions on ZC Swaps - 5th Gen Civic
  89. Building d16z6 turbo
  90. Sound coming from engine
  91. need a lil help
  92. Polishing parts
  93. Porting and polishing
  94. Engine problem
  95. Using oil light to display misfiring instead
  96. Thrust washer damage..Is my crank and griddle ok??
  97. Timing cover
  98. MFactory 3rd gear
  99. Cat or no Cat
  100. D15b oil leak at distributor
  101. Axle questions
  102. D16y4 ecu help
  103. D16 shortcomings?
  104. Speedo Fuse Location
  105. Remove Broken Exhaust Manifold Stud
  106. Y8 install wiring woes
  107. 93 Honda del sol SI D16Z6 upgrades?
  108. silicone radiator hose kit D16Z6?
  109. D16z6 won’t start more then once
  110. Oil leaks
  111. Part number for main relay? Recommendations on oil cooler?
  112. Starting issue
  113. Random No Crank No Start Issue.
  114. fuel pump not priming, works outside of car
  115. Stock D16Y8 performance cam stage 2 or 3
  116. Upper rad hose connection broken chunk of metal now missing ?
  117. Suspension Question
  118. Engine types and swap?
  119. D16 IACV and Intake Manifold Confusion
  120. Z6 Hits rev limiter af 5k
  121. Car dies after staring warm
  122. D15b Vtec boosted.. need to upgrade intake manifold
  123. Need Input. Swapping EK D16Y4 manual engine to auto
  124. D16Z6/D16Y8 Head/D16Z6 Comps Cam Timing
  125. 91 ex engine to 96-00 ex engine?
  126. Swapping a y7 to a y8
  127. Ecu
  128. P2P A12 Diagram
  129. washer pump mystery
  130. Looking for gauges
  131. Radiator question
  132. Ej8
  133. possible heater core leak?
  134. need help identify camshaft
  135. Advice Needed on Crankshaft Sleeve
  136. Question can I put an obd2 head onto an obd1 block
  137. Window Replacement Advice/Help
  138. Overheating question. Need help
  139. Radiator core support
  140. Vtec solenoid
  141. Fan kicks on when engine is past regular temp
  142. 89 dx fuel pump not priming
  143. Is it safe to assume this is making ~60hp
  144. Fuel Pump
  145. D14z2 16v head on a d13b honda logo block
  146. can you identify this honda
  147. How to find engine manauals
  148. Problem cranking and no fuel after head gasket, timing belt and waterpump replacement
  149. The opposite of "overheating and my fans wont kick on"
  150. Inter Lock Control Removal
  151. All tests says it should run; yet she sits.
  152. Have spark, have fuel but won't start
  153. Dashboard
  154. Aluminum radiator thermostat won't open
  155. Wideband Sensor Fail.
  156. Exhaust Manifold identification?
  157. Sunroof suddenly stuck
  158. Leak between block and manual trans
  159. Loss power
  160. Overheating and radiator fan does not turn on by itself
  161. Did my 1st clutch job
  162. Resurface flywheel ?
  163. Fake Walbro?
  164. help tail lights not working
  165. Walbro fuel pump problem
  166. 95 prelude making noise inside engine. balancing shaft?
  167. What is the best intake tube? Replacing spectre from advance
  168. OEM style ground wire kit? Bonus points for neon green
  169. Clutch does not come off floor
  170. CRX Bumper Question
  171. Squeal under timing cover, videos of failures don't squeal they knock and grind
  172. Fuel pump issue or....?
  173. Going to swap D16y8 head to D16Y5 few questions before i start.
  174. OBD0 To OBD1 Conversion No Start Has Fuel And Spark
  175. HELP! Ek stuck in parking lot, fuel pump not turning on.
  176. Fixed a vac leak, now car dies approaching stops
  177. D16z6/d16y1 swap issues and questions.
  178. Tach not working
  179. Honda temprature sensor defect?
  180. rear hub bearing on civic 99
  181. Rubbing Noise from front of Car
  182. EK prop valve into EG
  183. Need help figuring out shaved head measurements
  184. Possible to keep OEM seat belts with racing seat installation?
  185. Civic EF Mini-Me timing questions
  186. Need help with electrical issues.
  187. tucking a radiator
  188. fan thermo switch wiring
  189. PGMFI Wiring / Code 9 (D16a1)
  190. MC1 Heater Core
  191. D15b7 smoking bad
  192. 93 hatch eh2 d15b7 washer pump failior
  193. Overheating / Cooling System Basics
  194. Seal Kits
  195. Extremely high surging idle
  196. Another PCV catchcan thread :/
  197. D16w4 manifold crack
  198. d16z6 build start up issue
  199. 1989 Si, Single Cam ZC Code 1 Issues
  200. Engine harness wire gauge size
  201. Bishko CD/DVDs
  202. Driver Side Turn SIgnal
  203. D15B2 into 1988 Civic
  204. Engine shaking at start up
  205. Crankcase Breather
  206. VIDEOS included - Freshly rebuilt engine isn't running right. What do you hear?
  207. oil leak in timing belt area
  208. D16Z6 Blue Smoke Problems
  209. dual carb build
  210. D16A6 Back of Block to Catch-Can Fitting?
  211. Clutch pedal assembly questions
  212. Crushed spark plug!? What the... Happened while st the track.
  213. No A/C. Bad Ecu?
  214. At the track: fast, fast, fast, CLUNK! Won't turn over...
  215. New(to me) car woes...
  216. Help with smog jdm D15b vtec
  217. Suspected fuel line leak. What's it called? (photo). Wet injectors? (photo)
  218. Pressureized Expansion Tank
  219. DPFI manifold sensor identification
  220. Dome/Trunk Lights Not Working
  221. Downpipe fabrication
  222. anyone know if WAGON door handle cylinder clip same as sedan?
  223. F2D ground clearance
  224. Weird idle issue
  225. d16y8 Things to know
  226. D13Y8 mini me comp ratio issues
  227. D16z6 in (ef) 90 si keeps blowing distributors
  228. Need assistance with a part - locating it rather.
  229. New week New problem. About to give up on her
  230. anybody running lithium 12v auto batt?
  231. Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Or Another Brand To Quiet Exhaust?
  232. Eagles and vitaras
  233. Weird turn signal/parking light problem
  234. Ckp wiring
  235. Code 4 problems
  236. D16Y5 Lean Burn Problems
  237. D13B with D15B Mini me swap engine knocking/pinging
  238. Picked up a new project
  239. Vaccuum lines on z6 swap
  240. Wiring problems help
  241. Hows my gas tank look?
  242. Shifter click?
  243. Sunroof Rubber Color
  244. No spark
  245. Broken clutch pedal bracket
  246. Sometimes NO start
  247. 88-89 crx si wiper switch
  248. P0505 fluctuating idle
  249. Shift linkage keeps popping out of bushing
  250. Moonroof (Sunroof) Tilt Issue