: General Tech

  1. a/c removal
  2. RHD Body Harness Questions. Wanna change it
  3. Battery light
  4. Ol' Yeller won't start????
  5. heat doesnt get hot/gauge doesnt go up
  6. WTF bolt.
  7. Max IAT temps...plastic intake manifolds?
  8. low end power issue d15b(the carbed one converted to mpfi)
  9. d15b Carb timing belt
  10. Wiring reverse
  11. soot on rear bumper
  12. 94 honda passport buy or not?
  13. question about b7 parts on b2
  14. d15b block d15b2 head timing belt
  15. Rear defoger
  16. D16z6 running Rich
  17. crazy smoke mini me set up
  18. Any Dynos and tuners in Nevada?
  19. Bisimoto header clone
  20. brakes for my dc1
  21. Old but new rust repair
  22. on my 4th altenator in less than 2 months
  23. Headlight bulb.
  24. Nokya headlight heavy duty wiring harness
  25. ef sedan z6 swap powersteering
  26. Red Connector??
  27. y7 auto im vs. y7 manual im???Differences??
  28. Where Would I Find This Kind of Key?!
  29. D16 T-Shirts
  30. Engine dies/wont idle cold
  31. CEL speedo prob, blowing fuses, blah blah
  32. check engine ?!
  33. manual conversion
  34. d16y7 won't start
  35. Frustrating problem
  36. no power to injectors/reistor box
  37. Bitch pin frozen!!!! WTF?
  38. JDM 3 stage Vtec? Please help!!!!
  39. White Smoke
  40. climate control
  41. engine swap
  42. Symptoms of a bad thermostat ground?
  43. She is a wet
  44. What Size Pipe on a 96-98 Civic EX?
  45. d15b7 jdm 2 head bolts don't line up
  46. no o2 sensor but no check engine light
  47. Broken Climate Control, help please?
  48. did i bend valves?
  49. Stupid but.
  50. y7 swap in 90 sedan
  51. O2w Sensor, flapping in the breeze...
  52. d16z swap engine idles but bogs when accelerating
  53. cruise control
  54. f22a6 replaced by d15b7?
  55. ebay distributors
  56. ECU
  57. egay injectors.
  58. 94 civic won't start..but has fuel and spark
  59. 1990 civic hatch wiper motor?
  60. 88 Honda crx dies when going down a hill
  61. [Pics] Which Spark Plugs Would YOU Use?
  62. D15B7 obd1 dizzy onto D15B2 obd0
  63. Official "Winterize" Thread
  64. dash removal?
  65. dash removal?
  66. Crv clock?
  67. need help
  68. HELP! smoke after head gasket repair
  69. Inexpensive upgrades to my civic, any suggestions?
  70. WTF did i do to my car!?!?
  71. civic sounds like a pissed off subi why?
  72. d16z6 swap into 96 ek
  73. Need some help.
  74. from good to worse.
  75. [Pics] Oil Leaking Through Axle Hole.
  76. seat belt buzzer when brakes are hit CRX
  77. missing ur civic i know i am :(
  78. not sure where else to post this
  79. more speedo problems
  80. Timing issue
  81. Odd idle issues here, too.
  82. Engine jolts @ low speeds
  83. Parting out D16y7 if anyone interested
  84. need help with d15b 3 stage vtec no spark
  85. Need help with pricing some CRX things.
  86. battery warning light
  87. wierd idle situation, car sits at 1500 rpm.
  88. 150k miles, d16y7 locked up???
  89. Why is my car loud
  90. d15z1 possible blown HG
  91. aftermarket headlight options
  92. wiper switch with voodoo!
  93. Need help with my dash and climate control lights
  94. EW3 Performance Header?
  95. Trunk cover??
  96. is this an okay radiator fan replacement...
  97. [Pics] Does This Look About Right?
  98. Opinions needed: CTR CAMS OR ITR CAMS
  99. F23 turbo question
  100. i might be dumb but...
  101. Simple Wiring Question
  102. Sputter at either high speed or under a low load
  103. Instrument Cluster Problems
  104. vtec yo :P
  105. Possible no-spark condition on my brother's '98 Teg LS
  106. bumper for bumber
  107. Older version of crome 1.5?
  108. i know its early
  109. AN versus JIC fittings.
  110. Some dash controls not working???
  111. breking into a del sol
  112. New motor loud rattling sound.
  113. Obd1 Only dash light is battery/no tach
  114. parts list
  115. GSR Rear Seats in EF Sedan
  116. random sputter
  117. EF front tranny mount bad after only maybe year
  118. will my d15b8 iacv fit a d16 intake mani?
  119. Check engine light code 7 only on cold start?
  120. Exhaust Opinion.
  121. TPS
  122. eg..... clock
  123. h22 crank walks???
