: General Tech

  1. Loosing Fuel Pressure. Second time now... pump or fpr?
  2. Turbo d16y8 starts but keeps dying help
  3. Car cranks but doesnt start
  4. integra caliper difference
  5. Leak down test results
  6. b18b1 compression results
  7. Torque specs
  8. Could use some opinions. Blown head gasket?
  9. nitrous afr question
  10. Electrical Surging
  11. OEM brake pad shim order?
  12. Soundproofing
  13. 88-91 sohc zc or d16y7
  14. Need help on Tahoe
  15. D15B VTEC swap - single cylinder oil consumption concerns - Lots o' background info
  16. Cel 3 map sensor issue
  17. Anyone have All Data?
  18. Synthetic Oil Fill, possibly cause more "warm up" smoke my motor makes?
  19. D16y5 into??
  20. tuner in amarillo, tx?????
  21. D16Z6 Question
  22. Need Injector O-Rings for D15B7
  23. Brakes wont lock up, little stopping power...
  24. Odometer Question...
  25. D16Y8 rebuild problems
  26. Torn Civic sun visor - any replacements?
  27. Measured my new Delta cam
  28. D15b/y7
  29. NEED: DIY Wheel Sensor
  30. Stripped Block!!! GRRR
  31. worth fixing rust, or find a new shell?
  32. Cleaning Intake Manifolds
  33. D16Y5 misfire help
  34. What's best..downshifting or throwing it in neutral?
  35. flasher not working
  36. A/C questions
  37. cluster swap?
  38. Dirt and grime collecting on intake hose and TB (pic)
  39. Godspeed cutout exhaust any good?
  40. Rough idle eg, b7
  41. d15b7 cx racing rods bolts?
  42. B-Swap into EG - Mounts?
  43. D15b7 turbo build help required
  44. ebay dual core rad cap size.
  45. Strange miss at idle...read for more info.
  46. Stuck on a no crank issue, need help
  47. Stick-on Window Visor Help
  48. Brake master cylinder stop bolt leaking
  49. iacv/eacv??? help
  50. 01 civic ex wont start just cranks 3 codes p0117 p1361 p1259
  51. Odb2-odb1
  52. Rollcage for drag civic
  53. new z6/y8 build! NEED HELP
  54. OEM FPR Failure Discussion
  55. tsi extreme turbo kit
  56. Map Sensor Quality?
  57. d16z6 oilpan HELP!!
  58. Thermostat, radiator, or water pump!?
  59. Head or block?
  60. went to the track
  61. HELP!! Vtec oil pressure switch? No plug on loom
  62. Mpfi obd0 needed!
  63. jdm d15b wont pass emissions
  64. Clutch replacement/Engine shaking/vibrant
  65. Clutch replacement/Engine won't start
  66. quarter size rust removal
  67. is my p28 ecu bad?
  68. does a civic -88 cage fitt a crx -88?
  69. Fuel pumps, Walbro v/s Xenocron v/s off-brand Ebay
  70. Brake upgrade
  71. D16y7/y8 turbo
  72. D15b Bogging problem
  73. PCSV + Oil Pressure Switch for D16z6 engine harness conversion issue/HELP!?
  74. Head Temp.
  75. Paint thinner as fuel?
  76. 2 Post to 3 Post Interchangeable?
  77. D16 interchangeable IACV
  78. 99 d16 y8 head on 95 d15b7 block??
  79. motor mount torque specs
  80. how to plug injector holes (secondary on Edelbrock Intake Manifold)
  81. No Throttle Response After Few Miles...
  82. New motor wont start
  83. D16y8 knock sensor
  84. Race seat recommendations?
  85. Where to buy my sleeves ??
  86. d16zr IM going in d14a4 HELP
  87. D15z1 Cranks no spark, new dizzy, not main relay
  88. Idle/Bogging issue
  89. Xernocron Crome delivery time??
  90. Help! Won't rev past 3500 rpm
  91. Intermittent Start/Idle issue
  92. Best way to remove front fenders and rear hatch on 88-91 DX
  93. "My VTEC won't engage when it is warm outside"
  94. actually if i do a bit of search i get my questions answered.
  95. B seriies dizzy help, OBD1 GSR
  96. Can Honda Systems get Air Bubbles?
  97. Rear disk conversion
  98. Cam visual difference?
  99. Muffler help
  100. R-12 in new ac compressor?
  101. New Dog Bone?
  102. Crx-T going intermitent LEAN, very hard to start, impossible to drive
  103. which rear belts 91 hatch
  104. Y7-Y8 IM Swap, has vacuum leak...
  105. Rusted coolant pipe
  106. Did a compression test
  107. Igniter, coil, distributor, or...
  108. pr4 questions
  109. Tee fitting for oil press gauge install?
  110. Not starting when warm, only cranks.
  111. Hanging headliner
  112. d16y8 swap to a jdm d15b. little help?
  113. Acura 1.6EL Brake and Fuel lines same as Civic EX?
  114. 1995 Del Sol not starting from ignition. HELP!!
  115. Best exhaust system 96 civic coupe
  116. Mini me question
  117. d16y8 coolant leak?
  118. All possible reasons a engine can skip ?
  119. mini me idle issue
  120. valve cover helicoil size
  121. hub removal from axle shaft - impossible!
