: General Tech

  1. Wheel experts needed!!!
  2. Spark plug wires Fitment issue (resolved)
  3. Injectors wont fire
  4. Valve Cover Question.
  5. Diagnose this problem
  6. Help with spark knock
  7. Exhaust
  8. How to check timing when you have a y7 engine harness
  9. Rear brake line kit?
  10. Might be time to go B series
  11. Gas gauge problem help!!!
  12. Underdrive PAS Pulley
  13. E-brake problem
  14. DPFI to MPFI; Iat with no plug
  15. Water pump
  16. Radiator cap came apart when i took it off
  17. help!!!!
  18. Motor Swap Help
  19. Throttle body cable
  20. Do I need this bracket?
  21. Window sounds like a machine gun lol
  22. Way to tell what percent tint on your car?
  23. 96-00 hatch drivers window fit in coupe
  24. p06 circuit diagram
  25. Need some help with a 1990 civic hatch
  26. High NoX readings any insight?
  27. D16y7-D16y8 mini help!
  28. d15b?
  29. Need some help with headbolts for D16A6/D16Y8
  30. D16a running rich
  31. D16Y8 oil pump
  32. d15b block/d16z6 head Qs
  33. civic wiring harness question
  34. How to adjust my d16z6 tps sensor also how to check pcv valve
  35. Help install fuel pressure regulator kit
  36. A few problems with rebuild
  37. How important is this chassie pillar?!
  38. A/C Expansion Valve????
  39. Timing belt kit....
  40. AC not workin, and i smell gas!
  41. Need some computer advice!!
  42. d16z6 into ef coolant help
  43. Driving with a/c?
  44. civic si and ex same throttle body wire?
  45. Gauge Cluster Help! 89 -> 90/91
  46. B20
  47. Mad wheel hop
  48. Heater Core replacement
  49. Engine surge wtf!!
  50. Exhaust for a DC------NEEED HELP!!!!!!!
  51. does ne1 no where.... (Big bird has failed me)
  52. b15b8?
  53. Irritating problem
  54. Burning oil questions
  55. Got my d15b to turn on today but cel is on
  56. Aftermarket header heatshield?
  57. Another smelly cat
  58. Headlights randomly shut off...
  59. What would U have done first?
  60. Auto y8 manifold question
  61. Header melted a/c line! R12 escaped! please HELP!
  62. Grounding injectors
  63. 93 Del Sol shift linkage...
  64. advice on steering column
  65. Swap in progress, need answers
  66. Didnt decide yet
  67. I need this problem fixed
  68. i need a hood
  69. Huge problem after replacing motor d16y8
  70. Alternator Symptoms?
  71. Q on leak down testing
  72. Spark plugs?
  73. MPFI probs.... i think
  74. RHD converson
  75. PS9 ECU
  76. Quick answer
  77. Need a point in the right direction
  78. D15b7
  79. After engine rebuilding and at first start car dies ???
  80. Need help!!!
  81. Rebuilt D16y8
  82. DPFI-MPFI,can i reuse anything from dpfi mani?
  83. Just pull my v/c out
  84. Sohc zc swap with high idle
  85. No spark,
  86. No oil in filter
  87. Need new exhaust system
  88. Ignition Problem Need Help Quick! Thanks
  89. Whats plugs should i run
  90. Should i run an even colder plug currently bkr6e
  91. D16z6 Overheating problem
  92. A/C Repair. HELP!!!!!!!
  93. A/C Repair. HELP!!!!!!!
  94. Window tint
  95. AC compressor LOUD
  96. Leaky windshield
  97. AC compressor question
  98. A6 fuel rail with integra OBD 1 injectors
  99. Crx trouble
  100. Painting Valve Covers
  101. Will this be a good purchase??
  102. Caliper cover
  103. Help?
  104. How many people have done an f series swap.
  105. 99 y8 help (Patience is a vertue)
  106. How do you put a line lock on a civic?
  107. Stumbling 96 hx
  108. 1996 Civic ex
  109. Alternator removal, non noob q's inside
  110. DPFI D15B2 bogging on low rpms. HELP a Homie
  111. Copper spray question
  112. Switching to the dark side?
  113. Need a reputable shop in Nassau County NY
  116. Quick a6 cam swap question
  117. Runing carbs on a D15
  118. d-series.vtec sel. on gsr?
  119. Help!!! d16z6 Loud backfire sound while driving then Engine stopped and wont start!!!
  120. Smoking after pulling car from storage
  121. Need a quick answer
  122. How do you fix oxidized CF hood?
  123. 94 EJ1: Overflow issue when car isn't moving
  124. A/C problem, any help? 97 Civic Ex
  125. SRS Light on.
  126. How to replace.... Fuel pump
  127. Oil smell while coasting in gear
  128. Anyone who DD's their car with aftermarket mounts....
  129. My car suddenly wont start...
  130. Quick question, B18a1 vale adjustment
  131. Dohc zc + a/c?
  132. 3 Inch Exhaust with resonator and Muffler?
