: General Tech

  1. Coolant not circulating
  2. Front Defrost....?
  3. Sputtering Problem!
  4. 96 civic wiring from body to drv door harness connector
  5. Another 99-00 Climate Control Conversion Question
  6. Ac overheated????
  7. a20a1 carb help.
  8. Can't find male plugs. OBD2A D15B7-Y7 head swap
  9. low power poor fuel economy
  10. Valve cover venting.
  11. d16z6 innovative mount problem
  12. tanabe exhaust gaskets
  13. D16Z6/Y7 mini-me TIMING??
  14. A/C Issues...Yep, It's Summer!
  15. cant figure out A/C leak
  16. r12 system with obd2 block HeLP ! please......
  17. tps testing help
  18. adjusting throttle cable slack affect the rpm idle??????? necessary????
  19. Ignition switch woes....
  20. black box
  21. I have this noise.....
  22. 96 Civic electrical issues
  23. Cooling Issues
  24. turbo d16y8 bogging and 2k rpm limit
  25. CRX ST 51140 Rear sway bar fitment / pics
  26. Truck latch broken?
  27. z6 block and head with y8 intake manifold question?
  28. head bolt question
  29. RWD Conversion
  30. Two door problems, (not 2-door)...
  31. What exhaust system can I get for my 2000 civic
  32. Problems post d16 to d15 swap
  33. what cold air intake can i get for my 2000 civic?
  34. engine whine
  35. d16y8 turbo start up problem
  36. Is there anything wrong with this oil?
  37. my odometer jumped 100k randomly
  38. possible blown headgasket :opinions?
  39. Having hesitation on acceleration, distributor? Help please.
  40. pistons
  41. Is this fly wheel re-useable? (PICS)
  42. Help with injector identification
  43. Thermostat Q's
  44. d16y7 to d16z6 swap
  45. a/c system problem
  46. EK side skirts on a del Sol?
  47. d16y8 changing valves from old head to new head?
  48. vtec issues
  49. Changing my radiator, what is this?
  50. mpfi conversion runs great! converted to obd1, now code 4!
  51. The WTF Does this Manifold Fit Game?
  52. MPFI swap idles to low and dies
  53. My D16Y8 has problems and needs your help
  54. EG sedan "metal" lining
  55. d17 swap 95 civic Can it be done? Suggestions?
  56. Header Wrap
  57. 96 Civic Hesitation/ Lacks power on acceleration.
  58. Mini me swap, wont rev past idle with out jumpin around
  59. Bouncing Idle and Slow performance
  60. Steel I/C Pipes Heatsoaking. Wrap or Foil to Help?
  61. Thermal intake gasket- reliable?
  62. AC problems?
  63. Pic Request: CRX steering lock position
  64. jdm D15b problem
  65. Underhood Blue tapping wire for RPM shift light????
  66. Need help finding a Power Door Lock Control Module for my 97 civic ex
  67. 95 eg brake issue, pedal to the floor
  68. wierd idle bounce.
  69. 99 D16y8 IM on 96 D16y8 head
  70. Rattle can ?
  71. Supra MK3 Seats
  72. Weird Ac Problem
  73. power steering delete help
  74. Interior swap
  75. D16Y8 Misfire? Stuttering Ignition Problem.
  76. head stud install, recoil block ?
  77. 4.5k rpm
  78. Aftermarket Racing Seat and Bracket
  79. B20B swap OBD0
  80. Anyone know where
  81. D16Z6 Bogging out HELP
  82. coilovers for a 88 civic 4wd
  83. Starts for a second, then code 8
  84. Where to put urethane mounts?
  85. Coolant leaking from Exhaust Manifold...
  86. missing at idle and low rpms
  87. 96-98 y7 block y8 head question
  88. -Transmission Cleaning-
  89. throttlebody difference, 96-00
  90. Leak down testing
  91. Air ride , air bags, coilovers?
  92. OBD1 D15B into OBD2 '96 Civic (EJ8)
  93. Soft brake pedal, no air in the lines. Please help.
  94. weird gsr vtec noise. video inside
  95. A/C Shaking
  96. ek3 d16y8 swap advice
  97. Any pointers to reclear a CF hood?
  98. I have a dilemma..hole in dohc zc oil pump. what would you do?
  99. Running lean after sitting for 2wks
  100. Civic will not crank.
  101. 95 accord stalling problem
  102. f series engine?
  103. Gas tank knowledge
  104. Spark plug tips coated in oil.
  105. 98 civic ex starting issues
  106. dizzy leak
  107. good beater car? any recommendations?
  108. Z6 rough running. Odd timing showing on hondata...
  109. What's a D16A6 MPG at full throttle?
  110. CEL for ELD have looked everywhere.
  111. Looking for this paint.
  112. Still blowing coolant hoses... WTF!!!
  113. Help car wont start... Stuck at grocery store
  114. What year did they change the headlight shape (6th Gen)?
  115. Sputtering, low idle, rough low rpms
  116. Self opening Oil Cap
  117. Head gasket...? GDit!!
  118. Rev limit/vtec engagement issue
  119. Ever tow/launch watercraft with your honda?
  120. CME/Mitsuba Starter MOTOR rebuild info - solonoid still good
  121. Fuel Pump/Gas tank fuel delivery issue
  122. Dont hear fuel pump priming...wiring issue?
  123. Fabricated a new Ground wire. Thoughts?
  124. Smoke test reveals...
  125. van smoking after sitting for a while?
