: General Tech

  1. izzy question td42u
  2. oxygen sensor CEL then no CEL
  3. Window Mounting Tabs
  4. d15b1 block, which mount?
  5. Does vibrant ultra quiet resonator fit stock 98 civic
  6. 95 Civic, Idle Hunting/Surging many many problems...
  7. Help, electrical problem
  8. D16Y8 Random Idle RPM Drop
  9. Exterior plastic pieces and side skirts?
  10. JDM EG2 del Sol front fog lights.
  11. How are these precision injectors so cheap!!
  12. fuel pump took a shit, now no spark
  13. Battery relocated, what wire gauge size to starter?
  14. 2000 CRV water flooding cat
  15. might do a b swap
  16. Idle issues after pcv hose replacement
  17. Changed Wiring Harness New Problems
  18. timing set help y7 y8
  19. 89 Civic D15B2 starts, runs 8-10 miles and dies from fuel problem
  20. Electrical issue
  21. Cluster problem
  22. Turns over but no spark or fuel
  23. No spark
  24. Do I need this Xenocron cable to datalog?? Turboedit
  25. Physics of go-fast
  26. water temp sender question
  27. Fresh Swap.. Car wont start.. Please Help
  28. Free Walbro 255 fuel pump. used. Should I run it? *PICS*
  29. Engine rebuilt, not cranking over...
  30. Honda Civic hatch Fuel Door. Will fit a coupe?
  31. Do I need new valves?
  32. Setting timing on Head? Cam won't move
  33. Kill switches?
  34. time for something new
  35. y8 to z6 swap VSS issues
  36. MorosoAluminum 5.5qt Oil Pan, stock pickup works??
  37. civic cx question
  38. My 96 Civic is CONFUSED!
  39. Mileage not where it should be.
  40. Auto Body questions
  41. Parking brake sensor??
  42. gonna replace radiator soon
  43. low RPM sputter / CEL code help
  44. what cam are you running?
  45. what's your top speed?
  46. Brake Pedal Stroke
  47. Replace Axle???
  48. Shop for wheel bearings
  49. zc bottom and which head?
  50. Want to view Honda MSDS sheet? Link within!
  51. Stripped Bolt on Valve Cover D16z6
  52. 70MM THROTTLE BODY KIT Only $69 SHIPPED (DOMESTIC) for the first 10 customers!
  53. Even more reasons why NOT TO USE PLM-A02 Filters!
  54. power window only goes up when rev?
  55. Headlight Baking?
  56. Resonator or Round Muffler
  57. How to Fix Sticky Throttle Body Cable?
  58. what to do with exhaust now:(
  59. Need Help PLZ
  60. Accord CC mounting in CRX
  61. Anyone purchase an OEM honda waterpump recently?
  62. "JDM" cluster fitment
  63. welding stainless resonator to aluminumized steel exhaust
  64. What color is this crx?
  65. Random Dash vent ?
  66. severe cylinder(s) misfire
  67. Del Sol CEL question
  68. speedo problem and other
  69. deseo informacion
  70. connector identification
  71. Spent hours prepping valve cover, check it out! Can you clear over stickers?
  72. TB Gaskets.. paper
  73. D16A6 annoying whistling sound WTH
  74. Default painted black motors...i've searched.
  75. Speedo not working
  76. How Do You Adjust the Idle on a Civic?
  77. Parts Locator Help
  78. Can it be done
  79. D15B2 throttle won't back down to idle
  80. Eco Civic
  81. CRX dash Q's
  82. 52mm gauges in del Sol climate control?
  83. shift light
  84. New paint care?
  85. 96-00 SOHC Engine Overhaul and Torque specs
  86. Rear defogger switch problem
  87. what is it ?
  88. CRX A/C panel block off ?'s
  89. Got a new ride, lots of issues could use help!!
  90. IS this a CABLE vss or electric vss cluster
  91. Could there be something wrong with my new holley TB?
  92. Speedo not working!!!
  93. clutch slave or master cylinder going bad?
  94. D15 with a z6 head?
  95. D15B2 idle problems
  96. cruise wont disengage after swap
  97. ACL race bearings. .003" clearance, way to much?
  98. Should I trust buying this crank pulley on ebay?
  99. Newbie With a Question
  100. Cam markings?
  101. Disappearing dowel pin
  102. Main Relay Issue With Fuel Pressure?
  103. CRX bogging while turning right
  104. Need some Assistance
  105. Car died, no start
  106. Another idle thread.
  107. AC causing temperature gague to raise.
  108. replacing rack boots/bellow kit?
  109. interior help need help asap before they get sold
  110. How to tell if...
  111. 97 Civic Hx problems
  112. How to clean engine bay?
  113. milled head cam timing
  114. 1998 honda civic d16y7 automatic dx performance issue
  115. Is it possible?
  116. To turbo or not to turbo?
  117. D15b non vtec to vtec? (noob)
  118. would a malfunctioning or bad tps sensor necessarily set a CEL light?
  119. master rebuild kit?
  120. shitty dyno day - help me out
  121. Head problems/ knocking new motor
  122. d16z6 pinging bad when warmed up?
