: General Tech

  1. Swapping motor back in
  2. How do I make sure I get the correct d15b?
  3. D16A?
  4. so its either a spun rod bearing or a shot wrist pin
  5. *IF* I Had A Blown HG - How Fast Does Coolant Get Burned?
  6. Mini-me Dizzy bad ?
  7. what do you think paint my rims???
  8. SO what kills honda piston rings?
  9. speedo problems
  10. Help a noob!!!!!
  11. Cel & Vtec
  12. SI Cam?
  13. Anybody have a jdm fog light for a 4 door EG???
  14. Anybody have a jdm fog light for a 4 door EG???
  15. Another Y7 to Y8 Manifold question
  16. New surging idle problem
  17. ECU pin removal ?
  18. Linear IAC with rotary iac 3 wire plug?
  19. cheaper tires?. $61 per falken azenis 195/60/r14's
  20. Crank pulley?
  21. pistons and rings
  22. broke my ac console
  23. Dizzy seal??
  24. using a 4wire O2 sensor (obd0)
  25. ecu quiestion
  26. ef6/ef7/ef8/ef9
  27. Real world mpg do you get from your jdm d15b?
  28. Dizzy Timing or Cam Gear/Belt?
  29. TRanny fluid/O2 sensor
  30. d15z1 u said what?????????????/
  31. d15z1 u said what?????????????/
  32. HB Fenders on a CRX?
  33. Need help with motor mounts
  34. Engine Swap
  35. intake manifold gasket for z6 ?? hondata??
  36. O2 sensor wont fit...Help!
  37. Wheels?
  38. d15b VS d15z6
  39. easyer way to take window tint off
  40. Start stall
  41. Intake manifold swap and surging idle.
  42. Very low idle
  43. What is needed to swap vtec-e for d16a6
  44. Help with Speed Sensor
  45. crackling sounds from engine after i went through water
  46. ANy gains to be had?
  47. Could I beat..
  48. mirrors
  49. del sol front and rear conversions
  50. 1.5l Sohc Vtec (but Not Vti)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  51. why do people seem to use mainly dx models?
  52. Rusted cat converter bolts
  53. Rebuilding head, what seals to replace?
  54. 96 civic EX question
  55. how to check codes?
  56. is this normal...can't seem to fix this?
  57. i am goong to change my water pump in my b15b
  58. Rsx Leather
  59. vtec control in a tach questions
  60. CF carbon fiber doors, etc. for CRX
  61. Question about my headlight
  62. over heating problems on my b15d
  63. taurus cup holder in optional audio console help
  64. whats it worth NEED INPUT
  65. two random ass questions....ones IMPORTANT to me. plz look
  66. '88 DPFI hatch wont start....
  67. Fuse diagram
  68. any damage from oil and water?
  69. mounting
  70. about d16z6 vtec engaging...
  71. ATTN all EF ED owners
  72. can anyone help
  73. my "FU!! CAR PROBLEMS" list
  74. Help with build ideas
  75. Car Stalls When I turn the A/c On
  76. Help With Wheels
  77. Cleaning Coilovers...
  78. D15b7 Subtle blown head gasket?
  79. Getting No Real Power?
  80. high idle!! how do i lower it down?
  81. Fitment? JDM Honda Integra DA7 1992 Magnesium Rims
  82. Needing a little help here... :P
  83. A few Z6 questions
  84. ELD - Electrical Load Detector - Low Idle With Lights - Replace WHOLE Fuse Box?
  85. mpfi swap question
  86. vtec controller wire...???????
  87. Paint Job
  88. engine wont start!!!!! neeed help fast
  89. alarm going crazy
  90. searched and found nothing
  91. got vtec now
  92. cv boots
  93. who has some 929RR throttle bodies?
  94. 99-00 ex harness with 99-00 si ecu
  95. Looking for modified EF D series to try out for shuttle launch.
  96. Failed Cali emissions... Ideas?
  97. burning oil
  98. studder at 2000rpms?
  99. need help with smoking
  100. Crazy warning light/brake light problem
  101. Changed Fuel Filter...Now CEL...
  102. weight specs
  103. why do these things always happen to me? car won't start need help
  104. Im feeling stupid...it wont take long
  105. new product line available through Apexi USA
  106. i need some opinions please help
  107. 93 dx Cluster swap from SiR Tach won't work
  108. Taillights
  109. changing a clutch
  110. Stock IM Modification?
  111. where to buy vitara pistons?
  112. valve lash
  113. DPFI ECU Question?
  114. rpm jumping
  115. Resonator VS Glasspack : In My View.
  116. wierd idle with video!
  117. fuel economy driving styles
  118. seats?
  119. O2 Sensor(yes i searched)
  120. oil in dizzy
  121. Questions:(Wheel Studs,3rd Gear Grind,Fuses)Plz Help!
  122. Fuel empty reminder bulb..
  123. Throttle Angle sensor
  124. oil leak
  125. Timing belt on a 3 stage motor
  126. PG7 ecu trouble
  127. cooling fan requirements
  128. How do i remove Cruise control?
  129. How to measure a lug pattern?
  130. Answers to my CRX Problems ?
  131. question about overheating!
