: General Tech

  1. Fender rolling???? anyone please?
  2. Overheating on first day of cold...
  3. indiglo gauge face quick question
  4. Help me find the ground wire please
  5. Brake Lights stuck on??
  6. F*cking Climate Control
  7. Lost my keys and my alarm pager!
  8. Ex midpipe
  9. One side is brighter than the other?
  10. Moisture in headlights
  11. Help me wire fog light relay please.
  12. Help me wire fog light relay please.
  13. D16z6 turbo problem, help
  14. Can someone explain to me what taping off the bottom hole of TB will do?
  15. Hid foglight problem
  16. What is this?
  17. z6 swap clutch question
  18. Anyone do cheap body work in pittsburgh?
  19. 95 or so Teg back seats in 90 Civ
  20. What Prop. Valve to use?
  21. Sohc vtec ZC
  22. Tach help
  23. y7 to y8 intake mani swap question
  24. Connector?? pic inside
  25. Cheap at home powder coating kit.
  26. Recaro CTR seat rails...
  27. Noob Question - Floormats
  28. Optima Red/Yellow Top Batteries
  29. Sudden idle drop?
  30. Watch Bodykit Do I Have?
  31. A6 block, Y7 head, which timing belt?
  32. dizzy question
  33. Installing a jdm climate control
  34. Hid in fog
  35. Wheel lock key?
  36. Building Options
  37. Headgasket
  38. Winter: Starting up/Producing heat
  39. B16 TB on Z6 Mani... gots some questions...
  40. IAT question
  41. What year valve cover gasket will fit a 98 civic
  42. GSR CAT
  43. I have d16z6 engine my car won't start bec of the ecu
  44. Obd0 to obd1 question
  45. PICTURE REQUEST 96-98 civic owners
  46. Dyno tunning.
  47. Gonna be parting out my 91 dx hatch
  48. Forgot to plug the middle plug into my ecu NOW LOOK
  49. Engine is stalling today.
  50. Which alternator CAN i use? 96 d16y8 civic coupe
  51. Cell code / P28 /D16Z6
  52. 88-91 civic fuel pump install
  53. 255 Walbro on stock motor?
  54. 2000 Civic Si & EX Rotor/Pad ?
  55. Wheel Bearing
  56. Need help?
  57. My Block Notching
  58. Good and bad news, need tranny help-
  59. 2000 crv problems
  60. Flow rate / displacement of stock 88-91 fuel pump
  61. D16y7 rough idle, any ideas
  62. Does anyone know how to fix a windshield crack?
  63. D16y8 exhaust manifold on z6 in del sol?
  64. Injectors that fit Honda also
  65. Hid in foglight?
  66. Build question(s)
  67. Does anyone know?????????
  68. Power vs weight question
  69. Int wipers not working?
  70. Header wont fit??
  71. Running... kinda
  72. Need help with Injector Harness... NOW
  73. What are these?
  74. Help me confirm this is a code 4
  75. Bat light comes on real dim
  76. Climate Control HELP!
  77. Need help removing harness that connects to A.C
  78. Anybody got a guide on how to remove Air Conditioner(92-95 Civic)
  79. 90 hatch rad support fit crx?
  80. Fuel Rail Leaking Gas Slowly..Help please.
  81. Ebay Header Suggestions
  82. Here's the pics
  83. I need to buy a good floor jack.
  84. HID conversion/replacement.
  85. I feel stupid, someone tell me whats the diff.
  86. Help With My check Engine Light Please
  87. GSR Cluster swap, vss questions
  88. What Header?
  89. Itr seats in ej/ek
  90. Swapped p28 in 98 ej8 now cel code 9 HELP!!!!!
  91. Interior help
  92. Car wont start when cold?!?!
  93. Is there a catback for a 89 sedan...
  94. ED/EF oil dipstick question
  95. Sohc civic zc head and d15 head?
  96. Nrg engine torque damper
  97. Oil on inside of hood in straight line?
  98. Anyone got cluster swap info for this
  99. Timing Light+First Time User=Need Help=]
  100. Anyone tint their car on their own?
  101. What do u do with the rear O2 sensor after u put on a header?
  102. Civic and integra cats?
  103. Compression questions
  104. Cluster is 10 mph faster than actual speed?!
  105. Securing climate control to dashboard
  106. Problems with lights.
  107. Lights dim when VTEC hits...?
  108. What happened to my mini-me!?!?!
  109. Is this crap all A/C stuff?
  110. Misfire only @ warm idle
  111. d16z6 is running, now i need vtec, but how?
  112. How do u remove this?
  113. Having Issues with my Rear Defrost
  114. Heater core plug
  115. Were to post
  116. Heater core leak into cabin in are cars 88-91 specifically
  117. 2000 SI Rear Glass Seal?