  126. Cigar Trick? does it work?
  127. Will re-torquing my headstuds help???
  128. Can't Advance ignition timing anymore..
  129. Oil in the throttle bodie
  130. Using a degreaser for engine bay cleaning?
  131. Booster Delete Questions
  132. Car wont start -- banging noise!
  133. Stock Si front brakes, 11" fastbrake kit rear. Would a 15/16 MC benefit?
  134. wireing harness help
  135. custom replacement gauge faces
  136. CRX steering pinion seals?
  137. Skunk2 IM coolant question
  138. a/c Idle problem
  139. zc sohc neptune surge deceleration?
  140. Fresh Rebuild D16Z6 when accelerated is super rough... then dies
  141. D16A6/y8 mini me TIMING
  142. iacv humming,buzzing,whistling whatever.
  143. Paper clip trick not working...
  144. extremely low compression after rebuild
  145. cant find vacuum leak to save my life -.-
  146. Hood Won't Latch [Video]
  147. d16z6 swap wire help
  148. need help idle an die
  149. Leak down test oddness
  150. Front End Noises and Engine Movement
  151. I need help,no crank no start on a 96 civic
  152. 5 speed swap
  153. '95 ex ebay exhaust question
  154. can't get my ej2 running?
  155. Power Door Lock Help
  156. testing a use motor b4 install
  157. Coolant hoses blowing? Wtf!
  158. 98 Civic Ex Exhaust Repair
  159. d16y8 timing belt tensioner bolt thread size
  160. Lc1 blinks ,5
  161. Body seam sealer removal
  162. Paint help!!
  163. D16Y8 TDC CEL issue
  164. Rpm gauge going crazy
  165. Need Opinions on Exhuast
  166. ZC upgrade
  167. Slim fan install?
  168. Y8 head gasket??
  169. Fog Light switch problem
  170. Hazard Light Harness Question
  171. low idle and stalling. need help asap.
  172. Hx harness in my car o2 conversion
  173. Wheel not center
  174. cv axle or wheel bearing?
  175. D15b7 starts but bogs and sputters under acceleration
  176. Help. ecu problems
  177. Vacuum leak?
  178. where to get 90-93 integra floor mats?
  179. Hunting/ Reving idle. Intake gasket?
  180. d15z6 connections HELP
  181. Cluster question
  182. Low 9s feasible? (1/8)
  183. D16z over heating only when in boost or high rpm
  184. Stock Throttle body with aftermarkt Intake Manifold?
  185. D16y7 driving trouble (please help)
  186. Spud Zone B7 Freshen Up
  187. No crank no start
  188. Timing issues
  189. Intake Manifold Design - Fluid Dynamics
  190. What is this plug
  191. How to fill low spots in a cast aluminum VC?
  192. Fuel gauge needle is way off. Fixable?
  193. Sway Bar Bushings --> Engine Movement?
  194. homemade fuel injector test bench
  195. Need some help.
  196. what t-belt and waterpump to get.
  197. SOHC ZC oilpump
  198. Car is Krylon spray painted, can I re-paint it nicely on the cheap?
  199. HELP failed idle HC's by 7
  200. Extra HP from the D16 for cheap
  201. IACV voltage.
  202. TPS voltages backwards??
  203. Can anyone tell me what this switch is for?
  204. timing belt jumped a bunch of teeth help
  205. no compression
  206. Anyone know what bumper this is?
  207. 96 civic hx with z6 swap o2 problems
  208. Spacing the rear of the hood. how much if any will it help with heatsoak
  209. Downstream o2 sensor issue
  210. Belt rubbing on crank pulley.
  211. z6 injectors in d15z1 intake manifold..
  212. valves
  213. Car keeps dying
  214. Ac Load on engine.
  215. Head Gasket or not overheating Help needed
  216. D16y8 head/valve cover problem
  217. Water Neck Question
  218. DIY techometer installation?
  219. Wondering about brake booster elimination?
  220. D16z6 Head bolts question
  221. Who likes mysteries?? lol
  222. Need help which way should I go.
  223. Severe engine bogging/stuttering during acceleration.
  224. A/C compressor for ED with D15B VTEC
  225. Crank Pulleys
  226. 98 Civic Ex rusted exhaust needs replaced
  227. Need Help. 96ekhb parts that will work with p28 ecu
  228. civic hx harness on d16y8 ??
  229. Any AC Intall write-ups or manuels out there?
  230. Wheel bearing or axle?
  231. Brake booster
  232. car troubles
  233. Motor started knocking on way to work
  234. Jerks and popping noise in 1st
  235. Starts up but won't star up again
  236. quick question
  237. Speedometer making noise
  238. pre cut tint install question
  239. Throttle body question
  240. Auto ecu in manual?
  241. Ignition timing adjustment connector location
  242. Little Water in Tranny maybe?
  243. Fuel issues
  244. 92' Civic - z6 block - y8 head - can i use a z6 distributor..?
  245. D15b ECU Question!?
  246. Intake Pipes
  247. Coolant smells like 87
  248. Car cranks but doesnt start d15
  249. Engine cranks but won't start! help! d16y8
  250. Full gasket kit ?