: General Tech

  1. Name these sensors
  2. Question on IM
  3. Aligning headlights properly
  4. Ebay Timing Belt sets?
  5. Valve cover hardware z6
  6. 90 Civic HB Rear Bumper.. Help?
  7. How to remove the front corner windows on a del sol
  8. Pilot Shift Knob
  9. How to ship interior?
  10. d16z6 intake manifold
  11. d16z6 intake manifold
  12. Walbro Pump install in ED/EF question????
  13. If vtec is not working or engaging
  14. y8 intake manifold on z6?
  15. My first swap need help!!!!
  16. Why is my car still running hot?
  17. Door locks Keys dont work for them...
  18. d16 sohc vtec problem cant hear it come in
  19. Strange problem?
  20. Where have you purchesed your Rota's?
  21. Too Cool?
  22. Need help finding solution
  23. Need tail light to work....
  24. Honda civic recently broken into
  25. Adding lucas oil stabilizer
  26. D16z6 intake mani on d16a6
  27. Burnt valve, HG or maybe something else..
  28. SOHC ZC into a 91 crx si???
  29. Quick valve adjustment question!
  30. Help Removing O2 Sensors
  31. Oil Leaking Behind Crank Pulley?(pics inside)
  32. Mini me questions I can find clear answers too
  33. DC header 1 piece
  34. How to wire in second o2 sensor
  35. Shaving A Valve Cover?
  36. Soft clutch.
  37. Still hear tapping after valve lash adjustment?
  38. Electrical Problem
  39. Shifting Problems
  40. My eg5 idling from 15000 rpm,s to 3000 rpms help needed
  41. I'm about tired
  42. 92-95 sideskirt question hb and 2 dr
  43. Stock Crankshaft Weight
  44. Now I have a Idle problem
  45. I need some help
  46. 92-95 question about the triangle fender support
  47. Test pipe?
  48. B18a1 questions
  49. Swap Articles
  50. MIX AND MATCH Tranny gear questions!!!
  51. EK driver side support with obd1 engine
  52. z6 head, without running vtec
  53. Which brand of brake fluid
  54. Easier way to replace head gasket???
  55. Used Engine Price
  56. D15Z1 Noise issue, any thoughts?
  57. Color matched trim on an ED, post up pics please
  58. I'm getting a weird squeak when i turn or move slowly
  59. Canada bride seats unsafe?
  60. No power down low rpms all help appreciated.
  61. Pinout for drivers side shock tower big engine harness plug?
  62. Looking to buy d16 block w/ crank
  63. Need to know exactly what Milano red color is?!?
  64. Throttle Body Diffrences
  65. Speed\gear ratio question.
  66. CEL WIll not blink when you try to check for codes
  67. 91' SI tach in a 90' DX? read and laugh!
  68. Some MPFI swap questions
  69. D16a1 on CL good deal?
  70. Water Temp Gauges
  71. On again off again hesitation problem
  72. Help with interior please
  73. Thinking about buying this civic
  74. Dash removal
  75. Gauge Cluster Quit Workin!!! Help
  76. Bmw bottlecaps
  77. Del Sol Window Help
  78. Am I burning oil?
  79. NO FUEL!! (help)
  80. Mini me swap.
  81. where can i get my fenders?