  133. Engine wont idle!
  134. Crazy wiring problem need help
  135. Is my obd 0 to obd 1 harness missing pins?
  136. Walbro fuel pump
  137. Having some issus to turning over
  138. Molding questions
  139. Need help to quiet exhaust
  140. Battery Light Issue...Weirdness
  141. Cash for clunker?
  142. How do I stop my car from running so rich????? 150 Miles to the tank FTL
  143. Car only push starts
  144. Exhaust question
  145. Voltage meter help. 97 Civic EX
  146. Z6 dizzy same plugs as B7 dizzy???
  147. D16Y8 Temperature
  148. Jdm d15b vtec swap help
  149. Quick q non-d related
  150. Has this ever been done...
  151. What heead bolts to use??
  152. JDM D15B bogging!!
  153. Repeated problems with Downpipe gasket on 4-2-1 header
  154. Smoking Problem (pics inside)
  155. Overheating issue
  156. What really is this?
  157. Heat/No Heat
  158. City Lights...or whatever they are called
  159. z6 problem with starting??
  160. The Official OE Wheel Info Thread
  161. Thrust washer ?
  162. Eg CAI in Ek?
  163. Will an eg complete ac system fit a ek?
  164. Chipped my ECU, now problems.
  165. Havin trouble keeping motor running
  166. Timing offset in Skunk2 cam gear
  167. How and Where to test TDC sensor D16A6?
  168. Civic backfiring
  169. Either super dumb, or pretty sweet
  170. You guys think this is a good deal? *pics*
  171. Kinda noob question...
  172. Weird crap
  173. Strange noises...and bogging. HELP!!!
  174. RWD civic setup??
  175. D16a6 all injectors only fire once?? help please
  176. Cali EVAP Test?
  177. Quick question
  178. ED/EF body part interchangability
  179. Door handle help
  180. HELP my cant wont turn off
  181. Throttle body help
  182. Dealer website info needed.
  183. Online Civic Template design
  184. Help no fire
  185. d15b info pleeaaase
  186. D16a6/D16z6 Mini Me Question.
  187. Multiple CELL CODEs after replace O2 sensor WB
  188. Cruise control help
  189. Fog light measurements? EP3s on Sol?
  190. Not a honda but need an opinion
  191. D15B CV Dual carbs- what is the crank snout size?
  192. D16y8 vtec engagement. (Ordering ECU Chipping kit)
  193. De-badging
  194. BKR6E-11 Plugs in a stock D15B7?!
  195. iac valve issues
  196. Tell me what... (HELP)
  197. dc5 itr vs rsx-s muffler
  198. D15B7 AC Interchangeability - Help
  199. Borked idle, few hours to fix :S
  200. CRX keeps dying!
  201. Engine idle is wierd
  202. Dpfi-obd1 using mpfi wiring harness
  203. Cheap gas? or am I trippin.
  204. Rear view mirror fell off
  205. Looking for new motor
  206. Dirty whore crotch rocket
  207. Catch can out of oem parts, opinions?
  208. Tearing down a head need some help
  209. What radiator????
  210. A/C re-install, 98ex 4Door w/B18a swap... HUGE PICS-sorry
  211. Where can i find one of these
  212. Does the spark plug tube unscrew
  213. Im a wee bit nervous
  214. How do you take seatbelt off? (Push the Red Button :tard:)
  215. ECU and Rough Idle Questions
  216. z6 dizzy?????
  217. Its been bugging me
  218. A/C compressor questions
  219. Exhaust for my future ls v set-up
  220. Energy suspension motor mount inserts?! Help!
  221. HELP..!!!1.1.1. need a lil info for the A/C elctrical system 98ex 4Door
  222. Throttle bodies and map sensors
  223. Adjustable cam gear
  224. z6 into ek problems
  225. Not getting power to the dizzy HELP
  226. Problem installing adjustable cam gear!!!!
  227. Why does my motor bog when it hits a constant speed?
  228. Oil pump question obd2 on obd1 motor
  229. What next
  230. PM6 mini me question
  231. Group buy if anyone intrested
  232. Mini me problems
  233. Bleeder location???
  234. Idle Air Temp
  235. Inspection item
  236. Rough idle at cold start up!!!
  237. What cam is this ???
  238. Can you put a/c in a DX EG or EK
  239. Hood adjustment question
  240. Oil in dizzy, Why?
  241. OMG! My car just blew oil allover the engine bay!!!!
  242. Crank pulley bolt, HEAT question
  243. Sohc ZC non vtec help
  244. Weird over heating
  245. Where to buy a CF hood
  246. Quick headlight Question
  247. Anybody know how to:
  248. 1987 CRX D15A3 Compression Test
  249. Weird Idleing Issue
  250. dc 4-1 sensors issue