: General Tech

  1. Anyone got GM HEI module info for civics?
  2. late for work NO START! help
  3. D16a6 adjustable cam gear
  4. Intermittent windshield wiper setting is..... Intermittent.
  5. How to reduce fuel pump starvation?
  6. Unique Idle problem on stock d16y8 auto
  7. Hashimoto Motor Mounts
  8. fuel leak?
  9. 4 piston D16 cylinder heads
  10. Odd noise
  11. D15B/D15Z7 camshaft(s)?
  12. Head gasket replaced, car won't start.
  13. Stripped oil filter screw fixes?
  14. Skunk2 TB / Skunk2 Manifold Coolant lines
  15. CRX brake shoe auto adjuster not setup correctly
  16. Car won't start (Help with cabin/under dash wiring) PICS
  17. NO Spark Dohc ZC
  18. d16y8 tapping
  19. Civic obd2b ->obd1 rpm tach problem
  20. Real or Fake Hondata s300 v1?
  21. 95 Civic Idle Problem
  22. Harmonic balancer compatibility?
  23. y5 to y8 IM swap questions
  24. 95 honda civuc Ex coupe.What are the Best racing/hot street Alignment specs
  25. d16y7 to d16y8 swap Vacuum/Coolant Hose help
  26. Car keeps shutting off, it's my DD need help
  27. Weird speedo cable question
  28. Can I Get Away or No Way?
  29. What's the thread pitch on the threaded shaft bit of a front lower arm?
  30. In need of assistance with front end problem
  31. Left blinker doesn't work but running lights work
  32. Turbo EF, starts, revs, dies. (Video)
  33. Losing fuel pressure overnight DPFI
  34. Head Gasket or Water Pump?
  35. Alternate Method For Coolant Drain Bolt?
  36. What Thermostat Can I Use?
  37. 1998 civic hx CEL solutions?
  38. ZC Vtec SOCH stand alone
  39. Every cylinder misfire
  40. VTEC solenoid leak?
  41. floor rust... :/
  42. something is broken. bahahahah!!!
  43. Oil pressure,
  44. Lumpy idle but seems to drive ok
  45. '99 Civic EX d16y8 engine gone, help me work through options
  46. Have a wired not start problem
  47. Overheating only when A/C on & going uphill?
  48. Idle issue driving me mad!
  49. MSD Soft touch wiring
  50. d15b7 shut down and wont start now
  51. D15B1 MPFI swap won't start
  52. Hard to start engine in the morning or when engine is cold
  53. Rpm/throttle issue after replacing y8 head
  54. ignition wires
  55. jacking civic with new radiator support?
  56. Spirolox sizing?
  57. Rear Disc Swap Problem
  58. Bought a new civic for $200 bucks.... has a small issue.... (Pics)
  59. Battery+SRS light random flash, Engine rough
  60. Solid CEL no fuel pump.
  61. parts manual anyone
  62. Help b series TB on d16y8
  63. Car won't stay running...main relay clicks when it dies.
  64. How do my plugs look?
  65. Power steering - a doh! moment
  66. Need advices for Vtec.
  67. Auto body tech help. Broken EG9 Ferio spoiler fix
  68. Npr rings for vitara oil expander ring
  69. Service Connector Jumper Not working
  70. Help. Need stock Crx hardline size.
  71. Brake Line question
  72. Ecu fuse blown, bad coil
  73. Help - DD is down - I'm Stumped Troubleshooting A Fuel/spark Issue.
  74. why my car skids when hard braking?
  75. Buying racing seats
  76. What this called? hold rear window in on my 90 Hatch
  77. Can i still use this intake manifold?
  78. Ej8 cooling system woes
  79. driving without driver side motor mount?
  80. cant pass smog "emission not ready"
  81. Pre bent rear drum hard brake line?
  82. D16Z6 swap, won't turn over, won't start.
  83. Lift chassis off
  84. D-series fuel rails without FPR port
  85. Need Help with rough cold start (2000 Integra LS)
  86. D16Y8 Misfires?
  87. D16Y6 knowledge
  88. timing belt too tight?
  89. D16 smoking, really confused.
  90. Coupe Trunk Leak, Unknown Entrance
  91. Is This The Correct Bolt?
  92. PCI Seat mount + 6 point harness EF?
  93. Good Del Sol Headlight Upgrade?
  94. Injector issues.
  95. 96,97, and 98 civic ex AUTOMATIC owners, jump in here please
  96. Car hesitates, loss in power
  97. Sparking on 2?
  98. Engine smoke woes
  99. Need help please d16y7
  100. Z6 cam Y8 head issues
  101. Rubber Auto To Manual Motor Mount?
  102. D15b2 Mini Me wont start
  103. Hooked jumper cables backwards
  104. New MightyMouse PCV cans
  105. Converting an EK4 (B16A2) to a D16 swap Help !
  106. Y8 pulley on Z6, is there an easy way to correct the distributor timing marks?
  107. Quick question for all the vtec solenoid experts!!
  108. Installed skunk IM idle up and down, please help!!
  109. Going to the tuner...Need Some Advice
  110. Spoon header
  111. Will gauges affect ecu?
  112. Honda power band discussion
  113. Help me find this bumper lip for civic 99-00
  114. CRX speedo way off (low)
  115. D-series/B-series FPR interchangeability/same footprint?
  116. Erratic idle - Civic 95 D16Z9 engine
  117. A/C Thermostat wiring diagram
  118. Why do Y8 valvetrains fail
  119. D16Z6 & Y8 Upper Timing cover interchange?
  120. 98 civic ex manual transmission rebuild guide???
