: General Tech

  1. Walbro whine (sorry)
  2. Cheap Alternative to a Shift Extension?
  3. ignition cylinder
  4. Clutch or flywheel..or both?
  5. Anyone In or Close To South Georgia Willing To Street Tune?
  6. Firing up issue
  7. ac belt tensioner pulley bearing
  8. Metal, carbonfiber, or fiberglass hood?
  9. ABS overflow problem
  10. Reverse operating transmission question.
  11. Fuel pump changed only starts a few seconds!
  12. California Smog...
  13. Oil pressure gauge: pressure question
  14. hitting rev limiter at 6400 rpms~~~BAD TACH?
  15. Engine temp question
  16. 1991 Si engine questions
  17. AC charge fail, any tips?
  18. overheated on weekend, replaced thermostat, overheated once idling today.
  19. radiator leak..
  20. 2 low compression cylinders
  21. having trouble reading main bearing casting code.
  22. Turning engine over by hand w/ clutch engaged?
  23. Question on what is front right?
  24. 94 Civic DX w OBD2 D16Y7 Swap
  25. Fuel Main relay question
  26. getting sent to ref please help
  27. oil pressure switch hole stripped
  28. CEL and speedo going all over the place and now dead.
  29. Nicked my cam gear bad?
  30. pm3 head question
  31. HELP. 97 civic dying?
  32. JDM D15b no Suffix, non VTEC, Water Pump
  33. Exhaust tip diameter question!
  34. Body Work Q's
  35. Quick question!
  36. Starting Issue
  37. F22B2 What to do with it?
  38. help arp2000
  39. Painting Valve Cover
  40. Z6 dizzy OBD2a plug please help
  41. Need an expert
  42. Another smog question
  43. head bolt
  44. headlight probs
  45. Just got Innovative wide band
  46. cooling system over pressurized
  47. b18a1 knock noise
  48. Removing block, question about clutch disconnection....
  49. >All painters< What gun do you recommend?
  50. Car has fuel and spark, won't start.. help!
  51. Slim AC Condenser Fan - What CFM?
  52. For sale
  53. vacuum of DOOM
  54. Oil filter mount thread pitch
  55. Quieter exhaust inside cabin?
  56. Required to strip down to case to paint?
  57. D17A2 isn't getting gas to fuel rail. HELP!!
  58. idle problem
  59. d15b7 wont rev past 5500
  60. srs light?
  61. quick question on valve cover gasket
  62. question about putting a new head on and setting tdc
  63. Another game of, "Identify That Motor!"
  64. Civic Cluster WTB
  65. Piston Slap??
  66. 4x114.3 conversion
  67. 97 civic wont rev passed 5300 rpms
  68. H22 issues
  69. oil pressure switch install
  70. Honda City Exi 2005 Passanger door behind driver locked
  71. Honda City Exi 2005 Passanger door behind driver locked
  72. Intake Manifold
  73. Intake air temp n/a with intercooler
  74. Open circuit searching. Test ohms at the ecu?
  75. Which hitch should I use?
  76. Vacuum leak at throttle body butterfly-Idling at 1k
  77. d15b vtec, sumbling/ hesitatting at low loads :2600 rpms
  78. Stiff mounts cause sudden jumps
  79. d16y8 makin room
  80. pop from drivers side
  81. Eg vs Ek Speedo
  82. Rear Main Seal
  83. "PLZ HELP" D15B2 Dowel pins.
  84. Minime conversion Code 41: 02 sensor
  85. to cam gear or not to cam gear...
  86. chokes after warm up
  87. AC Compressor - Hadsys and Sanden
  88. JB weld on crank
  89. License plate light dead.
  90. 1998 Honda Civic Cluster No RPM tac ?
  91. Ecu - o2
  92. Misc problems!!! Help help help!!
  93. Still having problem with starter
  94. Car shakes
  95. arm rest kinda wobbles at the back
  96. Keene/Cleburne tx area mechanic?
  97. D15b7 Question
  98. d16y8 fuel problem
  99. Tape that won't come unstuck with age?
  100. Need a CNC Lathe operator to give me a quote
  101. soft clutch pedal
  102. 1999 Civic flickering headlights & SRS
  103. Ammeter Amp Tester/Meter
  104. 97 civic bumper bolts?
  105. z6 bottom y8 head problem
  106. 97 speedometer lighting, HELP?
  107. 92 civic brake pedal cracking
  108. '92 Civic no start, no spark
  109. Dumb Question about ZEAL calc.
  110. 220 grit
  111. Identify sensor 90 integra
  112. help wagovan wont start
  113. Anyone know of a good Rust desolver
  114. d16z6 starter clicks once.
  115. 98 civic no start
  116. D15Z1 Missfire issues, No code
  117. ED front motor mount bolts
  118. Paint, What do you think?
  119. Only 5volts to the Fuel Pump on new build..
  120. noob question reguarding bushings
  121. ELD plug picture/diagram 88-91 Civic CRX
  122. O2 slow response
  123. '96 D16y7 running issues...HELP!