  118. Eg race dash..
  119. More electrical problems please help!
  120. 5 cent mod that increases low end power
  121. NEED HELP D16y7 with D1678 intake manifold
  122. Do they fit??
  123. Short shifter
  124. Water temp Gauge install question
  125. Where is the oil leak....
  126. gas gauge hell
  127. Manual ecu on an auto?
  128. Car randomly died, water pump? - Long
  129. Such a thing as this exhaust exist?
  130. Advice about OBD 1 conversion in a CRX
  131. Fuel Injector Limitations
  132. Accord vtec?
  133. Old with the new and new with the old.
  134. B18C5 throttle cable bracket on z6 manifold?
  135. Need some engine help please
  136. Green plug in back of gauge cluster?
  137. d15b
  138. D16z6 question
  139. Manual to power window??
  140. Wiring harness question
  141. Lack of mobil 1 elsewhere in the country?
  142. Question regarding for all you with an oil temp gauge
  143. Steering issues, wheel is cocked sideways now, what is going on?!
  144. So now im down to this
  145. It goes plunk plunk plunk when i turn...
  146. Help!!!!! Im supposed to be leaving for a 6hr road trip for t/g right now
  147. Kamikaze Muffler?
  148. Honda Chassis Codes
  149. P0505 ICS MALFUNCTIOn code 14
  150. y7 block y5 head help
  151. AEM V2 Replica
  152. d16z6 valve-cover fit on my d14a4???
  153. Tell me what u think it is! PLEASE!
  154. ZC/a6 cam specs
  155. Weld Header pieces together *PIX*
  156. Feels like im pissing in the wind here.
  157. Alright to remove heatshield?
  158. Painting Brake Drums (the drum cover)
  159. Energy suspension motor mount inserts?
  160. Is fan thermometer switch and fan relay same in all civics?
  161. Has anyone made a PVC intake Mani?
  162. Pedals for MT equipped car
  163. The Official Lip Info Thread
  164. Which tool should i buy?
  165. Now I feel like an idiot
  166. Help: CEL ON, Honda code
  167. Help: CEL ON, Honda code
  168. Engine bay clean up
  169. Stickiest tire in this size?? Calling all you net detectives
  170. Best cage for the buck
  171. Question about vitaras
  172. Oil filter sandwich adapter?? Which one??
  173. Ok diagnose this!!!!
  174. Overcharged Battery
  175. Help me out D-series please....
  176. Need help tried everything d16z6 starts runs like crap dies and code 14 *SEARCHED
  177. Skunk2 PRO-SERIE adjustable cam gear....
  178. Where does the hub stop and the bearing start??
  179. Huge Problem and no ideas
  180. Injectors
  181. GSR cluster into a 93 hatch
  182. She broke it!
  183. Stock gsr shifter fit in a civic dx?
  184. Look at these bearings please
  185. CRX water leak.
  186. Did a b7 to z6 mani swap, now when i crank, injectors spray gas under the hood?!
  187. Need help fast!!(radiator)
  188. y8 on a b7 in a 90
  189. Yum! What Can i use to clean my Injectors?(Doing B7 mani to z6 swap. Pics inside.)
  190. Transaxle Problems
  191. Your kidding me right?
  192. Pulling motor out
  193. Waterpump d16y7/y8
  194. Idle Air Control Valve problems need a pro!
  195. What's this
  196. What kind of lug nut i need for this sparco wheel??and where??
  197. VTEC Not Working, Tried everything.
  198. Need help with my ED/EF
  199. Boosted d15z6 or NA gsr
  200. Wheel Paint - Shades of white?
  201. Toyo or Koyo Front hub?
  202. CEL on b16...help pleassseee!!
  203. Seats for ED/EF.. Any ideas?
  204. Looking for Inner Tie Rod DIY!!!
  205. Turbonetics GT-K 450
  206. Grrr battery light help please
  207. 3" going into a 2" CAI.(Will It hurt performance)
  208. Ok I swapped he z6 for the Y
  209. Intermittent wiper swap
  210. What Bhp From mini me D16z6 head on D16Z2 block?
  211. What heads will fit on D16Z2 block
  212. D/F series in Integra question
  213. 96 civic d16y7 not starting
  214. Intake swap question
  215. Need Help, no spark after build.
  216. Installed New Header, 7 Inch Screen, and Sub woofer
  217. Halo Headlight help.
  218. Help...car stutters/bogs on acceleration please look
  219. Steering rack question
  220. Will my d15b7 IACV fit on a D16z6 Intake Manifold?
  221. Installed New Header
  222. Crx dash in 90 hatch?
  223. Stock interior carpeting
  224. Why is my gas marker staying on full??
  225. Hatchback Air vents
  226. First oil change
  227. Ballasts??
  228. What the hell....car troubles....please help asap
  229. Finishing my build need some help, please look!
  230. OEM "vintage" parts
  231. RSR D-series header?
  232. Heater stuck on floor/defrost?
  233. Wheel Request: Pic Inside. Discontinued? Copies?
  234. So uh...i locked my keys in the trunk..
  235. Some cluster swap questions
  236. Idle problem!!!!!! Help
  237. A/c compresor making a chirping sound
  238. Should i buy cf hood?
  239. Need better throttle response?
  240. EJ2 Window Trim Help
  241. Decent places for interior/appearance parts?
  242. I want to see pics!!!
  243. D15b1 Rebuild or D15b7 Rebuild?
  244. Diffence between the d15b1 and b2
  245. obd2 location
  246. Back end wanders around... Scares the sh*t out of me!
  247. D series fluid requirements
  248. Do i need this ECU wires?
  249. Quiet exhaust
  250. Center console ideas?