  82. Instrument Gauges not working help please
  83. Exhaust Question?
  84. AVID after market mounts
  85. Will this work for Dead Pedal in Eg?
  86. Having problems need help!
  87. Check engine light
  88. Crankshaft keyway help needed asap please
  89. Injectors
  90. What's the best way to strip paint off of an engine block?
  91. 88 crx fuel pump wiring issue
  92. Cheap wheels for good slicks
  93. D16z6 head
  94. Restoring Plastic Visors
  95. Air conditioning Question...
  96. Sourcing EDM Parts
  97. Hood Cable Fix/Reroute
  98. Crx sputters when under loads noob question
  99. Hissing Sound from behind water pump
  100. Auto to manual now wont let go of key
  101. Nose mask question
  102. Anyone has first hand experience with -AN fittings?
  103. Hood latch adjusting
  104. Is this a good buy
  105. Gauge Change
  106. Tachometer doesnt work after doing a swap.
  107. Wot issue?!?! Cant smash the throttle!!! Why?
  108. Oil psi reading is everywhere!!!
  109. Vacuum/boost gauge
  110. Radiator won't fit my rex
  111. Knocking sound
  112. D16a6 into my 95 civic dx?
  113. Primewell Model: PZ900 ~ anyone know anything about these tires..?
  114. 2 window questions
  115. Mobil one m1-110 oil fit?
  116. 91 civic electrical problem
  117. D15b non vtec intake and exhaust manifold question
  118. Eg hatch floor replacement
  119. HELP!!Timing is bad? or my valves is bent?
  120. Car died and wont start (help)
  121. Dash swap and vin
  122. Found these under the head
  123. Where to buy oil pump
  124. JDM D15B coolant hose routing help!
  125. OBD-0 to OBD-1 and DPFI to MPFI
  126. Front bumper plugs
  127. Need help.first time here..z6 help
  128. 07 Si exhaust
  129. Is this tach junk or what??
  130. Exedy stage 1 clutch
  131. Del Sol EG1 Exhaust Sourcing Problems
  132. Skunk 2 Intake mani Install questions
  133. Heyy anyone know how to wire reverse light?
  134. Question about after market tach
  135. Master Cylinder HELP!!!
  136. Anyone that owns a stock EK , well stock headlights
  137. ED cat? (Meow!)
  138. CX Hatch Idle Problem!
  139. Help speed sensor stuck broken
  140. In the Market for Performance Tires!!Help
  141. From eg to ED/EF
  142. Shit, come holla
  143. High beam indicator stay on dim when lo beams are on , EK ??
  144. Car dies out
  145. Dizzy ID?
  146. High Pitched Squeel
  147. Question about California DMV inspection and CHP inspection
  148. Weight
  149. Vaccum leak help
  150. No turn signals
  151. CODE 6
  152. Trouble starting, any ideas?
  153. EG LCA's work on EK
  154. Code 43
  155. Removng throttle body for cleaning d16
  156. How to remove dimmer switch?
  157. Innovative motor mount install
  158. 96 d16y8 auto swap to a d16y8 manual
  159. New clutch questions
  160. $25 to whoever helps me solve this problem!!!
  161. Resonator question
  162. Help searching for cancer cure. VID INSIDE
  163. Torn Rack boots
  164. Question about D16z6 timing belt cover
  165. D16a6 swap
  166. Radiator/cooling question. Dual core rad.
  167. Choices! 98 EJ Coupe (mod time)
  168. Oil control orifice O-ring D16z6
  169. Hey what is a useful guage for N/A setup
  170. Leaking rack and pinion
  171. Tenzo R seat brackets
  172. Power mirror and power window swap on a civic wagon?
  173. Does anyone know if all 92-95 A/C componets are the same as 96-00 ?
  174. Need Audio console directions!!!
  175. D16a6
  176. IACV CEL when at running temp?
  177. Idle adjustment screw
  178. Flex-a-lite lexan windows for 2000 EK?
  179. Jdm d15b in my 98 civic
  180. P0441 code
  181. I need help please help so i can complete this swap.
  182. What sensor is under the water bypass pipe?
  183. 1993 Del Sol Service Manual
  184. 1993 Del Sol problem
  185. D16Y8 intake roar
  186. Rev-limit problem
  187. First time build with a y8
  188. Location of O2 sensor
  189. Rubbing noise from front driver's side fenderwell
  190. Si conversion
  191. Power door lock help
  192. Car Wont Start
  193. Looking for a NEW battery charger
  194. Vacuum hose kits ? Where to buy ?
  195. Power steering on 96 civic DX help!
  196. D-series with 36mm 5 lug swap
  197. Ebay Catback(s)
  198. eg 3dr 2dr axle back difference?
  199. Quick radiator question
  200. Irregular tire wear, passenger side gone
  201. Pro's and cons of b swap
  202. I have blocked the fast idle and here is the results
  203. Toyo or nitto
  204. Power door locks?
  205. looking for a website
  206. Im not sure what will be better.
  207. Injector Size Question
  208. Adjusting headlights
  209. d16y8 obd1 help
  210. Looking for info on when vtec engages on all vtec motors
  211. Electrical Wire Problem for 92-95 Civics
  212. Blower motor
  213. HP and wheel weight
  214. Aftermaret seat rail help
  215. P08 Pistons Info Needed
  216. Need some help...
  217. Idle Issues.
  218. Window won't roll down.
  219. M&H slick
  220. Will it rub?
  221. D16Y8 Swap into Eg civic Hatch
  222. Best looking 15" wheels?
  223. Obd1 d15b in a 97 coupe
  224. Disableing the O2 heater circut
  225. This just in...
  226. Flat black civic?
  227. Does a zc aluminum oil pan swap for z6 steel pan
  228. So what do i need?
  229. I need help finding high flow cat...
  230. New honda has a fuel issue
  231. Projector headlight and HID
  232. Please identify this fuel pump.
  233. The most quiet and sleeper catback possible on sedan ?
  234. 92-95 D15b vtec swap
  235. EF/CRX Steering Wheel Nut Size
  236. Windshield glass compatibility
  237. Is your civic cold natured?
  238. y7/z6 + acceleration problems? PLEASE HELP!
  239. Couple Q's Related to my y8 swap.
  240. Who has ek skirts on there ed/ef hatch or crx
  241. Please help, electrical prob
  242. Lightweight Wheels -Which one
  243. Timing question
  244. Dash removal... need help
  245. d15b compatability
  246. Paint question
  247. Header & o2 bypass for Y7
  248. Lets Indentify that noise?
  249. obd2 to obd1
  250. Vtec has changed?