: General Tech

  1. Compression test, ok to just unplug dizzy/injectors?
  2. A/c belt wtf?
  3. Header
  4. I have a few parts questions
  5. Spoon style exhaust on d15?
  6. Modified emission ticket (27156 b vc)
  7. Dad gas mileage problem
  8. What B series motor mounts can i use that wont vibrate.
  9. Ecu harness removal?
  10. Tuner Toys Customer Support
  11. Dsm injector help
  12. Flowmaster Force II on a Del Sol?
  13. My buddy needs help!
  14. Didn't knew that the megan oe muffler come with silencer?
  15. Anyone have a good injector resistor write-up?
  16. Wheel setup
  17. Detonation cause broken HG?
  18. Adjusted my vlaves but still kinda loud?
  19. Help needed on repacking rear hub bearings
  20. B&M Line Lock Loc anybody use?
  21. Vehicle speed sensor
  22. Skunk2 magnetic drain plug
  23. Anyone have any ideas?
  24. Need help! Engine Swap Question!
  25. Two questions for you guys about axles and brakes B series related not D
  26. Indexing spark plugs
  27. Fat 5's..
  28. Stock fuel pressure?
  29. Steel braid line rating?
  30. Timing belt squweek
  31. 2dr bumper on a 4dr
  32. Valve cover breather filters - do they do anything?
  33. GlowShift Gauges
  34. 95 Civic CX with d15zi engine
  35. D14a1 dual carb mech fuel pump
  36. Need a little bit of advice on buying a boosted car
  37. Opinions on CF del tol targa?
  38. CEL Codes and engine problems!
  39. Replacement shifter bushings?
  40. Streetlightz ecu conversion harness ??
  41. Engine Overheating???
  42. Carbon Fiber Hoods?
  43. How to identify a head
  44. Still sketchy going FI, a back story.
  45. Help fast i need to drive it today
  46. help instal race seats in 92-95 ej civic
  47. Megan oe muffler??
  48. Aftermarket exhaust lenght: hb, 2dr, 4dr....
  49. Power steering : Rack guide adjustment 96-00: What kind of sealant???
  50. Timing belt or alt belt
  51. Resonator quiet muffler??
  52. EG body panels
  53. Tach needle goes crazy..
  54. D15b oil pump and water pump?
  55. What type of antifreeze to use?
  56. Anybody else seem to get better mileage on first half of tank
  57. Look what i did
  58. Tool/trick to keep flywheel from spinning?
  59. Alternator upgrade...
  60. Need help with SOHCZ6 into ek Swap,
  61. D16z6 head help
  62. Front end clear bra!
  63. Hks hi-power cat-back
  64. Spray paint removal
  65. What sensor is this ? b series
  66. z6 motor in y7 car
  67. Wavy spedo?
  68. 95 sol meets 92 vx
  69. Wondering if anyone has info on a 1990-1993 accord auto to manual conversion.
  70. Need help with my del sol
  71. Little help please!
  72. Car died and now solid cel
  73. Auto to manual swap, idle/partial throttle issues
  74. Using all thread and cap nuts in place of valve cover bolts
  75. Timing belt cover?
  76. Anybody running a Pressure Isulator?
  77. Header gasket.. where to get a new one?
  78. Flywheel?
  79. What the hell is wrong
  80. Airbag detonation
  81. S2000 Seats
  82. D series guru's...
  83. new cluster, reading wrong redline?
  84. 93 cx hatch idel rolling and extra
  85. hard wiring
  86. Y8 Cam or Z6 Cam in Z6 head?
  87. SOHC ZC with d15b head??
  88. Looking at a 96 ex...
  89. Snapped e-brake cable?
  90. Phillips screws on crx hatch latch?!
  91. Steering Wheel and 5 point question
  92. One light works
  93. Help identifying a d16z6 crank
  94. Where's the main relay on EK's ??
  95. 2000 grit on clearcoat?
  96. Coolant issue related to surgeing idle
  97. D16Y8 vs D16Z6 ECU
  98. ? on cat converter
  99. New to boost! Got some questions!
  100. Origninal Ground cable from engine to frame needed?
  101. No fuel warning light on dx model?
  102. Noise from power steering pump?
  103. D16a6 vs dohc zc, stock motors. Personal experience please
  104. Aftermarket steering wheel
  105. PM3-17 Head
  106. '02 Toyota Echo throttle cable ?
