: General Tech

  1. Temp gauge rewire back to cluster
  2. Difference between 96-98 and 99-00 Catalytic Converter
  3. rear popping noise from suspension
  4. Crank/no start after 1000 mile drive
  5. First Swap Where to Start?
  6. opinons on swap, B18b1 or do mini-me and build up Y7 for turbo?
  7. CKF Bypass Trick
  8. Gas Pump Doesn't Shut Off!!
  9. scan tool
  10. p08-1 9/3
  11. 05 Civic sedan water intrusion PS floor
  12. Wiring Harness HELP
  13. 96 civic lx motor swap help
  14. best swap for ek
  15. afr ratio too lean?
  16. D16Z6 internals into a Y7
  17. ebay dizzy
  18. Wiring Question + AWD Stuff
  19. d15z1 HELP!
  20. Is this not a D16a6 crank pulley?
  21. Wheels hitting caliper
  22. 89 CRX Z6 swap, issues, help
  23. Delta 272-2 Specs d16z6
  24. Teflon LockNut vs Castle Nut and Cotter pin. LBJ
  25. ruff idle/ vac leak
  26. car wont start/runs rough
  27. Cheapest, easiest way to cut exhaust pipe at home?
  28. no spark
  29. d16y8 to y7 swap
  30. Seat swap
  31. East Tennessee Auto Shops
  32. OEM Z6 head gasket question
  33. Structural reinforcement
  34. Minime swap bogging for few sec ONLY after fill up.
  35. School me on "tucked" radiators
  36. d16y8 turbo throttle cut?!
  37. d16y8 turbo IACV problems
  38. General Tech Question About motor Swap vs (New Used tranny swap.
  39. random missfire
  40. Oil PSI Gauge Issues
  41. idle problem
  42. Manual Driver Door Lock 1990 DX Hatch
  43. Fuse panel cover stickers
  44. Power Door Lock Issue 97 Civic LX 4 door
  45. car reading hot on temp gauge but not over heating?
  46. Damn it...
  47. Front engine mount swappability
  48. 96 Civic EX with new D16Z6 swap (Y8 ECU) won't even TRY to start
  49. 96 accord very low idle
  50. Auto To Manual Engine Swap???
  51. a few problems after a swap.
  52. distributor bushing replacement?
  53. Overheating Issue
  54. Dome and Map lights quit werkin
  55. crank pulley question + pic request -- keyway in relation to TDC timing mark
  56. Injector help!
  57. New Throwout Bearing, any prep?
  58. check this weld. i need your thoughts.
  59. Perma cool oil coolers
  60. help needed. motor mount.
  61. Can't find diagram of whole crx suspension system ?
  62. this or that
  63. Selling some parts locally. what would a fair price be?
  64. Will a D16Y8 ECU work for a D16Z6 motor...
  65. D16Y8 hesitates only while warmed up
  66. having trans problems and idle issues after new tps install
  67. Remanufactured starters
  68. New synchrotech trans, vss hole plugged, cant get mine out!
  69. Solved Ignition Problem. Manual Didn't Help.
  70. 50w cree h4 led headlight?
  71. injector problem?
  72. D16z6 Engine knock. Timing?
  73. how long does it take for radiator fan to come on during winter about?
  74. need help figuring out where this part goes?
  75. overheating problem HELP!
  76. Car Battery
  77. D Series Motor Measurement
  78. AN Fuel lines stock tank
  79. Plasti-Dip longevity question?
  80. Prepping for a wheel bearing, what else?
  81. Help! Bleeder screw size
  82. massive electrical problems after welding
  83. Help me not be stupid (a no start thread)
  84. This Wideband Any Good?
  85. Does any one make an OEM style (not tucked) engine harness?
  86. d15b obd1 vs d15b 3 stage vtec
  87. Duplicolor Paint-Match Any Good for Phantom Grey Pearl?
  88. How do you load/torque after replacing all suspension/balljoint
  89. Fuel Filter Tuck Kit Install Question
  90. A little oil consumption normal on a fresh motor?
  91. upgrade to 8ga to walbro 255 fuel pump
  92. Ebay gps tracker
  93. HELP rebuilt d15b7 spits/hesitation
  94. Floor Mats...not tech I know
  95. a few problems with new 91 si
  96. 91 civic hatch si
  97. Fuel Injector brand?
  98. Not a D question but a B question
  99. 94 Civic LX Died While Driving, Won't Start
  100. Power steering delete in 98 ex
  101. Knock sensor P0325
  102. should i build it?
  103. D15B7 blown head gasket help
  104. Battery down -> Unstable Idle -> CEL
  105. D15B7 Stalling / Bogging
  106. Distibutor or coil????
  107. What spark plugs do you run?
  108. rebuilt y7
  109. Factory Paint help
  110. What would cause a jumping tach?
  111. new oil pump filled with assembly lube, wont spin by hand..
