: General Tech

  1. Slow crank after head refit and no start
  2. under drive idea
  3. Popping/cracking sound when accelerating from a stop?
  4. idle vs air temp
  5. ED/EF with Hydro B-series Question, Need measurement
  6. JDM d15b non vtec valve adjustment
  7. Breather Box - Activated Carbon Mat as Filter?
  8. Help please!! Can't identify which d-series engine
  9. How to make steering heavier/stiffer? Also, PS removal questions
  10. compression test ??
  11. Clutch pedal getting pressurized when hot?!
  12. New Alternator not charging
  13. i have civic 84 and i have a d16w5 awd engine with a d16z6 tranny can i use it in
  14. 1997 Civic EX D16Y8 swap to JDM D15B
  15. Missing Top End O2 Sensor Wire
  16. clutch install gone wrong?
  17. Car regularily dies, need ideas.
  18. best place for a rebuilt distributor
  19. want opinions, if my distributor bad or not? (crx w/ZCdohc)
  20. RPM issues while driving.
  21. Auto to Manual Swap Problems
  22. d16z6 vitara eagle non-interference?
  23. JDM D15 overheating
  24. d15b7 bad idle issue when sitting plus more
  25. Power window help
  26. D17A2 Swap Downstream O2 sensor Location wire on ECU
  27. rear main seal fail
  28. civic clutch act vs oem
  29. Check engine code 7 OBD0
  30. Y8 block z6 head... Tired of the bs!!!
  31. Crx wire help
  32. Goofy starting issues
  33. 2-bolt / 3-bolt
  34. Idle Screw Question
  35. Weird Voltage Drop Issue - Non D-Series
  36. Are any d17a1 valve train parts compatible with 88-00 d series?
  37. Someone ran a stop sign in front of me...
  38. Typical paint costs?
  39. Vibration advice
  40. B18C HF solid CEL and intermittent pump prime helo
  41. CRX dies without warning
  42. y7 y8 mid pipe diameter
  43. upgrading cams. need help.
  44. just about getting this done
  45. Thermostat replacement
  46. washed my z6...now im misfiring!
  47. Slight miss off idle, lean?
  48. Replacement for D15B2
  49. 93 Del Sol Si Mind Boggle
  50. D17A2 O2 sensors
  51. Failed Skunk2 Intake Manifold Install
  52. P0505 driving me crazy
  53. oil on my plugs
  54. replacement poly bushings..
  55. 98 ex d16y8 clicking noise
  56. Proportioning Valve Variants
  57. Engine fell apart while parked.... damn gremlins.
  58. 99 d16y8 to y7
  59. No Spark No Inj Pulse CALLING ALL PROS
  60. Speedo fix
  61. 98 Civic EX Auto to Manual swap *cab/dash harness issue*
  62. D16a9 low comp
  63. Chk ENG light help!!!!
  64. ek tranny bracket bolt length?
  65. p0172 need opinions
  66. 94 Civic Vx Chech Engine light Flickers & Hums
  67. keep warping rotors
  68. Squeaking while I brake and as I drive.
  69. Rough idle on startup... then goes away
  70. eg sedan floor mats
  71. Full size radiator on D16Z6, what fits?
  72. Oil pump seal replace without removing pump, possible?
  73. Fuel injector rail screw snapped
  74. Compression test result question
  75. Time for a new CAT, what size?
  76. Severe Overheating
  77. Stock-ish EX bogs down under load...
  78. OEM head gasket differences
  79. Harness plug question
  80. spark plug tube seal install help
  81. syncrotech carbon vs oem
  82. In a pinch, anyone know if there are other models whose front calipers will fit an 89
  83. Oil light flash at start up.
  84. P06-A02 to P28 conversion
  85. Programmable Water Temp / Volt Gauge, Settings?
  86. Brake Problem (spongy)
  87. 93 d15b7 start issue
  88. How much lip is too much
  89. what dizzy do I need to buy?
  90. 88-89 to 90-91 differences, sedans specifically.
  91. timing belt off a tooth? timing light off
  92. Everlast Tig Welder
  93. 93 civic wont start after engine is up to temp
  94. D16A1 in a 88 si
  95. Y8 head on z6 block cam gear?
  96. D15b P08 A/T engine shifting
  97. Clutch is about to go out.. What should I get?!
  98. B18c turbo or k20a2 with drop in cams
  99. 93 civic d16z6 running rich.
  100. installing electric oil pressure guage
  101. d16y8 rocker arm assembly change; no start
  102. D15b2 code 16 - bogs when taking off from a stop
  103. 93 EX Issues
  104. Mysterious Oil Leak *Pics*
  105. where to find 97 civic coupe quarters
  106. front subframe rot help!
  107. My new 1993 hatch has rust
  108. Car stalls at first start up please help
  109. 99 EX sunroof delete options?
  110. banjo bolt size
  111. Removal of the Power steering Ek3 Civic - 99
  112. Idle issue AGAIN
  113. Accel coil
  114. mini me cold start high idle
  115. Cluster bolt stripped
  116. bad battery?
  117. mechanical oil psi guage or electrical
  118. exhaust build, notes, questions and so forth.
  119. Random High Idle and Bogging
  120. Seats fit in a 1996 honda civic coupe EX
  121. Good and affordable ODB2 Scanner for around $100?
  122. Civic Overheats When Heater is ON??
  123. having trouble identifying my zc help??