  107. Vibrations in gas pedal?
  108. Cluster lights
  109. Headlight mystery
  110. Clock and dash lights problem.
  111. Will a missing iat sensor throw a iacv code?
  112. Depinning OBD-1 Injector Clips
  113. Cylinder 1 is not firing please help
  114. Good buy or bad buy?
  115. D15B Help
  116. How do i set my idle screw?(d15b7)
  117. Why does my friends car sound like a wrx?
  118. Pcv removal?
  119. Auto to Manual conversion
  120. Question about exhaust system gaskets and bolts
  121. Fuel pump ?!?
  122. Help...What Could Be My Problem...
  123. Anybody know how get video from a video camera to pc
  124. Custom rods and the price?
  125. Bad Idle and starting
  126. Car shut off and won't start im stumped someone please help
  127. What causes black soot buildup on my rear bumper?
  128. Wire tuck on a EK
  129. Painting wheels?
  130. Starter question
  131. D16Z6 swap in 92 CX HB
  132. Iacv question,please help,simple question
  133. Steering gear box
  134. B-swap motor mounts question
  135. What should be my next move??(input please))
  136. Question about Y8 fuel rail
  137. Wheel spacers for gsr brakes and spindles on a eg...Questions about mazda miata wheel
  138. Change brake fluid
  139. Used throttle body cleaner, Now car stalls when cranking up.
  140. Picture request
  141. Another idle problem thread.
  142. New Muffler
  143. Car Issues Again-Why Is it Not Wanting To Idle?
  144. Couple Tech Questions
  145. Ref question???
  146. Help with Wiring!!
  147. New gasket but whats wrong
  148. Thermostat Location
  149. Earls fuel filters
  150. DIY Painting my Car, Help Please
  151. Vtec help PLEASE
  152. I have a weird problem
  153. I know again,surging and jumpy idle
  154. What is 94 civic ex coupe stock hub bore?
  155. Door lock cylinder replacement?
  156. aHHH drive pully help
  157. Where can I buy a good set of panels for sedan
  158. CEL on. ECU throwing codes.
  159. How many people don't even use that IM brace?
  160. Vtec issue
  161. Battery Help Please
  162. putting an n/a in a d15b7
  163. New to everything,need some help
  164. Need answers for B2/A6 set-up...
  165. Starter Relay = Main Relay? CRX
  166. Is straight thirty weight oil ok for break in
  167. Identify these injector plugs
  168. Gauge opinion
  169. Timing belt issue weird
  170. Aftermarket seat questions
  171. Volvo Injectors
  172. Test pipe question
  173. 99-00 civic Si brake upgrade on 92-95 civic help please
  174. Front tranny mount.
  175. Build or swap?
  176. For all you DIY'ers: Automotive Repair Reference Center
  177. What motor mounts? An a good timing write up?
  178. Checking if the head/cam is ok?
  179. Distrubtor?
  180. 96-98 to 99-00 front bumper
  181. Oil burning problem, lots of oil in cylinder 3
  182. ?'s on dual fuel rails and ecu/ems stuff
  183. Mirror Fitment
  184. New radiator
  185. D16Y8 to D17A swap?
  186. 92-95 Civic Taillight Swap I need to know what wire are what
  187. Help diagnosing engine
  188. Strong Gas Smell
  189. Intake Manifold Leak
  190. Loud D16. Roars like anything.
  191. Adjusted my valves and now they are louder!!!
  192. 95 integra dash in 95 civic?
  193. AEM fitment problem?!?!
  194. Paint jobs
  195. Random revlimiter problem
  196. Piston and Rod dimensions
  197. Swap d16y7 for d16y8 ?
  198. I hate my life...timing issues
  199. Strange noise coming from...right side?
  200. Dyno comparaison request: Edelbrock performerX VS STOCK z6/y8
  201. Vtec break up
  202. Super Low Idle
  203. Starter issues
  204. OBD1 JDM Wire harness confusion
  205. Bubbly radiator coolant....
  206. 1996-2000 honda civic grill modification
  207. Going to "freshen" the motor up, need a couple opinions.
  208. y8 into 99dx dizzy help
  209. What is this vac line too? pic inside
  210. 1989 HF Stupid Motor Question
  211. How to eliminate my charcoal canister?
  212. 89 civic std seat chassis problem
  213. Skunk 2 im problems/ head gasket blown.
  214. Ed6 dseries cable shift linkage
  215. Pillarpod.com?!?!?
  216. PCV Valves
  217. Injector flowmatching and cleaning
  218. Sohc zc non vtec
  219. P28 Skunk2 chip
  220. Got hit from behind today...
  221. Side Exit Exhaust?
  222. Distributor cap bolts broken
  223. Replacing climate control bulbs in 96
  224. I got a slight problem..
  225. SOHC ZC Dual Carb Cold Idle Adjustment
  226. 2002 lancer injectors
  227. Quick help D15b cam
  228. Getting tires black again?
  229. Dizzy ears
  230. Valve cover bolts
  231. All spin no run
  232. What is this?
  233. Hood problem!
  234. Autometer gauges
  235. Cluster
  236. Rear Muffler Section
  237. blox oil sending unit wiring
  238. Head gasket deceased...I think
  239. Injector question
  240. Mine me low end problems
  241. What clutch with this setup?
  242. D16Z6 Rebuild Kit
  243. Dieing out at stops
  244. CPT Products Update Page
  245. Bought a NRG Torque Damper, question about installation.
  246. Mini me gone wrong please help
  247. Stock 94 civic ex 185/60-14 vs. 185/70
  248. SOHC ZC question
  249. Help Me Out Ppl..
  250. Polishing wheels?