  123. 92 EH2(eg) with a 94 INTEGRA AUTOMATIC cabin harness CANT FIND NEUTRAL/CLUTCH SWITCH
  124. junk yard parts/diff model years/engine parts on our D series
  125. One stop shop for all my flange and piping needs?
  126. 93 civic ex swap to a y8
  127. Head gasket crush question
  128. might have messed up my build need some help
  129. starting problems
  130. continued overheating after repairs
  131. pedal still goes to floor after bleeding help!
  132. Coil and cap burnt. Lost power. Help!
  133. Stupid question for tonight
  134. Steam/Smoke from spark plug holes??
  135. 91 ef hatch mpfi swap
  136. Hesitation/stuttering during acceleration.
  137. pulling my hair out on this window
  138. Making my own header.
  139. y8 into a 87 hatch si
  140. 91 dx, sohc zc, y8 mani/tb, charcoal canister question
  141. f23a swap issues 99 accord
  142. Y7 into a ef issues
  143. Quiet muffler
  144. Gime some head....lights!
  145. Non stable/Drop Idliling
  146. RcAuto DIY miniRam - Could I actually build this thing without mucking it up
  147. passed ref with jdm d15b vtec
  148. A nice roll bar, will it fit both Civic and CRX?
  149. car failed smog -.-
  150. Broke air assist valve?
  151. D17 tranny to D16
  152. CEL 68? fixes
  153. JRSC belt is blown off
  154. Round 3 wtf is wrong with my car lol
  155. Idle Issues...
  156. New tps 19.8 volts lol sigh...
  157. Help with injectors.
  158. Looking for professional back yard mechanic SoCal.
  159. help need to find a hood vent just like the pix.
  160. SPA Cast Topmount - Does a t3/t4 clear the hood in a crx?
  161. y5/y8 swap,,Anyone actually "done" it?
  162. spool time
  163. D16 Crankshaft swapability. A6 block sohc zc crank? z6 crank?
  164. idendifying TRACTION BAR eg aftermarket? need help
  165. help sliding timing belt back on
  166. Failed Smog! go me..
  167. distributor issue after issue need a tissue
  168. headgasket?
  169. Electrical Question, Amperage from fuse box
  170. 02 temp?
  171. d16y5 vs d16y8
  172. SOOOOOO Weird....No Start, No Reason.
  173. Machining a Crankshaft... machinist says mine is gone passed micropolish
  174. Annoying as fuck: engine jolting!
  175. iavc??
  176. valve cover head stripped by bolt HELP!
  177. Cam seal leaking. Just replaced
  178. Strange problems
  179. Whats causes this. "video inside"
  180. what throws MAp code 5
  181. Have a question
  182. Rocker arm noise/ valve adjustment 50miles brand new motor
  183. 2001 civic
  184. o2 sensor? ._.
  185. harbor freight jackstand pads?
  186. Looking for a D16y8 head.
  187. need help fast!!!
  188. Need help
  189. 2000EX with y5 and egr valve not hooked up - a problem?
  190. How to remove 90 Integra Cushion seat :^)
  191. D15/16 on EW trans?
  192. DIY "thermal" gaskets, this material work??
  193. d16y7 exhaust
  194. any of you had a fuel pump on an 01-04 go bad? and symptoms?
  195. any of you had a fuel pump on on an 01-04? and symptoms?
  196. bad gas mileage can someone help??
  197. Severe grinding noise while driving!
  198. D15B8/mpfi swap no spark
  199. Are my Injectors Fried?
  200. Free access to ANY chilton's manual.
  201. Dealing with striped valve door nuts.
  202. d15z1 rev prob?
  203. 93 Civic Ex couple overheating
  204. bad starter?
  205. Aircraft Stripper bad for tires?
  206. car never warms up completely
  207. d16y7 timing
  208. HOW TO: jdm d15b evap
  209. code 43, buying new O2
  210. d16a6 and d16y8 head into 5th gen civic
  211. crappy gas mileage issue.
  212. Code 14 IACV
  213. Getting Reffed, need to quiet the car down
  214. 96 turbo ex
  215. Need help with AEM adgustable cam gear
  216. Tag number look up without a fee?
  217. interchangeable parts list?
  218. How the [email protected]*K do I get this rotor off the distributor?
  219. p28 ecu issues
  220. tungsten crankshaft
  221. code 43 please help
  222. speedo not working
  223. Ran across this & had to share-old link...
  224. D16 crank pulleys, all timing marks the same?
  225. checking for presence of exhaust in coolant
  226. Oil leaking from head? Manifold?
  227. Black Friday 2012
  228. Is 2.992 (76mm) to big for boost?? stock sleeve+block guard
  229. block head bolt hole threads stripped
  230. passing inspection help
  231. D15b Headers help!
  232. fuel gauge reading incorectly
  233. CRX HF - Low Idle And Other Issues When Warm
  234. crome gold question
  235. Help me identify this iacv
  236. 95 Dx Coupe SRS Light
  237. Dizzy power wire cause code15:ignition output signal
  238. Car doesn't start when it's upset?
  239. Crazy problem with CRX
  240. Rebuilding a D16A6, what parts am I missing?
  241. Brakes feel fine, but they dont stop
  242. headlights
  243. alt, eld or battery?
  244. welding on engine block
  245. No Brakes
  246. Launching
  247. Seat Rails EK Chassis
  248. What is this?
  249. 01 civic EX limp mode
  250. 2 step on chipped ecu