: General Tech

  1. Water temp sender
  2. Have Any Tips to Get a D15B7/8 to Run Well?
  3. head resurface?
  4. H.I.D Headache High Beam Only!
  5. How do i know what version of EW engine ???
  6. Engine randomly cuts off, VTEC malfunction??
  7. CRV is extremely cold blooded
  8. Random engine shut off. Code 8?
  9. full size rad in eg by moving crash beam
  10. 91 civic no spark
  11. Rattle solution....
  12. Front Catalytic Converter problem on d16a6 (picture)
  13. cleaning metal shavings from head
  14. 2yrs to fix
  15. Glue Recomendations?
  16. need help quick
  17. Neighbor has a relay issue....
  18. Air Filter Asembly, Spark Plug Wires, Catalytic Converter
  19. Camshaft pulley keeps snapping off!!!
  20. Chipped ecu problems
  21. B18b1 idles fine, bogs with ANY throttle (video)
  22. 1995 cx running very rough
  23. Fluid dynamics question
  24. d15b1
  25. Dura Max motor oil
  26. strange noise trying to get rid of it.
  27. Intermittent loss of power under acceleration
  28. Weird smell
  29. 98 Civic stalls, but restarts
  30. oil pan gasket questions.
  31. Engine compatibility
  32. Seat Brackets?
  33. just wondering.
  34. Clicking while turning wheel
  35. Erratic idle after head gasket change...
  36. D15b1 in eg hatch
  37. 13" wheels that fit over DA brakes
  38. Innovate Mounts - how can you get billet mount "brackets"
  39. 91 Si just shuts off while driving
  40. Help identify my camshaft
  41. Leaking fuel injector o-ring at base of IM.
  42. Advice on my PCV system
  43. A/c not blowing cold! Please help!!
  44. 2000 Civic coupe broken door trim
  45. Hissing noise **vid included**
  46. d16Y7 intake manifold on d15b7
  47. anybody with a d15(ew1)
  48. transmission problem. Help !
  49. camshaft caps
  50. rear main vs pan leak..
  51. evap solenoid
  52. Looking for some opinions
  53. Jdm D15b swap 98 ek Help!!
  54. ***d16y7- low idle and bounces at certain rpm.
  55. limp mode?
  56. WTB stock cat convertor
  57. OBD 0 injector question
  58. Clutch is dropping my idle?
  59. climate control swap
  60. Z6 in Rex Need Help!!
  61. Vw seats in a rex?
  62. p0113 help
  63. D15b head bolt help
  64. D17A2 ARP Head Studs?
  65. Where to buy core support? Opinions?
  66. Not a honda but 22re yota no compression
  67. D16A6 head question! PLEASE HELP
  68. Fiberglass catch can??
  69. crank case pressure issues.
  70. Fixing a flooded car?
  71. need a part number or atleast a name
  72. ACL Bearings?
  73. b7 dizzy on d15b
  74. ckf bypass help
  75. Hydro carbon fail emissions
  76. Where's the coolant bleeder screw?
  77. Won't Rev over 4000RPMs?
  78. oil filter ?
  79. Help s4PA+P2Y
  80. AC belt help..
  81. what i did the other day..
  82. bucking problem d16z6
  83. fuel problem
  84. Rpm and Mph gauge needles bouncing
  85. wire on dizzy wires???
  86. '02 EX overheating - fan
  87. oil leak help
  88. Broken Valve
  89. Exhaust plans... deeper pitch
  90. Mini-me swap wont rev past 4100k!!!
  91. Got in my first accident tonight.
  92. D16y8 throttle hesitation/misfire low rpm
  93. 310 GTI injectors in a Civic?
  94. hand cleaning. Getting rid of gas smell.
  95. Entire Shift Linkage, Shifter, Bushing upgrade. Do they make it?
  96. cold start issues and hesitation
  97. Cable B swap axle & half shaft help
  98. 2000 Civic Torque a Converter Clutch Solenoid?
  99. Wagovan parts
  100. d16y7 crankshaft sensor help
  101. Wheel Spacers
  102. D15b code 19 limp mode please help
  103. Idle issue after/ possibly regarding coolant
  104. blow 40amp light fuse, engine doesn't idle, coincidence?
  105. Poorly rigged push button
  106. d16a6 in 92 civic questions
  107. Blown Rear Main Seal.. Knocking
  108. Car randomly shuts off then instantly comes back to life...
  109. sputtering while bulding boost?
  110. CEL 6. broken wire
  111. d16z6 crank pulley on d15b2?
  112. d16y7 question
  113. Wrecked EJ1 and new EJ6 - what should I swap
  114. 1990 CRX security compartment lid swap
  115. Should I be worried about this? Steering boot..
  116. d16y8 running on 3cylinders
  117. Question about aerodynamic
  118. can someone with an EG and a multimeter check something real quick?
