: General Tech

  1. charge light on key off
  2. coolant in the middle of the intake manifold
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  15. Anyone Know These wheels????
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  17. Quest for Icey AC
  18. will 1989 civic dx caliper fit 1989 crx HF?
  19. Get rid of this rasp video
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  21. d16z6 starts then immediately dies
  22. Will a b series 3 bolt bracket fit on d series
  23. Gettin' the drone
  24. idle problem?
  25. DSM Injector insulators
  26. catalytic converter
  27. Car dies when i press the gas ?
  28. DA radiator into ED chassis, does it fit?
  29. EG8 Civic not starting
  30. Civic not starting
  31. Push Button Start Wiring with no key?
  32. Wheres everyone buy the full kit of SAMCO hoses?
  33. Gauge Cluster Not Working (95 Civic Coupe)
  34. Catch can mounting
  35. D Series Chassis Codes '84-'00
  36. Brake Caliper: Replace or Rebuild?
  37. D15b2 info questions
  38. Lost on how to tighten timing belt
  39. Cutting AN Braided hose
  40. Rattle When Taking off
  41. 3" Mandrel exhaust piping option for my EG.
  42. Can I put a tilt column in a 1989 CRX HF?
  43. Ongoing Idle Issues
  44. Can you identify?
  45. Lubrication Points
  46. 1989 CRX HF ECU question
  47. stripped trans mount bolt
  48. PWR Radiator...Coolant hose question..
  49. Dual pass radiator
  50. Anybody know machine shop in DFW, TX?
  51. Honda "DNA" - Honda Racing w/ Pics+Videos
  52. Misfire on one cylinder.
  53. Intercooler cleaning
  54. Anyone know?
  55. Turbo d16 bubbling coolant.
  56. charging system light at 6000+rpm
  57. 2 step switch option in neptune.
  58. fender mirrors?
  59. d15b7 into 97 civic?
  60. Dremel vs. angle grinder
  61. Fuel starvation tap?
  62. exhaust sounds horrible
  63. 02 CL seat swap into 97 civic
  64. idle/power problems
  65. 2008 Civic AC, Wierd compressor function.
  66. D16z6 won't rev past 6200 rpms...
  67. Which Size Thread Should I Use?
  68. Painters Advice
  69. Fuel Gauge not reading correctly
  70. Ticking noise. valves or rods?? Vid Inside
  71. 91 civic race car no power after 15 laps
  72. Would you run this Filter?
  73. d15z1 connecting pipe issue
  74. Temp sending unit location....
  75. Problems with loss of power, please help.
  76. I get shocked when I touch my muffler!?
  77. 90crx sunroof panel crooked on the tracks as it is closing ?
  78. Ac 95 ej1
  79. forcing a d15b7 to get dual-vtec d15b tier MPG
  80. Possible fuel starvation issue?
  81. Napa Clutch Made in Japan...
  82. Is my alternator dying?
  83. ebay radiator with stock eg fan???
  84. In serious need of help.
  85. someone please help me figure out what this sensor is
  86. Wheel size VS. vehicle speed
  87. Very Big Radiator Dent
  88. gauge cluster issue
  89. Weird Tach
  90. Rust problem
  91. 96 Civic Ex Starting Issue
  92. Help with O ring on Water Pipe on back of block
  93. Block milled. Timing off.
  94. Did I ruin my flywheel?
  95. Smoke !! Help plz
  96. built d16y8 mini me idles weird?
  97. D15Z4 Transmission questions
  98. Power Lag?
  99. 95 Si front wheel bearing specs
  100. changing starter on d15b vtech?
  101. z6 Rebuild
  102. I need help to Identify my motor
  103. Oil pressure problem
  104. arc welding aluminum
  105. ZC D16 vs D16Y4
  106. Dpfi to mpfi & obd0 to obd1 @ same time?
  107. Civic power lock issue
  108. moving 92 dx map sensor on firewall to intake manifold??
  109. Compression problem
  110. passenger shock tower plug confusion...
  111. Spark plug interchange
  112. Inline FPR where to install
  113. Looking for Eric Jarvis
  114. F20B Sohc Ecu Question Tun tun tunggg
  115. passenger strut tower plug wiring help?
  116. Jdm d15b vtec Timing belt cover same as a z6??
  117. Got no spark (help please)
  118. Anyone using Walker butt-joint band exhaust clamps?
  119. Charcoal Canister and Vent question
  120. D16y8 from 00 exhaust manifold fit d15b 95 exactly?
  121. power disconect switch not working
  122. Test vtec solenoid?
  123. Something new (I Think)
  124. Vtec issues d16y8 in 1992 eg
  125. OBD1 (D15B VTEC block) D16Y8 w/P0420 code
  126. The workshop put the wrong valve seals on the exhaust and intake
  127. 91 ef hatch dash harness to 89 si ef gauge cluster
  128. installing ac on my ef. its ghetto rigged
  129. EG installing A/C help....
  130. CEL 8(TDC code)...Dizzy gone bad?
  131. D16y8 heating up past normal operating temp long drives
  132. electrical help
  133. Electrical help
  134. Hardrace Motor Mounts Review
  135. Excessive brake pedal travel
  136. Brake Problem
  137. Anyone run this muffler before ??
  138. Rebuild engine wont stay running
  139. rhd crx links?
