: General Tech

  1. D16Y8 hard start/ Rough idle/ stutter
  2. m's jdm motors?
  3. How can I lower my cold start oil pressure, but not affect the warm psi
  4. 95 coupe starting problem
  5. d series aftermarket headers ?
  6. Full rad or half rad?
  7. Car won't start. Please help!
  8. unkown oil leak
  9. EF Sedan Auto Seat Belt Problem
  10. 84 XR250R Dual carb single cylinder.
  11. stay b or go d
  12. leaky fuel around the fuel rail
  13. Chop top or no?
  14. New head gasket engine wont start
  15. Fuel pump ideas
  16. 93 sol problems after valve job, bogging and acting like a vacuum leak
  17. please read and give ur input starting problem
  18. rpm issues
  19. CRX - AC Delete duct?
  20. Compression test results, now i got questions
  21. Rust repair.
  22. Interesting engine start this morning (extreme cold)
  23. Bad caliper or proportioning valve?
  24. Are Clutch disks interchangeable?
  25. Ugh CO Emissions.
  26. tiger Japanese!
  27. Civic 1.4i EJ9 Brakes?
  28. Lock jammed of my honda civic
  29. 3rd Gear Grind. Synchromesh Magic?
  30. Head gasket leaking oil externally? Need a second set of eyes...
  31. cleaning iac
  32. strange idle
  33. Need advice 89 crx hf
  34. 1995 Honda Civic LX 1.5l stock
  35. rotors dont fit studs
  36. Which air filter?
  37. Help diagnose this video inside
  38. Turbo D16Y8 Overheating
  39. Brake line question.
  40. Flex-pipe welding question
  41. Cut out center grill off EG6
  42. car heat is slow
  43. What would my motor LIKE?
  44. shop doing my clutch taken two days
  45. Coolant flow direction
  46. Honda city 1.6 ECI Pinout HELP!!
  47. OEM parts research and ordering for different world markets (JDM, EDM, etc)
  48. A few questions I need help on
  49. stage1 cam on d16, valve question.
  50. need help asap
  51. mini me emissions problem
  52. Bodywork question doing with sealer
  53. How to tell OEM honda dist from aftermarket
  54. Fan isnt turning on until 220...reason?
  55. Exhaust Piping
  56. ebay fuel pump???
  57. d16y7 oil pan stuck
  58. mounts
  59. Windshield Stickers and Windshield Wipers...
  60. Fresh rebuild wont fire, were would you start
  61. Lights SUCK
  62. Timing light needs to connect to battery, which is in the trunk...
  63. crazy tachometer issues
  64. taking this bolt out rusted exhaust pics
  65. My rubber broke!!
  66. B15C2 [possibly D16Y8] cam specs
  67. A "WTF" Q...
  68. OEM Y8 4-2 bolt up to ebay 2-1? (header)
  69. d16z6 rev problem
  70. Rust-oleum paint question
  71. Trans wont go into 2-4-R. Rhd Crx, just did a single cam swap
  72. plugs
  73. ac delete
  74. CRX - custom exhaust, flex-pipe placement?
  75. Shift linkage problems
  76. Car got hot a few times, should I pull head to check for warpage?
  77. Drives great, until I deccelerate then try to accelerate....sputters, coughs, stalls
  78. distribuitor wiring problem help!!!!!
  79. What sort of damage could be done by driving a car with out coolent?
  80. how do you turn back the mileage on the odometer?
  81. Vtec gasket issue - pic included
  82. Single DIN 3 Gauge mount
  83. EG Ebay Fog Light Wires are Burning
  84. simple front lower control arm bushing swap over complicated
  85. Occassional Starting Issue
  86. how to solve wheel hop?
  87. How to remove manifold barbs?
  88. 1/8 NPT 10x1.0mm interchangeability.. wastegates, fuel rails. oh my days!
  89. will this fit
  90. tach
  91. Cylinder Not Firing need help?
  92. I cant find what motor a 88can civic lx has anywhere
  93. Auto harness in manual car
  94. sohc zc block b2 head
  95. ? about CAI - AEM V2
  96. where should i buy hmo\ tiger
  97. D16Y7 ICM wire to coil screw part numbers
  98. ej8 spoiler on ej1?
  99. Speedometer Jumps Around/Doesn't Work Sometimes
  100. Dyno'd my DD today: H22 Cb7
  101. Fuel pump not priming/kicking!! 91 CRX
  102. dizzy?
  103. l hytech B series header or mot
  104. Studs vs Bolts Torque Question
  105. Diesel mechanics here? Powerstroke guys
  106. car smoking at high rpms
  107. Question on suspension
  108. Needing opinions and or facts about exhaust brands.
  109. 94 hatch diesel swap
  110. JDM D15B problem
  111. 92 civic vx! Options and opinions
  112. d16 vtec or d15 vtec
  113. intermittent shutting off from ecu damage?
  114. P0301 code than died..nOOb need help
  115. Shave and tucking?
  116. d16y8 turbo build
  117. D series under dash loom, 2 plug ecu to 3 plug
  118. b series? ????
