: General Tech

  1. Headbolts
  2. Wiring Help Its a mess
  3. d16y8 oil leak w/ pics
  4. Motor removel
  5. Rough and choppy as hell
  6. Polishing headlights!! Look inside
  7. Push button
  8. I'm getting p1361 and p1362
  9. need help on a vtec conversion
  10. Headgasket
  11. ...another TOOLS question...
  12. Tools?
  13. Pissed off... how hard is this to fix?
  14. Idle surging and dies
  15. Ex to vx power windows
  16. Another oil leak ugh...
  17. Need help diagnosing friends cel
  18. FML...Ebrake Frozen
  19. What to do with my 99 civic?
  20. Please Help! Reverse lights don't work.
  21. 88-91 vs 92-00 ngk plugs
  22. Oil Leak... Options?
  23. Hondata question
  24. z6 rev limits at 5500K?
  25. Over heating problems...
  26. D15b1 runs bad?
  27. Code 9 trouble
  28. Erratic Overheating Issue... Help!
  29. Right throttle wire holder for ex?
  30. Dc cluster in Eg??
  31. *HELP* Foglight Wiring (w/ diagram)
  32. looking for a good machine shop in nyc...
  33. obd0 or obd1?
  34. Having trouble with the receiver dryer :(
  35. plug gap
  36. Fuel issue?
  37. Mini radiator
  38. p28 knock sensor?????
  39. Best wax?
  40. engine buildin and turbocharge
  41. Car shut off last night on the highway
  42. POS CRX Problem, don't know where to start...
  43. Major fuel problems
  44. So I need new LCA bolts :(((
  45. Vtec not working?
  46. Wow, I guess dumping your clutch at 6k does actually break stuff...
  47. Throttle body gasket
  48. CRX Big Brake Upgrade Master Cylinder
  49. Most recent info on lower ball joint removal what works the best?
  50. Water temp gauge HELP:
  51. Irregular idle, Sticking pedal CEL....WTF?
  52. Bahhhh wtf!!!!
  53. Water pump?
  54. Buying a short block
  55. Throttle getting stuck
  56. Quick Question concerning Oil
  57. Post-swap tach/ speedo/ odometer not working
  58. d16z6 no spark!!!
  59. Am i in the right place?
  60. Hmm a/c idea.
  61. Brand New Baby Del Sol - Already Issues...
  62. Help car wont start
  63. Conversion help d15b2 -d15b vtec
  64. In need of a huge favour from across the pond! :D
  65. Honda del sol No spark
  66. Clutch Issues in the Mornings...
  67. Will not start
  68. Cold morning starting... Sticking relays?
  69. AC advice
  70. Few Questions
  71. y7 bare head and block what type of material is this made of?
  72. Need Help On Mini Me
  73. Help with headlights..
  74. Just did the swap have fuel and spark no start
  75. Will A (Auto) B18B1 T.B Bolt Right Up To A Skunk 2 Mani?
  76. Cam Installation Question?(Simple)
  77. Temp gauge fluctuating engine shaking
  78. Car running weird
  79. How can i tell if my ac compressor is bad?
  80. Rear engine mounts keeps working lose
  81. My car died but now only runs on stock ecu
  82. Axle nut is the devil help!
  83. Radiator/cooling system issues.
  84. Low oil pressure...not building pressure throughout rpms
  85. Need help with timing
  86. 89 integra, any help?
  87. Best place to buy oem mufflers?
  88. Help with swap
  89. Car cranks, no fuel no spark HELP!!!!
  90. Is my car normal if its smoking like this?...
  91. Help me please on window..
  92. CRX/Civic exhaust header?
  93. Brakes question
  94. CR-Z First drive
  95. How loud?
  96. Intercooler Project
  97. Failed smog today
  98. Lost title issue
  99. Is this consider a bad battery?
  100. It wont start....New motor
  101. Injector question
  102. Could too much oil bow out oil rings?
  103. Does this sounds fishy/dangerous???
  104. 5 speed conversion
  105. fuel pump interchange?
  106. rant and rave
  107. ID needed: aftermarket bumper for 88-91
  108. Security questions
  109. How hard should i make my mounts?
  110. Smoking at high revs??
  111. I need help...Grinding like metal to metal noise.
  112. y8 mani help!