  121. 98 civic d16y5 oil pump leak
  122. Mufflers: Twin Loop Or DC Sports ?
  123. Coolant reservoir question.
  124. Vacuum hose help EF dpfi > mpfi
  125. Intermittent- won't crank. Now it won't start at all
  126. Slow Coolant tube barb leak
  127. Fuel pump hanger question
  128. copper-nickle brake line, galvanic corrosion (cupronickle, nicopp, cunifer etc)
  129. Can an Omni tach be installed into a DX model cluster?
  130. TD80U distributor on my mpfi swap
  131. d13b1 fuel pump location
  132. New Fuel Tank Options?
  133. To fix or not to fix, that is the question.
  134. Step right up and see if you can guess....
  135. Car feels like its running out of fuel but its not...
  136. some question about this setup
  137. This power steering rack is from a civic 92 95??
  138. Speedometer not working
  139. Crank worth salvaging?
  140. Screw head repair?
  141. possible ECU?
  142. Uk builds vs USA builds
  143. Yonaka Racing Dual Core Radiator Fitment EF Hatch
  144. Wrapping up dpfi to obd1 harness
  145. Thermostat sensor thread size/pitch
  146. Needing Someone to Look Over My Work
  147. Weapon R vs. AEM air intake
  148. new idle issue
  149. Headgasket worm can question.
  150. Yugo! D-Series swap!
  151. o2 90 extension or bad o2 sensor
  152. Has anyone reused their MLS headgasket?
  153. Engine Weirdness
  154. rally or track car?
  155. TD04HL 13G onto d16z6. specific question
  156. Obd0 to Obd1 jumper harness color coding
  157. Genuine Honda part?
  158. 91 Civic Si... No Crank but Push Starts
  159. CEL 4 during engine break in
  160. cleaning gas tank
  161. Manual window crank replacements
  162. New P/S pump, No more Power steering
  163. A6 cam vs D15 cam, pictures required
  164. Oil-waterway H/G failure
  165. y8 intake & y7 TB
  166. Who would buy EF seat covers?
  167. slow or no crank
  168. Any tips on water proofing the dizzy cap?
  169. eBay dual core radiator cap
  170. Door won't open 88 civic
  171. Ecu
  172. Wiring headaches
  173. Intermittent Rough Idle When Warmed Up
  174. Rear Brake Caliper E-brake lever wrong direction?
  175. Monitoring battery voltages
  176. Whete are these leather seats from?
  177. 1996 Accord SRS light on, can't get codes or clear memory
  178. Engine takes longer to start
  179. New battery, factory radio cycling power
  180. D15b vtec crx intake
  181. o2 sensor exhaust
  182. carcinogen test?
  183. Help Please - 85 Crx Obd-0 To D15B Vtec Obd2a
  184. different d16y8 mannys?
  185. Civic cluster
  186. Alternator plug swap
  187. Power Steering Squeal but fluid is full
  188. car died? alt, starter??
  189. new ecu problem
  190. Losing small amount of coolant, no milky oil no smoke no overheating
  191. Heat reflective tape
  192. ECT Sensor Code 6 - Re-Wire
  193. TPS code after WOT pulls occasionally.
  194. 88-91 fuel line fitting size at firewall?
  195. Irregular idle
  196. D15b vtec swap low fuel pump voltage
  197. Vibrant 1141 Resonator question
  198. Motor won't run-d15b/y8 head obd1
  199. Fuel pump
  200. B20b swap for 2200?? Help
  201. Cap and rotor condition
  202. tps reading
  203. Broken lug nut cant get wheel off
  204. Y8 (pj2-6)head/d15b block in 95 obd1 need help
  205. D16A9 (ZC) / B16 Heat Exchanger
  206. Engine pinging noise
  207. Oil Filter Relocation
  208. New Honda CRX to the forum
  209. any thoughts? help
  210. Cheap ebay dizzy experiences?
  211. Dizzy supply voltages
  212. IACV coolant lines, keep them?
  213. CRX Fuel Level Sender -> TunerView Sender
  214. Where does this bracket go?
  215. B-Series Intermediate Shaft Differences
  216. I'm lost
  217. Middle Console/Interior Question
  218. Everyone's favorite ... idle issues
  219. have question
  220. Crx Si wont start, advice needed.
  221. "New" 90 civic d16y7 - Need help/advice
  222. Throw out bearing
  223. 60a battery fuse keeps blowing??
  224. Idle Air Adjustment Screw Question
  225. Parasitic Draw Problem
  226. Need Advice After Blowing Engine
  227. D16Y8 swap into D16Y4
  228. help with code 9
  229. Failed Ca smog, how to reduce high NOx???
  230. 2007 honda fit problem.
  231. High Idle when Stopping... Then Comes Down
  232. Fresh rebuild, oil pressure light stays on?
  233. car falls on face in gear
  234. D15z6 crank sensor
  235. Low fuel pressure?
  236. Stolen hatch!
  237. d16y8 misfire before warms up P1399 P0300
  238. CEL code 21
  239. JDM D15B - weird idle
  240. Car won't start
  241. Flames from my race cars exhaust. H22a1 .any idea why?
  242. 2 to 3 wire IACV help needed
  243. Electrical pump?
  244. 88 CRX D15b vtec cooling hoses
  245. D16z6 noob
  246. mixed coolant, is my engine in danger?
  247. Oil sandwich plates
  248. A/C makes car run terribly
  249. Drilled vs plain rotors temps
  250. o2 sensor causing inital lag/bog?