  112. Blown head?
  113. Cruise control's bein' a c***
  114. Annoying Slugish D16Y8
  115. Motor Mount Question
  116. Headlight oxidation/hazing
  117. Broken lug stud with nut stuck on also
  118. Broken Hood Hinges
  119. D16Y7 runs cold, but only with heat on
  120. D16 Cam Specs
  121. Leaking oil from the oil filter
  122. CRX Hydro clutch line
  123. Header experiences
  124. testing an ignition switch
  125. What oil do I use ?
  126. d16a6 head tdc with head off
  127. D16Y8 throttle body gasket
  128. Another Idle Topic
  129. Xenocron turbo mesh screen
  130. Z6 weak spark
  131. Alternator wiring help
  132. D15b7 oil on spark plugs
  133. D16z6 block, new transmission question.
  134. Need help diagnosing misfire,
  135. Need help with wiring ID1000's to my d16z6 wireharness please
  136. Help needed combining del sol and civic coupe harnass
  137. What do you wish your car did?
  138. Failed smog horribly.
  139. Confusion on eagle rods and vitara pistons and questions
  140. Water in oil catch tank
  141. Is my distributor bad? Or something more serious?
  142. How do you wire up a tach in my 90 Hatch
  143. 98 civic troubleshooting
  144. stock D15B2, want to install aftermarket tach, need some advice
  145. smog and abs codes
  146. Desperately searching for help! D16Y7 issues.. Idles but won't rev up!
  147. Where to buy NordLock washers
  148. Sunk sleeves
  149. Power Steering Clog?
  150. VHT paint question for Calipers
  151. tach reads low, dont know why
  152. 2008 Civic Auto Trans Service Interval?
  153. early civic with ac
  154. Subi?
  155. Good set of head bolts for a reasonable price???
  156. Motor Mounts Questions with Pics
  157. Rpm jumping
  158. Head Gasket Failure... Help!
  159. header install now have cel light on
  160. 90 DX Hatch 5 speed as my new car, 89 LX sedan Auto is mt current car and parts donor
  161. Civic Power Mirror Rocker Switch Broken
  162. Rough idle After Sohc Zc swap
  163. what sensor
  164. Has anyone bought and tried the Fastline extended Shifter?
  165. Clutch ?
  166. So tired of poly mounts I want some steel or aluminum ones...
  167. Trans leak at solenoid
  168. D16Y8 oil pan leak after new gasket - Help?
  169. Another damn heater issue thread
  170. will a spoiler help prevent hydroplaning?
  171. D15B VTEC, What hose is this? [PICS]
  172. Wagon question
  173. Ebay AN fittings
  174. DPFI to MPFI conversion
  175. Eg d16z6 power steering pump bracket same as d16y7/8 ???
  176. pm9-7 question
  177. How to replace the turn signal bulbs (Civic 6 gen.)
  178. help!!!! very poor heat
  179. Front end collision. Repair or scrap shell?
  180. Car wont start Help
  181. K&P oil filter experience anyone?
  182. Crankpulley fell off?
  183. slowing down p/s
  184. How to I connect catch can?
  185. Coolant temp spike issue
  186. 97 Civic w/ JDM D15B
  187. 1995 Honda Del Sol Si No Start!
  188. 99-00 Si rear seats in 96-98 civic coupe, front edge bolting points
  189. 1989 civic wagon front lip fit a 1988 civic sedan ?
  190. Anyone else dealing with frozen shut catchcan lines?
  191. What weight oil do you run?
  192. D16Y8 No Start Probable ECU plus
  193. Gushing oil from dizzy (D16Z6, boost)
  194. start and stall issue
  195. supposed jdm d15b HELP???
  196. Rt4wd wago
  197. d15b pcv valve location??????
  198. 97 Civic Hx 5mt- Crazy no spark issue
  199. delta 260 d16y8 spec
  200. odd oil leak from top front bolt where transmission/engine mate
  201. Why cracked piston?
  202. which is better ek sedan or eg hatch
  203. Would like an opinion
  204. Sputtering while building up boost, won't build more then 5lbs
  205. Rare-ish CDM Model? 1991 Civic CX
  206. Porting D16 I/M plenum, worth it?
  207. ARP Head Studs - OEM or ARP TQ??
  208. 2001 Civic ex not starting
  209. Aftermarket temp gauge
  210. OEM Oil Heat Exchanger(cooler/warmer)
  211. d15z1 harness on d16y8 motor?
  212. Annoying idle issues...quick opinion on IACV test?
  213. will eg tach fit an ek cluster?
  214. Are there any other options besides swapping to a 99-00 front end?
  215. Idling problem
  216. CRX brake boost delete with stock master cylinder
  217. Brake Problem
  218. d16y7(zc) install/starting issues
  219. heater problems anybody?
  220. Wiring fan
  221. Emissions Testing
  222. 95 civic apex neo
  223. What do you, the viewers at home, think...?
  224. pte 1000cc injector scaling and latency??lcould use alittle help
  225. hood latch ripped off the frame
  226. oem style bumpers?
  227. Piston Slap? Rod Knock?
  228. Broken Pulley
  229. D15b vtec mpfi swap problems helppppp
  230. where is this oil coming from??
  231. Exhaust... Can't decide..
  232. d16z6 need help!
  233. How altitude effects performance?
  234. Accusump oil accumulator
  235. 02 sensor on after market header
  236. Skunk2 Intake Manifold Fix
  237. Fixing to do another build.
  238. Auto To Manual Swap Help!!
  239. cylinder 2 misfire help
  240. Silicone Vacuum Hoses?
  241. Automotive info programs.
  242. how long are the bolts supposed to be for this engine mount bracket on EF?
  243. Car died after auto-x....help me diagnose
  244. Civic is pushing 20 volts
  245. victor reinz oil pan gasket
  246. Need Water Pump P/N and ECU Question for D25B VTEC
  247. Spewing oil from crank case breather box?
  248. No spark help
  249. EG civic brake pedal goes to the floor when stop.
  250. My car is driving me nuts!!!! Please help!