  113. Need some helppp PLEASE
  114. Low oil
  115. What is the highes temperature of the oil in ur car?
  116. Quick question
  117. How much power should the a/c rob?
  118. Can it be done D17 in a eg?
  119. VSS cel won't go away!!!!!
  120. Filled manifold leads to MPFI swap confusion
  121. Read my plugs! Running rough
  122. What should i swap into my crx
  123. Zc vtec ignition timing q ??
  124. How do you tell what d15 motor is in your car
  125. How bad is this uh-oh?
  126. 88 si engine harness
  127. Anti-theft plates
  128. How to install extended wheel studs?
  129. No speedo
  130. D16a6 into 96-00 chassis
  131. Uhhhh WTF just happened?!?!?
  132. Timing problem? (video)
  133. Vtec head
  134. IACV troubles
  135. Grayish white smoke
  136. What in the hell is going on?
  137. d15b7 cooling systems
  138. Muffler Replacement
  139. Compression test
  140. Patch panel install with rivets
  141. Seeking all 86 civic si knowledge
  142. Cluster swap: Auto to Manual quick q.
  143. CRX Si w/D16Y5 A/C question
  144. Y8 auto vs Y8 manual intake manifolds? HELP
  145. Small engine probs
  146. Tweaked out Tach in the cluster?!
  147. What water do you run in you cooling system?
  148. Vacuum or coolent, please help!
  149. I must be too retarded to do a leakdown test..
  150. Installing jdm cluster in a eg dx hatch
  151. Replace water pump without pulling crank pulley
  152. Gauges
  153. Is this ok? (custom mandrel bent exhaust related)
  154. Not a D....more like an H question
  155. Got new Intake mani, throttle bracket/cable help
  156. CEL problems....
  157. Dumb harness question
  158. Lug Nuts For Hx Wheels
  159. When is it time for a new battery?
  160. Need HELP!!!
  161. Brake upgrade?
  162. Need pics of d16y8 manual Intake Manifolds
  163. JDM D15B timing belt cover
  164. Lazy vtec 95 civic coupe ex
  165. Help with side molding
  166. Compression testing
  167. Charging problem
  168. Jdm d15 into 1991 civic
  169. Oil Pan gasket Help
  170. Sporadic minor overheating
  171. I'm crazy?
  172. OEM Rear Wiper Delete/Plug Info
  173. Thinking about racing your car??? Read this First!!!
  174. Urgent help needed
  175. Help My Car Is Losing Coolant
  176. Mini me/mpfi swap guestion
  177. Clicking sound when turning - Not CV shaft
  178. Stripped Hood?
  179. Main Relay
  180. D16Y5 to D16Y8 swap questions.
  181. Gauge cluster problems, 88 crx DX
  182. Starter getting too many amps.
  183. 89 hatch w/d16a6 block and d15b1 head...wha? good deal?
  184. Fuel injector cleaner
  185. Transperant yellow paint
  186. DA brakes on an 91 civic std.
  187. Walking Idle
  188. B16 TB on D16 idle issues
  189. I need comfirmation
  190. (B16 question) VTEC not working
  191. My daily driver died HEEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!
  192. d16y7 w/ automatic y8 manifold?
  193. Changing cv axles
  194. t3/t4 turbo stock internals on d16y7 map problems at ten lbs boost HELP PLEASE!!!
  195. ECU damage
  196. Throttle rotor spring
  197. non D swap help!
  198. What ac compressor do i need?
  199. Very low idle?
  200. Engine making ticking noise
  201. Honda Access window visor screws
  202. 1987 d15a2 crx running rough need help
  203. Valve Cover Loosing Mad Oil PLEASE DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE
  204. Why in the hell am I still throwing a tps code?
  205. Blox intake mani fitment
  206. Freaken piss off!!!!!
  207. y8 burnin oil
  208. Is it normal?
  209. fuel pump
  210. Tranny wont go into gear
  211. A/C Compressor(s)
  212. Need help and advice on a fuel leak near the tank
  213. y8 sensor ?
  214. Oil light, Charge light, and Overheating
  215. Crx carpet into sedan?
  216. 99 Acura D16Y8 -> D15B
  217. Gearbox off a D16Y8 onto D14 engine (auto to manual!) - err ECU?...
  218. B20z
  219. Rotor Button Set Screw Stuck
  220. EG drivers window problem
  221. What will work?
  222. car lags
  223. Just finished the hatch and it won't start...
  224. Wire tuck/ no spark
  225. Weird symptom
  226. Autozone or Napa rotor's?
  227. caring for satin black
  228. Duplicolor Vinyl & fabric paint questions
  229. Omfg!!!!!!
  230. IACV part numbers, is the Si the same as an HF?
  231. Speed needs brakes
  232. Starting Problem now...
  233. No power at all?!
  234. Whats a good air angle grinder?
  235. Wiring
  236. d15 swap to a d15b
  237. Diagnose that noise!
  238. jdm d15b vtec check engine light code 29?
  239. Timing Light
  240. Pg7 Or Pm6 Ecu
  241. Catch Can?
  242. jdm d15b vtec vacuum diagram?
  243. Retrofitting HID's in my 68?
  244. b18 question
  245. External coils
  246. Runnin Ruff
  247. craftman tq wrench
  248. MPG right on my car?
  249. Need info on tq spec
  250. z6 cel