  124. Need help identifying fuel injectors.
  125. What I use to test fuel pressure
  126. camshaft codes
  127. New (to me) EJ1 troubleshooting help.
  128. Bogging Down during Hot Idle
  129. finished mini me cel #1
  130. Code throwing D16y8
  131. D16z6 idle. remains unfixed
  132. red soot from exhaust ???
  133. Idling rough, random
  134. Alldata access... Who needs it?
  135. Knock when first giving it gas
  136. presented to various enormous thoughts
  137. Revving 800-2500+ at idle
  138. Cooling fan takes time to turn on
  139. D16Z6 - 92 eg - P06 engine harness custom wiring
  140. B18B1 Question
  141. How do I take off my rear quarter glass 1989 civic hatch.
  142. Insurgent 2015 The Gunman 2015
  143. Unnecessary engine parts?
  144. desires and accident arrived
  145. Headliner adhesive spray 3msuper90?
  146. how to get water out of oil.
  147. Buying a z6 head - questions
  148. adapted by doling out impassion
  149. EF/Crx clutch safety/interlock switch
  150. hesitation at low rpms after auto to manual swap
  151. y7 harness mini me help
  152. Exhaust fitment problems.
  153. Watch It Follows Online.....
  154. AEM FPR Help
  155. 97 Civic Ex Won't crank after hitting deer, help!
  156. how does prop valve works?
  157. Auto to Manual mount question
  158. Can anyone Identify thing part?
  159. past encounters are uncovered to
  160. Exhaust Gasket
  161. D16z6 normal oparating temprature
  162. pros and con on E85
  163. can I use any d series clutch for d17a2
  164. D16y5 air/fuel issue
  165. Clevite valves
  166. Alternator shaft size
  167. What Is Making This Sound? (13 Second Clip Included)
  168. Pics of del Sol guse Box/Relay mounting point
  169. d16y7 build
  170. part number
  171. d16y8 head on d16z6 block
  172. d15 to d16 engine + tranny swap
  173. 2000 Civic Tie Rod End Boot Stuck!
  174. D16y7 build
  175. 94 Accord Clutch Bleeding Issue
  176. Any OBD0 guys modify their carpet so you can see trouble codes?
  177. 1994 civic crank no start
  178. 4th gen cruise
  179. one more time valve float
  180. high idle after swap !
  181. Downpipe Exhaust nuts
  182. obd0 to obd1 sub harness help
  183. Exhausts
  184. A/C Vent seal replacement
  185. d series auto to manual conversion help
  186. off four successive
  187. pragmatic but inhumane exile of lepers
  188. Installing a 99-00 EX EM on a 96-98 EX
  189. Fuel Injector Cleaning/Flow Benching
  190. Ebay short throw vs oem single bend
  191. Bogus' Needs help Id'ing Honda parts
  192. Vx steering rack
  193. need help d16y8 issue !
  194. Noob Altenator question
  195. d16z6 exhaust manifold cracked
  196. Key won't turn ignition
  197. Distributor?
  198. Honda Logo help! d13b7 w/ b4 head?
  199. Prop valve choice for 10.3" fronts/stock rear disc.
  200. Grinder for head work
  201. Skunk2 Dual bend shifter
  202. How do my plugs look? *pics*
  203. Having a heck of a time getting a new car started after sitting a few hours
  204. Apexi WS2 Gasket size help?
  205. A/C controls and power mirrors dead? not receiving power
  206. Please Help Me
  207. engine knocking/tapping?
  208. lsd for non track use?
  209. What Should I Use On This Steering Wheel?
  210. Wanting a D14-D16 swap guide
  211. D16 swap into EJ9 Help
  212. steering rack removal problems
  213. Failed CA smog d15b2 after rebuild
  214. Newby need help with 94 civic
  215. 92-95 civic axle-back muffler fit 88-91 civic hatch?
  216. Air bubbles in coolant - Not HG
  217. Odd cam wear
  218. Heater problem help!
  219. 99 civic dome light always on
  220. Battery relocation wire size/type question
  221. Another mini me question thread :/
  222. Y7 Y8 CPU Issues
  223. Z6 block y8 head value
  224. Noobie problem
  225. car starts to sputter when warming up
  226. 97 Honda Accord Worst Screeching Noise Coming From Suspension
  227. "Straight pipe" w/ a throttle body!
  228. mini me iat relocation?
  229. My Fav EPl Ever
  230. injector filter basket?
  231. Power steering delete... How hard to steer??
  232. The tip of the iceberg
  233. No chassis harness
  234. Coolant Gauge not working?
  235. d16a9 gearbox
  236. Replaced rocker cover gasket seal and still leaking
  237. ED7 Lip Options?
  238. installing a d17a6
  239. D16A6 fuel feed hose
  240. IAT sensor on turbo em1
  241. Strange electrical problem '90 civic sedan
  242. Downstream O2
  243. y8 head rebuild
  244. d16y8 oil pressure issues
  245. d16y8 into an89 crx help?
  246. question about dizzy
  247. mini me wiring y7/y8
  248. Intake noise not loud after manifold install
  249. Stripped axle nut threads!
  250. 99 civic frozen locks maybe?