  119. EZ car lift
  120. Air Conditioning not real cold + Engine Bog question
  121. Rocking chair
  122. Started the 1991 Civic Si after 1 year sitting !
  123. New stat...overheating now.
  124. Exhaust
  125. Which connector do the hazard wires plug into under the dash (fusebox)?
  126. D15b starts, wont stay running
  127. Has anyone seen this? new type of ignition.
  128. Digital Tachometer
  129. CA Smog Gurus Needed ASAP!
  130. My parastic draw round 2
  131. D16y8 Dipstick Length
  132. cleaning up a mess
  133. Some metal in oil... should I worry?
  134. Read this if you need 2 car seats in a 5th gen.
  135. SRS Light Staying On
  136. Need Help ASAP crank damage
  137. D15b8 ecu?
  138. Cooling fan help
  139. d15b7 into a d16z6 car
  140. interchangeable honda parts for more power on d16z6
  141. Mb2 d14z4 what obd?
  142. obd0-obd1 auto mini me mpfi conversion. HELP.
  143. Flux core welding
  144. Please Help No start confused.?
  145. Engine Harness Issue, Perhaps?
  146. homemade throttle body exhaust cutout
  147. flooood! please help D:
  148. Warm idle issues
  149. Troubleshooting HELP!!!
  150. D16A6 Throttle Body Outside Diameter
  151. Best place to purchase Bride/Recaro bucket seats?
  152. y8 oil pressure drop when warmed up??
  153. Yonaka Exust Rattle
  154. so wtf failed smog 3 times?!?!? HIGH NOX
  155. Honda Rust!!! with pics
  156. D15B7 into 99 Civic Ex - Questions - PS & AC Brackets the same?
  157. dpfi b1 swap d15b7 mpfi -- to obd1 or not
  158. How to ID aftermarket valve springs & cam
  159. Hesitation at 2000rpm
  160. valve cover bolt broke off?
  161. 90 Civic 4dr w/ d15b overheating in Thailand
  162. coolant temp slight fluctuation.
  163. lsvtec project, persistant code 21
  164. maintaining a 20 yr old a/c system
  165. Would I Pass Smog in a 92 EH Hatch CX with a DX Head
  166. Dizzy Distributor TD41U & 30100 P1K E01
  167. You've saved my car before, let's hope for the best
  168. is there no classifieds here?
  169. CRV idle issues.
  170. Fresh cooling system hmm???
  171. TERRIBLE!! 1/4 mile times!!! help!!!
  172. D15Z7 dual VTEC seal replacement part number query
  173. just wondering
  174. Throttle lag new to turbos (issues)
  175. calipers vs micrometers
  176. Non vtec valve cover venting
  177. Trying to spot the source of my oil leak
  178. Changing headgasket need advice
  179. Weather stripping sources and experiences?
  180. Spun camshaft cleaning
  181. Want to install seatbelts that lock when you pull them all the way out
  182. Black box fitting
  183. General Questions about my engine
  184. Valve cover bolts
  185. Upgrading a Crx to accept big OEM honda brakes
  186. I need help with an intake swap i bought
  187. Performance springs, stock cam
  188. What is a good resource for 1g crx and d16a1 info?
  189. I need help going from (DPFI) OBD0 - (MPFI) OBD2a
  190. D series noob
  191. d16y8 compression test and now something broke, help!
  192. AEM cam gear washer rusting, can I remov botl and replace washer?
  193. question about oem crx fuel pump
  194. Coolant issue ?
  195. ef civic cel with headlights?
  196. Bad Fuel Pump OR IACV? Stalls when braking!!!!
  197. Another My car wont start thread.
  198. Quick question
  199. 94 Si no ac Texas heat killing me! Help! :rofc::rofc:
  200. Roller Rockers
  201. D17A1 Fuel Injector Size
  202. need help finding out what head i have
  203. Any experience?
  204. Strange acting fuel gauge
  205. engine pulls 27 inches of vacuum at idle!
  206. d15b7 injector part numbers??
  207. Motor mount help for d16 motor in crx
  208. want to make my make my car quieter
  209. gas gauge
  210. turn on problem
  211. motor mounts
  212. What would cause my race car to get quieter all of a sudden?
  213. coolant temp switch location
  214. 97 CX engine rolls over but won't start.
  215. Possible causes for hesitation?
  216. Can't get started
  217. rebored rod question
  218. Opinions wanted. tune or suspension?
  219. Starting issues
  220. cant keep constant speed.
  221. Sputtering.
  222. Bad engine sound
  223. Bad engine sound
  224. Honda Rot!! *Pics* Not to bad, first time metal work, need advice
  225. fuel system
  226. Universal Solex Door Locks
  227. Sun roof shade
  228. cant figure out why my 05 civic EX is smoking out of the tailpipe!
  229. Bad cat or o2?
  230. Installing A/C
  231. Civic started fine yesterday, but today...
  232. Need Help With Wheel Spacers!!
  233. race gas smell
  234. push button ignition
  235. roof moldings
  236. new to honda not motors
  237. Blown head gasket?
  238. Low profile O2 sensor
  239. Honda Civic D16W7 ECU Pinout
  240. Thinking about a brake upgrade options.
  241. Is it worth doing an engine swap?
  242. Engine swap
  243. Started knocking today pics of damage inside
  244. What happens if boost exceeds fuel pressure?
  245. loud mmmmmmmm noise from front end
  246. No cranking issues
  247. Possible Head Gasket? 91 Civic Si
  248. 92 civic dx wont start
  249. IAT and ect pinout
  250. nice car to buy for a 17 year old wanting to upgrade