  119. The Learning Autobody And Paint Thread.
  120. [Pics][Wheel Stance] Help Me Out
  121. Need help to get my car BAR'd
  122. Clutch Alignment Tool Loose, should there be wobble?
  123. well if there is help out there, help me! lol
  124. 93 hatch w/d16z6 vtec strange problem
  125. Shifting Air Bags.
  126. IM STUMPED!!! 91 accord issues code 43
  127. Throttle Body/Intake Manifold sizes
  128. A/C Idler issues
  129. Ed6 cluster swap trouble
  130. Need help identifying a muffle!
  131. CEL: CFK & multiple misfires need help asap!
  132. ED back seat and compatibilities...
  133. need help finding important o rings!
  134. Isky 506-s vs. Crower springs
  135. need some help here.
  136. Bad Battery.
  137. d16z6 valves a6/07-a8/08 difference?
  138. Vacuum lines to AN lines. Pressure drop..?
  139. D16A6 is sluggish out of a stop . . .
  140. Interchange parts on b7
  141. Help...d16y8 dont have vtec!
  142. Weird Tire COMBO
  143. CEL oddness
  144. Problem with 89 hatch
  145. Problem with lights + cluster (JDM EG)
  146. How can I test A/C compressor OFF the car?
  147. School me on what controls the map sensor
  148. Need srs help
  149. Painting Ej1
  150. 98 civic 1.6L missfire need help
  151. Brake Lights stopped working..
  152. Sputtering/bucking on acceleration
  153. OEM Honda studs, are intake studs the same as exhaust studs?
  154. (Possible?) cooling issue?
  155. Civic squeak .. Tranny? Clutch?
  156. Brake questions??? im soo lost!
  157. Weatherstrip?
  158. eBay SS Header Bolts
  159. Is it worth it?
  160. warm idle holding at 1500
  161. d16z6 help with build mileage specific
  162. trade secrets
  163. How do I drain my PS fluid without making a mess?
  164. Brake squeal after pad/rotor replacement
  165. Injector Problem
  166. need help finding info on a set of headlights
  167. fixed surging at idle, now it surges when I throttle up?!?!?
  168. Wierd idle probs. again.
  169. d15b1 in 89 hatch problems
  170. thottle cable adjustment
  171. Timing question and other questions
  172. Another Idle Issue, searches done
  173. Car getting no electrical power and battery gets hot
  174. New valves?
  175. 4 wheel steer?
  176. Best site to buy Engine parts from?
  177. New (old) Car with Problems
  178. Passenger cowl area under the windshield.
  179. EG Hatch Fogs Up A LOT. Kind of a problem for driving...
  180. d15b blown head gasket?
  181. 99 civic dies while idle and driving
  182. No Start - Runs on Push Start
  183. Oil Loss a Common issue?
  184. Y1,Z6 Support!
  185. Coolant leaking...
  186. 2000 civic bumper support bolts
  187. 95 Del Sol CV Shaft Replacement
  188. Distributor Maxed Out
  189. how to repair bent spark plug tube tip
  190. timing belt information/ mini me clarification
  191. diagnose this sound!...sorry
  192. Front Torque Mount
  193. 96 Civic Coupe Power Windows
  194. Sikaflex products for mounts/bush's?
  195. plug issues -_-
  196. How do you calculate piston speed?
  197. Ethanol Fuel Stabilizers
  198. old crusty coilovers...how to break free
  199. Turn Signals/Hazards Stopped Working
  200. Y8 #2 injector not firing!? NEED wiring help, ASAP!
  201. Need Help with P1399
  202. D16Y8 to D15B swap problems!!!
  203. how to clean egr valve
  204. Grinding Sound???
  205. do all egs come with a front sway bar?
  206. power steering
  207. A/C making car run funny
  208. Help with swap
  209. Confused on Y8/Y7 IM Swap
  210. What makes the '89 civic better for autocross?
  211. d15b2 cam upgrade?
  212. 97 hx throwing codes, hesitation and low on power
  213. Bad battery cause bad idle??
  214. D15B leaking oil when car is off
  215. D16y7 Start Up Hesitation
  216. can someone explain how the choke on a d16a6 works
  217. throttle cable
  218. front wheel bearing, help ;)
  219. brake pedal help
  220. d series midpipe question
  221. Help! 2000 honda civic wont start compression/no spark issues
  222. overheating
  223. 98 HX Vtec-e Issues
  224. D15b7 problem
  225. need help with d16z6 swap please!!!!
  226. Wanting to do a lot of work on my 95 lx
  227. hesitation/surging NEED HELP
  228. what size resonator to go with for more sound deadening??
  229. D16y7 eating timing belt
  230. obd0 dpfi to obd1 mpfi questions
  231. IACV
  232. 91 Civc Will run until turned off and no start
  233. Ef hatch vs RT4wd wagon? What do you guys think?
  234. chaining tranny mount?
  235. Where do you get your parts?
  236. No spark stock d16y8
  237. How do I fix this botched repair, Ford content.
  238. Updating the ol' EG cluster
  239. Need some opinions
  240. Air pressure coming out oil fill hole
  241. Good tools to buy.
  242. Z6 into 99 ex problem
  243. is it necessary to run 2 separate wires from battery?
  244. obd1 to obd2
  245. Motor Mount Help
  246. Changed thermostat, lower rad hose not warming up
  247. PITA Suspension Bolt Fiasco
  248. measuring tools
  249. izzy question td42u
  250. oxygen sensor CEL then no CEL