: General Tech

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  13. Found an 89 Hatch but it is an AUTOMATIC!!!
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  30. Belt question
  31. Will a d16a6 alternator fit on a b16
  32. Car hard to start after swap
  33. D16a6 differences
  34. Quick question about exedy clutches and boost
  35. d-series.org window stickers?
  36. SOHC ZC
  37. Honda OEM Paint Codes
  38. Will this work (brake booster upgrade)
  39. Cup holders and center consol
  40. Exhaust pieces...
  41. Fun fact for the day...oil filter related
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  54. Im about to quit.
  55. Are these OEM?
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  59. Im looking for good info on the balance of honda motors
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  62. 90 Sedan seat belts
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  67. Doing a 5 speed trans swap
  68. Header/ o2 sensor placement
  69. Drilling out Crank Bolt
  70. 85-91 civic wagon and wagovan the same???
  71. ARP head studs or stock head bolts?
  72. Crx mirrors
  73. Prelude seats
  74. HID retro fit
  75. D16z6 transmission mount for ed/ef hatch?
  76. y8 camshaft
  77. Trans weight?
  78. 91 Civic Upper Balljoint Replacement
  79. Valve stem seals
  80. CRX seats in an ED Civic?
  81. 88 hatch seats
  82. Low vacuum, idle issuses
  83. What are these parts? (Related to auto to manual swap)
  84. valve cover nut busted.
  85. What RPM to launch at? (Drag strip)
  86. f^cked up ROTA CARNAGE PICS!!!! (FINALLY)
  87. Oil pressure gauge leaking at the block
  88. Issues with OBD1 D16Z6 Distributor??
  89. 99-00 civic intake water sensor????
  90. FS 1990 honda civic si side molding
  91. dub work
  92. Replacing timing belt, should I replace the seals as well?
  93. Does a Y8 cat have an O2 sensor bung built in?
  94. Guys where can i get one of those 4 point harness
  95. Exhaust too loud now
  96. Can a polished lip on a rota slip be fixed
  97. WTB d16y8 engine harness
  98. Has anyone ever put a Del Sol dash in a Civic?
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  100. D16y8 swap in 93 dx
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  105. Problem keeping in time
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  113. My friend sales me his 2000 civic si
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  116. What to do with engine after swap
  117. BMW Bottlecaps
  118. Need advice on seats.
  119. Rebuilding Steering Rack
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  122. Push start button like s2k
  123. Removing valve stem seals
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  129. Fmic to clear foglight???
  130. Keep my civic or get a used subaru?
  131. CYP CODE 9 nightmare help will be rewarded
  132. z6 I.M., with B7 T.B. Which T.B Gasket to Use?
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  134. Dumb question
  135. Code 16 on a d15b vtec
  136. Seat belt help
  137. Injectors 1 and 3 not working
  138. Stock Exhaust pipe size
  139. ok figured this one out
  140. What does this stuff do?
  141. Putting gif as your avatar?
  142. Help again
  143. EXHAUST LEAK! how much can this be hurting my performance?
  144. How come everyones intake sucks but mine? lol
  145. 92 cx vtec wiring problems
  146. Quality of lowering springs
  147. Buying an engine... What to look for?
  148. Ok figure this out
  149. Broken door release on civic
  150. Torqe spec
  151. z6 TB rotor fit a y7 TB
  152. Torque damper install-
  153. EG Brake upgrade?
  154. Throwing a code 9
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  156. Battery and/or alternator?
  157. Valve stem seals?
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  159. Mikronite by Crane cams
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  161. 1992-1995 Complete Helms Manual!
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  163. ED/EF problems
  164. Gauge cluster problems!!!
  165. What is the stock engine in the 1999-2000 DX hatchies?
  166. Want to start a project car, please help.
  167. Any ideas what it could be?
  168. TPS from any civic?
  169. Mount Questions
  170. Just making sure, d16y5 questions
  171. yo my bad yall
  172. Fail..
  173. B series Throttle Body Rotor fit y7
  174. v-tec ?s
  175. B series transmission on d series motor
  176. D16z6 build up, need advice.
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  179. Car died. need help
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  181. Injector clip Q's
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  183. Urgent: Broke Something.. Now Vaccuum Leak
  184. Really need some help. Car just left me sitting
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  188. H.I.D
  189. ICEMAN intakes... do you have one?
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  192. $25 to the person that solves this!! part 2 (w/ video)
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  196. What head is this
  197. Anyone ever replaced their valve stem seals without removing the head?
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  199. DPFI -> MPFI swap Q's
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  201. Installing d15b into 93 civic ex
  202. If you have a dpfi
  203. High idle after boost, wtf
  204. SKUNK2 VS D15B Intakes pictures.
  205. Remount hood hatch wire?
  206. 2001 4 door ex seats into eg
  207. Autometer electrical oil pressure gauge question
  208. Stumpted with misfire problem
  209. zc carbureted to FI??
  210. Polishing/Sanding wheels Question..
  211. Tach/Gas Gauge Issues
  212. Weatherstripping Question *Pictures*
  213. Vibration when down shifting to 2nd
  214. Rex stutters
  215. Gonna replace fuel pump
  216. Threw a cat code
  217. Cel codes trouble
  218. Rex havin issues
  219. d15b7/8 with z6 head cam gear question
  220. Auto and Manual
  221. Setting Ignition timing
  222. I few low buck, gotta make it run, mini me questions
  223. Exhaust Fitment Question
  224. Axle help
  225. Car feels funny-
  226. Where does this go?
  227. Over heating issues...
  228. ITR seats fit ek?
  229. Im lost need help
  230. Sedan axle back
  231. sohc civic zc cam in d15b2 head?
  232. d15z5 to d16y8 swap
  233. Sedan w/out PS
  234. Auto car's wire harness... work w/ manual???
  235. Crx rear disk brakes
  236. Resonator
  237. Ngk
  238. Is there any other gen. hood that fit 92-95 civics?
  239. 99-00 faded tail lights?
  240. How to check timing with a lamp
  241. FYI for everyone with little heat
  242. Stripped threads in tranny motor mount
  243. Cam/ecu mismatch
  244. Just to clarify
  245. Tire inflation
  246. Any idea why Im breaking head studs?
  247. 86' CRX motor. worth a damn?
  248. ZC swap info?
  249. b18a TB, A6 manifold?
  250. Help is it a blown head gasket?