  124. Notice something rubbing...
  125. Weird idle problem
  126. Seat Pan Swap
  127. Frozen rear toe bolt
  128. Help! Cooling System Trouble
  129. Overheating @ Idle
  130. d16a1 swap
  131. Timing gear stuck and turning into one of those F*n nights Pls Help
  132. Ripped motor mount
  133. D15b7 oil weight
  134. [Pics] How Would You Get This Out?
  135. z6 and d15 vtec
  136. first my tach, then my speedo, then the cd player
  137. 1million + 1 more catchcan help thread
  138. Pilot HID 35w H4 Conversion Kit
  139. Identify my carbon bonnet.
  140. Screw the cluster
  141. Idle issue
  142. crx seats
  143. fuel pump not priming no cel
  144. regina performance shop
  145. ATTENTION: All Wagon Owners!
  146. Aluminium Exhaust
  147. 98 -> 99 Conversion
  148. 2 quick questions
  149. Obd1 crx CEL?
  150. over heating
  151. d15b vtec timing belt components
  152. Alternator replaced...now no spark
  153. bearings
  154. IDing a motor
  155. 97 Civic with a ton of problems
  156. Via Ustream, walk me through my Input Shaft Bearing change.
  157. Should I Change My Rear Motor Mount?
  158. Cracks inside of block???
  159. D16Y7 overheating woes
  160. d16y8 vtec turbo
  161. what is this sensor ? rear y8 block
  162. d16z6
  163. piston rings without engine pull?
  164. Turn signal fuse
  165. Cluster not working, now CEL.
  166. Brakes...oh great.
  167. Odd ball Q: How long....
  168. Wtf is wrong with this fjt guy?
  169. Shipping differences...
  170. bad headgasket?
  171. Issue with loosing power at highway speeds...
  172. Y8 Dizzy on B7
  173. How to patch a small hole in oil pan to get 10 miles home...
  174. Honda Throttle body matching help..
  175. d16b7
  176. How do I check my CEL...
  177. Removing rear view mirror mount
  178. Speedo cable went out... :/
  179. starter/ starting problem
  180. Intermittent low idle/dies at stop light. HELP!
  181. Really Low Idle
  182. What should I do to combat dry start.
  183. Possible ELD Issue. OBD2a Chassis.
  184. Z6 rocker arm assembly removal
  185. Narrowing down my search
  186. Bisi v2 cracked after 2 months help me fix it!!
  187. EFI Relay Location
  188. ef eg ek wishbone DEBUNKED
  189. Distributor Cap Question
  190. 85 crx si vtec?
  191. Scat Summit racing seats
  192. Vtec problem
  193. z6 arp stud on a y8 block
  194. RPM v gearing v speed
  195. Where to get sideskirts like these/where to buy plastic?
  196. Missfire/Sputter
  197. Helping out my grand parents with their '90 4dur "BUZZZZZ"
  198. Door insert opinions
  199. Cutting a 2 stroke snowmobile crank (advice please)
  200. Exhaust
  201. This is what thieves will do to your stuff
  202. D15 with a SI harness???:/
  203. Cold air box help
  204. cant get timing
  205. sunroof
  206. Idle....))
  207. DelSol Help
  208. About to call it quits and park the car for winter
  209. D15B idles rough when cold
  210. What happens when you plug a DPFI ECU into a MPFI car? A clear answer.
  211. My del sol is just...wacky..
  212. New on here. Desperately need help.
  213. cam gear ajusment
  214. want to swap b7 out for y8 in 94 civic coupe..
  215. D15b2 High revving... Help please
  216. Fuel Leak Problem.....Discuss!
  217. Still misfiring?
  218. hulog help....about to hit the trash can
  219. 89 wagon problem
  220. SPAIN #Mtv tuning#
  221. fpr is this my issue .. no gas to fuel filter.. w/ new pump and ect..
  222. d16y7 stage clutch
  223. D15B evap purge valve questions
  224. swap questions.
  225. Car not starting
  226. CBR600 Quad with no spark
  227. 89 Civic Hatchback Fog Lights
  228. fresh Z6 wont start/dry spark plug
  229. Scratch Removal
  230. D15B2 won't start then strange noise
  231. Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator?
  232. Pulling cluster pins from plugs
  233. speedo?
  234. door question
  235. Using a auto LX harness on a 5speed
  236. Paint choices
  237. d15b timing belt question
  238. is my timing belt on right..? B16a inside - decent sized pic's
  239. Questions on: Del Sol seats in EK/ try to dye seats.
  240. Will Advancing my timing help with my lag when the A/C is on?
  241. help crx boggs out while driving
  242. 95 Civic DX
  243. Injector fitment Issue?
  244. SOHC Valve cover interchangable?
  245. 93 octane bad for stock Y7?
  246. EK3 VTi Help
  247. Having some engine issues... need some insight, lol.
  248. No spark, trying to help a buddy
  249. show me your knobs
  250. need pic of wire locations on dizzy.