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  1. Rally Civic upper control problem
  2. Car still pulls after alignment.
  3. EG front shocks in an EF
  4. Good current suspension recomendation for DD CRX?
  5. Tein edfc
  6. Coilovers and rates
  7. Custom alternator bracket
  8. Need help sourcing a part for my restoration
  9. 1992 Civic Shuttle RT4WD - what are the most up to date coilovers?
  10. popped a virgin cherry this weekend
  11. Suspension
  12. Adjustable long travel suspension?
  13. I want a stiffer pedal
  14. Can someone confirm that this isn’t stock, also steering knuckle conundrum
  15. 95 Civic 4-door sedan replacement steering column too short?
  16. What camber and toe have you set? Road racing/circuit
  17. Traction Bars- Full Race
  18. Traction Bar legal?
  19. Spring rate question
  20. E.g. front K member
  21. road race set up
  22. Tricks to remove rear spindle from trailing arm
  23. Using 95 Integra Front Knuckle on 1998 Civic DX
  24. Talking New struts: 1987 Honda CRX HF
  25. Rear ARB brace?
  26. Cheap Daily CRX Suspension
  27. Ball joint reamer needed
  28. Integra oem springs on civic
  29. Tein coilovers
  30. Lots of torque steer
  31. Ef sedan EX front calipers not fitting.
  32. EF Parking Brake Cables
  33. 98 EK manual rack conversion
  34. Damper Forks
  35. Koni Yellow Assemble
  36. Stiff spring with minimal drop
  37. Can't find rub?
  38. H brace shopping
  39. Energy Suspension 92-00 Civic
  40. K sport yes or no?
  41. What Makes Suspension "Fast"?
  42. Seam Welding Chassis
  43. 2001 springs on a 2000 civic
  44. 95 del sol cant figure out what the wheel rattle is exactly
  45. Not a Honda, but pretty generic suspension quesion
  46. Eibach spring question
  47. 91 civic std wheel hub
  48. Need help . Alignment Specs for 95 Honda Civic Ex 2 door coupe
  49. 89 si st rear 22mm sway bar questions.
  50. Please help me determine the best course forward with my wheels and brakes
  51. Ball joints loosening in upper control arms
  52. eg chassis evaluation
  53. Ingalls adjustable uca ??
  54. how stiff a spring for street driving?
  55. Early 90's DA front LCA on 91 Hatch
  56. Help me diagnose clunk, tons of new parts already dammit
  57. Car Too Low on Koni Yellows/Sportline
  58. Wheel bearings
  59. suspension camber help
  60. Mini cooper rotors type r calipers tsx pads
  61. 1990 ef sedan rear disc conversion
  62. Wheel Bearing Dust Seal
  63. rear camber control arm brand...
  64. Suggestions for 91 EF hatch suspension
  65. replaced wheel bearing an still got play
  66. Bad wheel hop ej9
  67. Ride height went through the ROOF.
  68. BWR tracction bar kit
  69. another suspension thread....
  70. Knuckle/Spindle options - Wilwood DPHA Brake Swap
  71. possibility of needing a camber kit?
  72. Play in the Wheel
  73. rebuilding front end suspension & steering rack questions.
  74. Front Wheel bearing..
  75. 01 ex vague steering and handling issues
  76. Engine mount discussion.
  77. Jonathan Mod 10.2" Front Brake Upgrade from 9.5" (1990 Civic DX)
  78. Brakes getting burnt
  79. Rear Spindle Diameter
  80. Do I grease the rear wheel bearings?
  81. Couple of Suspension Articles I Wrote
  82. Del Sol Spring Rate Suggestions
  83. OEM shocks - replacement options?
  84. Spring ID double check
  85. Bc coilovers Logo GA3
  86. Ohlins for my ED9
  87. Need RTA bushings, window weld or ES?
  88. anyone doing rallyx or off road racing with their civics?
  89. Looking for first hand experience with big brake setups
  90. Best suspension set up for racing
  91. EF shocks on EG
  92. Toe problem help
  93. Front sway bar choice
  94. 91 Civic HB best brake rotors for road racing?
  95. Trying to find a 15/16th civic si master
  96. Skunk2 LCA Bushings
  97. Skunk 2 Sport Shocks w/Coilovers
  98. EK Rear Disk Conversion: 6-Port to 4-Port Prop. Valve Issue!?
  99. Kyb excels and tein s techs
  100. Hatch sits lower in back
  101. Rear Brake lines length
  102. Coilovers and factory top mount
  103. Stripped front lca bolt
  104. HR springs problem!!!
  105. Coilover Issue - Not the Common Problem
  106. 2004 EM2 Civic Energy bushings problem
  107. Full-Race traction bar fitment?
  108. 94 Integra LS parts to 95 Civic DX
  109. what do these do?
  110. brake issues, non Honda
  111. EJ6 Rear Subframe/Lower Control Arm Bushing?
  112. 94-01 Integra/96-00 Civic ex front sub frame compatible?
  113. new member here looking for circle track suspension tips..
  114. Ordered EBC GD Series rotors
  115. How much will negative camber affect straightline traction?
  116. 86-89 accord struts on 91 ED hatch
  117. 1st gen insight rear drums fit 92-95 civic?