  124. A/C issues w/ turbo
  125. odds if dizzy bad
  126. Rocker cover crackle suggestions
  127. Intake And Exhaust Valve Lash! Help please!
  128. Heater Core Hoses?
  129. Oil light flickering while driving :(
  130. Belt questions
  131. Quick question - ES suspension bushing kit
  132. Torque wrench help
  133. Throttle Bodies
  134. Jacking up 6th Gen?
  135. Rad under the Bumper?
  136. Rev limit for SOHC ZC with PM9 ecu????
  137. CRX threw a CEL tonight. please help!
  138. high mpg build
  139. Motion sensor vs Tilt sensor Car alarm
  140. sticky Throttle
  141. Speedo Issues
  142. Pimping out 1995 Honda Accord Wagon, EX model, questions!
  143. Quaife EF Steering Rack Compatible with Power Steering?
  144. 1992-1995 CDM Civic CX Questions
  145. New member, need help with gsr motor mount in ek =/
  146. some problems with the car
  147. a6/y8 compression ratio question
  148. Trying to locate allen head bolt..
  149. Rotation direction? (D series)
  150. Fast Idle Lope Help
  151. Help, CEL, misfire, stumble issue 97 Y8
  152. Lets play, "NAME THAT BUMPER!"
  153. Paint
  154. retrofit wiring issues
  155. wont start after compreesion test
  156. Help! ID my motor
  157. Overheating Again... Need Help or thoughts
  158. lower mount mount doesn't fit right
  159. the hatch
  160. y5 to y8 help
  161. D15B vtec-e octane requirement mystery
  162. mixing my own fuel; ratio for xylene to gas
  163. 1995 Hatchback Overheating Issue
  164. vss rewire help
  165. wierd overheating problem please help
  166. Another AC-related question (CRX)
  167. thoughts on hood pins
  168. AC - evacuating the refrigerant
  169. Typically why do older cars shake/vibrate
  170. replacing ac system componants
  171. VACUUM LEAK TEST Question
  172. Searched already....d15b into 98 ex
  173. Please help NEED ADVICE! 94 ej1 Sooo many problems
  174. compression or not?
  175. Head gasket won't seal after multiple attempts
  176. car dying
  177. Engine Connector Question
  178. 99 Civic Ex dash harness removal
  179. Quick alternator ground question
  180. ek with bseries swap mount question
  181. Starting problem
  182. Z6 swapped RT4WD, won't idle and slow acceleration...
  183. Motor Mount Bolt Wont Get Tight
  184. Rotor seized on distributor
  185. Boiling brake fluid
  186. Need inspiration!!!! EG5 1992 Civic
  187. Who has sucess in using those DIY a/c recharging kits?
  188. Open diode reading very quick question
  189. Blinks then solid with jumper
  190. Car starts whenever it chooses in the morning
  191. Innovative Mounts Replacement Inserts?
  192. brake fluid failure... help please
  193. will not go past 1400 rpm.. and crazy missing... ill try anything..
  194. fried p29 starts car good p28 doesnt.
  195. z6 w no cel codes pops bad when reved like ken blocks rally car have video of it
  196. Clutch switch???
  197. My car will randomly just craaaaaank for ever without starting...
  198. Dizzy squealing
  199. White smoke...Not coolant...overfueling maybe? video inside
  200. best tool fot notching a block
  201. Q's on why poeple delete the brake booster and tuck brake lines...etc
  202. Injectors firing at the same time?
  203. Obd1 CPS sensor help
  204. No spark
  205. ohms from cps?
  206. A/C Drier
  207. Online 90-91 CRX service manual ?
  208. Tig welding tips.
  209. Grounding the ECU
  210. Noooob question
  211. My 5th civic idling woes....: (
  212. cold start question
  213. Help, oem honda bbk upgrades
  214. Loss of power, weird idle, relay clicking? Mpfi conversion problems
  215. Radiator Fan Issue :(
  216. lack of power at higher rpms
  217. anyone rattle can an engine bay?
  218. Light Weight Flywheel Jack up your idle?
  219. engine feels like its tugging
  220. Contemplating Frankenstein A/C Setup...
  221. Where can i buy a shift linkage
  222. Timing Belt Tension (w/ Video) after cam gear install
  223. Rod bearing destroyed!
  224. Supertech oil vs Wolfshead oil
  225. d16a9 to d16a6?
  226. A/C problem
  227. a/c question.
  228. Feuling issues
  229. Does anyone hear about the godiag auto car key programmer?
  230. ??Metallic rattling??
  231. A welding question???
  232. Need help wiring JDM power folding mirrors (eg)
  233. Low pressure a/c port
  234. **Rear disk conversion**
  235. Vibration at low speeds HELP
  236. any shops restore interior in ED civic?
  237. car wont start, weird electirall issue...
  238. d15b1 and d16 head?
  239. Horrible mileage...
  240. B series Block/Head combinations....
  241. Rad Fan Plug
  242. possible knock?
  243. d series 500bhp spark plugs
  244. MPFI conversion idling problem.
  245. Heat Shield
  246. exhaust manifold d13
  247. Anyone want to guess why this broke?
  248. d16z6 oem spark plug wires??
  249. Aem cam gear install
  250. d16y8 header on d16z6?