  132. What is that burning smell?
  133. my hood wont release
  134. car cranks but no start quest?
  135. body work help!
  136. crx vs hatch door
  137. 98 ex trans in a 96 dx shifting problems(auto)
  138. Moving Back to California Need some options for my car..
  139. EF bumber lights
  140. Exhaust touching Shift linkage
  141. VSS code
  142. POLL: D16Z6 - OBD0 or OBD1
  143. Car stolen in SoCal! Need your help. REWARD AVAILABLE
  144. Problems running D16
  145. help with o2 sensor please!!!!!!!!
  146. Need help on identifying Throttle Body.
  147. guy f'ed me over
  148. URGENT Clutch cable routing!??
  149. hey everyone i need some help
  150. Broken Oil Feed Brass fitting in Block! HELP!!!
  151. 05 SI seats in 99 civic
  152. looking for fiberglass doors
  153. removing rocker assembly on a D16A6 to change o-rings
  154. Integra interior into my Civic
  155. still wont start
  156. alt.
  157. Honda-Tech.com meet in October...Read on
  158. looking for a 88-91 crx sir front clip for conversion
  159. Painting dash parts?
  160. D15b running terribly after swap
  161. LEXAN Windows
  162. y8 oil pan/z6 block
  163. feel like no vtec in z6
  164. d16z6 tranny vs. d16y8 tranny...or same?
  165. Removing side molding clips
  166. Cel Shooting P0135
  167. ac help
  168. Energy suspension engine mount inserts, engine still bucking
  169. where and how did you mount your tach?
  170. Solderless resistor box install?
  171. Weight of a D16y8+box?
  172. hard starting...
  173. Speedometer and headers....
  174. car running rich
  175. Hood not seated flush like before.
  176. new question
  177. Abrupt Timing Change - CamGear Retarded Itself 10 Degrees!! Easiest Fix? Whyd It Happ
  178. iat sensor loction on a d15b dpfi
  179. D16A6 -> D16A9 swap?
  180. my sister taking a shower
  181. why is the D16 so loud? jeez...
  182. Magnetic Oil & Tranny Drain Plug
  183. 88 CRX has [email protected]#% bigger hub
  184. D15B2 redline?
  185. Fuse Panel
  186. Nitrous cams??
  187. Side Trimming Question
  188. removing door panels???
  189. Heat cycles for arp head studs...
  190. Oil leak in spark plug chamber..?
  191. Valve Tapping/Idle Surging
  192. XTD clutches... any good?
  193. hard to start when not run for a few hours
  194. Can an Integra clutch pedal work
  195. Need help gauge saying i'm running lean...
  196. Stock flywheel vs. 9 lb
  197. jdm d15b problem
  198. car wont start, please help
  199. trouble with idle...help!
  200. 2dr vs 4dr spoiler
  201. Need help.installing Air Fuel Ratio *PICS*
  202. no red timing mark on my crank pulley?
  203. Tuning with EGT?
  204. Main relay is a Bitch
  205. not getting spark... ignitor is super hot!
  206. Noise in driver side front area.
  207. need pic or diagram of internal OBD1 or 2 dizzy wiring ASAP!!
  208. cracking noise when I tightned a bolt??
  209. Do i need to replace the alternator?
  210. Think I found Culprit ot my surging idle
  211. Headgasket problem ... not again :(
  212. soch vtec wiring trouble
  213. Problems with Y8 IM swap
  214. smoke + smell
  215. vtec in a obdo civic
  216. Wiring issues: 88CRX D16y5
  217. question about b16/b18 TB on d16z6 IM...help plz
  218. 99-00 is ecu and harness on a 99-00 d16y8
  219. how to identify the D16a6 cam ?
  220. need alternator help fast
  221. Tuning Troubles, TE Cells Maxed in VACUUM 5.96 Highest? Need help
  222. Question about A/C
  223. Does 3lbs(12lbs) makes a difference.
  224. Where do I start???
  225. argh.. need a few y8 head bolts asap.. ideas?
  226. bad oil pump???
  227. What are these??????
  228. D16a head on D15b block ?
  229. d16z6 swap to 88 hatch
  230. need pic or diagrma of internal dizzy wiring
  231. Any forum member/ tuning shops in alnany new york area?
  232. HX pistons in a jdm D15B
  233. wire question
  234. engine problems?
  235. turn signal question
  236. obd0 to obd1 dizzy wiring ???
  237. Tips on painting...
  238. New Mini Me Car Will Start Then Cut Off
  239. power window conversion...
  240. CAR DIED!! 2 Major Codes - crank position sensor , top dead centre sensor #4 / #8
  241. Buddy Club Spec II for EF9
  242. Power Steering
  243. Compression Test
  244. Radiator question
  245. Is my flywheel too light?
  246. I need 89 crx si engine harness pinouts
  247. D16Z/87crx auto
  248. paint color
  249. ECU conversion question
  250. D16Z6 into 88DX and All wiring diagrams HERE!