  140. Instrument cluster issues
  141. Need help. Civic wont start
  142. car cutting out...help
  143. Vtec engaged all the time? Need help
  144. D16y8/D16z6 VSS question....
  145. oil question
  146. Anything worth saving on an HF motor?
  147. D16z6 low idle why?
  148. first no rpm.. now no spark at all.. what inside the dizzy is bad?
  149. Is This True? (Dynomax Super Turbo)
  150. Sliding forward in seat
  151. D15B7 leaking oil and knocking.
  152. hydro v. cable
  153. correct alternator belt for ati harmonic dampner
  154. Bad engine shudder in 1998 Civic EX
  155. Distributor bearing repair....OG style.
  156. Need help with Diag. ASAP! Please!
  157. no fuel no start
  158. A/C Reinstallation
  159. No start...help!
  160. Who has ran a welded solid rear mount?
  161. ECU/PCM 91 accord
  162. 93 civic feels like new at certain temp
  163. Higher compression ratio, higher mpg
  164. How to remove roof drain channels on 4th Gen civics?
  165. How to adjust timing - cam gears
  166. Are any of these OEM mufflers 2.25?
  167. huh? d16y7 everything oem & untouched but timing belt off???
  168. D13B1 exhaust mainfold swap??
  169. Exhaust manifold question???
  170. Coolant Bleeding Not Working!
  171. What are the proper name for these items?
  172. D15B7 Mount on D16Z6?
  173. Can't get fuel! No start. Help.
  174. FSM
  175. Help! Identifying connectors 89 si engine harness obd0
  176. D16a6(88-91si) FPR work on a D16z6 rail??
  177. Car stays rich after hitting vtec.
  178. Two questions about my D15B7
  179. 230v vs 115v TIG welders
  180. Need Help!! d15b7 vtec into a 97 honda hatch dx
  181. Is there a way to negotiate repair prices using mycarfax?
  182. bad alternator
  183. Cell light staying on, bad computer? Bad 02?
  184. eg ek front forks
  185. Alternator belt Too Small
  186. leaking or sucking air booster master
  187. d16y7 tranny bolt detent spring setting
  188. Rattling Noise After Valve Gasket Repair
  189. 00 Civic window problems
  190. Please advise
  191. 1991 civic race car (mil check engine light) help d13 -- d4 problems
  192. Xenocron fuel pumps?
  193. Swapping Stock Exhausts
  194. 91 accord not starting...stumped
  195. 99 civic lx
  196. ZC DOHC Tranny to D15B1 Block
  197. Where is this water in my engine bay coming from?
  198. Seriously if its not one thing its another.
  199. vtec head swap problems
  200. d16y7 valves sticking ?
  201. interior panel exploded view
  202. 02 santa fe, no spark.
  203. Which OBD is this ECU and harness?
  204. Help with check engine light and miss firing codes
  205. Soo.. 2 codes: P0325, P1337;; Y8 head, D15b VTEC block
  206. Sputter around corners
  207. transmission problems
  208. Ef Sedan Rear Bumper Reinforcement Bar
  209. Need help finding the correct alternator belt
  210. who knows fords G.E.M units
  211. over heated
  212. What car,what engine, what harness, which obd?????
  213. D17a2 block, d17a1 head, 2001 DX ??
  214. d16z6 slow cranking no start
  215. bearing failure?
  216. Injen Cold Air Intake Factory Dents
  217. Exhaust fell off during hard accel...new mounts
  218. Mini me tips
  219. dizzy questions
  220. SOHC ZC Problem
  221. Shift boots that don't do this?
  222. Door panels?
  223. Oil eater
  224. D16a6 w/ z6 i/m in 95 eg... ?'s
  225. GRRRR, tips on how to re-install rear tray deck speaker cover 96-00 honda civic
  226. Help with 1998 D15 3 stage econo light
  227. 95 civic dx cuts out while driving
  228. O2 sensor different wirings y7/y8?
  229. knock sensor question
  230. Timing problem ?
  231. Mini me swap question
  232. OK...So..
  233. I need a d16a6 block
  234. Code 43 help, searched... many times.
  235. Need hoses and loop advice
  236. Brakes?
  237. 02 sensor wires cut on d16y7 DPFI EF
  238. Engine Vibration Caution.
  239. Basic welding question
  240. D16Y8 FrankenMotor into CRX with P28 OBD control, dizzy questions
  241. New fuel pump - now fuel pressure won't hold
  242. Shop.Interiors.Com
  243. Adjusting height on full body coilovers, dont touch the spring?
  244. D15b/y8/z6 Frankenstein - Problems Need Help
  245. Twin loop exhaust
  246. obd2a to obd1 IACV problem again...
  247. Shaving bay question
  248. CRX - Fuel pump wire damaged
  249. Sputtering and speedometer not working
  250. Preloading with stiff suspension