  118. New brakes
  119. Rear LCA with steel spherical bushings
  120. String Alignment Advice?
  121. Ball joint question....
  122. rear upper strut bar 95 del sol
  123. SPC Upper Ball Joint
  124. CRX disc brake prop valve
  125. 00 civic si master cylinder
  126. Passenger side play in steering rack, none driver side?
  127. 99 ex rear disc swap
  128. Help me Name my car for Time Attack
  129. Front Wind Splitters
  130. hub play will not go away
  131. New ASR brace for EK - question!
  132. Highest spring rates kyb exel g/gr-2 can handle?
  133. Car is lower after installing poly bushings
  134. dc2 front brakes on eg help
  135. brake pedal sinking
  136. Rear Brake Drum Stuck
  137. Oil in coolant resivour blown head?
  138. Anyone know if any other Hondas run this layout?
  139. Spec d 1.5in lowering springs and kyb exel g struts
  140. Honda civic 1993 ex power steering rack replacement
  141. tie-rod came undone?
  142. Pop while pressing and depressing gas pedal (VIDEO)
  143. 15x8 vs 15x9 w/ 225 Tire on EK
  144. Driver axle spinning in place
  145. Clunk when backung up and turning at same time
  146. Axles spinning in trans case
  147. F2 Type 1 Fitment Issue ek
  148. E-brake adjustment
  149. Little play with ball joint in control arm
  150. Searching for Aluminium lower control arms-crx 88-91
  151. Leaking power steering rack
  152. Excessively hard brake pedal
  153. My Wagon RT4WD Rear Disc Conversion
  154. Legend GS brakes into EF3 done!!
  155. Manual rack compared to a looped P/S rack?
  156. can you adjust crx rear subframe forward or back ?
  157. need advise or info about adjustable radius rods?
  158. lack of coilovers
  159. Tokico Illumina adjustment knob
  160. EG tein 1st gen basic coil overs cant go lower?
  161. Tein S-tech and Stagg struts
  162. coil spring spacers?
  163. Which should I invest in?
  164. popping and squeaking
  165. are there any hardrace products i should stay away from?
  166. squeaky sound turning steering wheel to the left ?
  167. Rear Disc Conversion using Scarebird?
  168. brakes intermittently clunk & dont engage. fully loaded EH9
  169. Dragging brake
  170. full coilover rebuild?
  171. Hard vibration then smooths out?
  172. Del Sol & Civic Strut Parts Compatiblity
  173. Rotor Splash sheilds
  174. Master cylinder gone bad?
  175. Skunk2 sport shocks/ QA1 sprigs
  176. CR-V Steering Rack
  177. Legend 2pot swap into EF3
  178. Good or Bad Idea
  179. Upgrading Brakes
  180. EG benen front tow hook did anyone use to actually tow?????
  181. help doing coilover install?
  182. Should I buy three F&F type 1's and finde the other replacement?
  183. How much castor is too much?
  184. Steering Quickener?
  185. Brake Fluid recirculator???
  186. EG oe front sway bar install on non equipped EG???
  187. Trailing Arm Options?
  188. Suspension setup for road racing?
  189. I need reviews and ideas for camber
  190. Scarebird rear disc brake conversion EK civic
  191. stance questions
  192. Tie down a race car on a trailer
  193. Pulls to right when let off gas but steering wheel straight
  194. 96 Civic Front Subframe and LCA Bushings
  195. Suspension feels unstable under high boost
  196. What coil-over setup do you recommend?
  197. Help w seized tie rod end, lower joint, & axle
  198. 1995 eh9 sedan suspension HELP!!!
  199. Track Only: Inverted outer tie-rods
  200. overkill?
  201. Rokkor Coil Overs?!? Anybody have expeience or input?
  202. powder coat springs
  203. Lug Nut/Stud Issues
  204. coilovers not lowering my car
  205. Best suspension for ej6 sedan
  206. Inboxes Koni Str.t and I think one may be bad
  207. Steering wheel shaking when braking hard.
  208. Front Brake Swap Civic EF
  209. GC coilover Question
  210. Front Discs Swap( EG Civic )
  211. Preloading front sway bar
  212. 95 EG rack and pinion
  213. advice appriciated, base model teg parts in my 5th gen DX
  214. Adjusting Rear Toe
  215. 1" drop .... Suggestions ?
  216. Quickening up my steering
  217. suspension questions.
  218. Suspension Overhaul
  219. post your suspension setup
  220. Eg civic manual steering rack rebuild?
  221. Springs HELP
  222. vibration problem
  223. ASR Sway Bar
  224. 2 different Hondas, both pull to the left...
  225. Bolt stuck in bushing rear upper control arm
  226. p/s rack removal
  227. How low for top hats?
  228. Wheel bearing install sequence question
  229. Possibly bent hub, thoughts?
  230. Extended Top Hat for my Coilovers?
  231. Good DD setup on a budget?
  232. Alignment is WAY off, next step?
  233. EG front camber kit lowered can't go more positive???
  234. Painting suspension?
  235. Tips for getting the steering rack seperated from the yoke?
  236. DD suspension overhaul
  237. Traction bar clutsterfu**
  238. Customer handed me 2k and said build!
  239. Wondering about Truhart
  240. Radius rod woes
  241. H&R lowering springs?
  242. Need to get UCAs sorted
  243. suspension upgrades
  244. Eg and ek compensator arm
  245. How rear camber arms work
  246. Dorman 523-012
  247. EG Manual Steering Rack inner joint rack install boots/what type grease????
  248. New end link bushings... sway bar seems to still rub?
  249. EG replace manual steering rack tie rod end joint torque specs???/
  250. Alignment question