  122. Replacing windshield, which molding?
  123. Weird noise: wheel bearing? Axle? (with video)
  124. D15B8 has 2 catalytic converters lol?
  125. A6 Wont Start. Help Needed.
  126. Intakes... What to choose
  127. looks like my starter called it quits this morning
  128. Aftermarket Temperature Gauges - Defi / Aem - What type of temp element ? 4-20ma ?
  129. 98 civic .. Disappearing knock/tap
  130. ecu questions
  131. where does this go...LS block (B18A)
  132. vtec not working and high idle
  133. Whacked out idle.
  134. Moroso oil pan drain plug is stripped, tap it bigger? Better option?
  135. What would you do?
  136. Another Gas Thread: What Do You Guys Fill?
  137. Whats with this fender damage
  138. Crx reliability?
  139. So About Those Gas Prices...
  140. Oil leak wtf
  141. 94 civic hatch blower and radio not turning off
  142. steering wheel shakes after new front bearings installed.
  143. Have anyone tried this?
  144. Head ticking? Valves?
  145. !!Ripping apart at the shock towers!!
  146. Rear seat euro r cl1
  147. CRV alt issues.
  148. wet cylinders
  149. weird speedometer issue
  150. d15 won't idle stable
  151. civic starts but wont go into gear
  152. Calculators!
  153. 90 DPFI d15b2 blue smoke and lack of power
  154. Help car won't start
  155. OBD 0 Harness Help
  156. pm9-7
  157. man just, wtf is up?!!! (gotta battery killing car)
  158. Obd1 d16y7? possible?
  159. What intake manifold did you run?
  160. need help! car wont start no fuel pump or main relay
  161. Hitting the fuel filter. HELP
  162. what's the easiest way to modify the D15Z7
  163. Fuel Injector Harness Order?
  164. D16Z6 swap in 97 hx
  165. speedometer/instrument panel lights problem
  166. Low fuel pressure... pump? fpr? other?
  167. Canadian Sponsors
  168. How many you guys have AF 84-87 Civic's???
  169. 1996 Civic Coupe Power Window Questions
  170. honda ek carpet?
  171. question about obd1 conversion
  172. Outer Civic upper wheel housing panel??
  173. bypass heater core?
  174. No start, hard start problem, help please
  175. Si Cluster Swap Problem
  176. CRX starting issues (electrical)
  177. y7 intake good for anything?
  178. Are manual and power steering rack in 96-00 interchangeable??
  179. cracked block or head?
  180. Dynomax Bullet Vs Thrush Glasspack
  181. Serious Problem!!! (The itch!)
  182. A6 Code 6 ECT sensor help
  183. When rains, it pours...
  184. Door Run Channel (what Honda calls it) is it what I need?
  185. choking
  186. Second o2 Sensor Question
  187. wiring diagram
  188. Wierd vibration
  189. PCV System thoughts.
  190. PCV System thoughts.
  191. Help Me Choose My New Exhaust Set up =]
  192. Tps?
  193. Running solely off battery (no alternator)?
  194. Weird Fuel Pressure Problem
  195. Wheel bearing
  196. Removing broken exhaust manifold stud?
  197. please help wont rev over 5,500 rpm??????
  198. D16Y8 Crankshaft Dilemma
  199. Fuel return maybe? Anyone have this issue?
  200. Reverse wire lights
  201. Nippon makes P29's that use a floating pin?
  202. ***Need help with obd2/obd1 shenanigans***
  203. help, car is running wierd
  204. 93 civic HELP
  205. 93 civic brakes
  206. Y8 on Y7 intake manifold swap, Help.
  207. Axle Nut Woes
  208. Bolt ons run rich
  209. Ideas for code 15
  210. Intake cause bubbles in radiator?
  211. Quieting Exhaust
  212. How to get to the CRX clutch interlock switch?
  213. Am I testing this relay correctly?
  214. Coolant leak in combustion camber?
  215. P2P not completely plug and play with P2M
  216. Skunk2 intake question
  217. 93 civiv
  218. Arp uneven zc
  219. Gauge help
  220. oil pump question
  221. What to do with old Civic Hybrid battery pack?
  222. innovative crossmember and mount question
  223. What is this motor? 93 Del Sol Si
  224. Alternator troubleshooting?
  225. Throttle body question
  226. y7 to y8 problems
  227. thoughts on the em2?
  228. Tool Talk/ My Garage--- Everything related to Tools, and garage/shop related
  229. PCV Valve Compatability
  230. Sparkplug Gimmick?
  231. Where does this connect?
  232. Will These Brakes Work?
  233. Brake booster pushrod adjustment without tool?
  234. heater core vs blower motor
  235. 99 civic ex y7 to y8 AGAIN
  236. IAT sensor heatsoaking, possible fixes to avoid relocating
  237. Best color of eg8 sedan thread
  238. Frankenstein D16Y5
  239. 98 civic speedo issues
  240. the time has came for boost help d15b 3stg
  241. engine stalls out
  242. need help in exterior
  243. Question
  244. This came from my car?
  245. Rats nest
  246. oil from the head gasket on pass side
  247. Can't figure this P0505 out
  248. Hard to explain
  249. hks ssqv flutter. anyone have a fix?
  250. Paint code/ Color?